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5 Reasons to Never Buy a Used Mattress

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Laying in Bed

People often say, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” If you’ve never heard that before, first let me start by saying you’re welcome for some solid advice. Second, let me say that buying used mattresses is no exception to this.

In the remainder of this blog I will give you five solid reasons to resist the call of Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, and so many other websites telling you that the only difference between new and used is cost.

1 – The Fear of “Who Slept Here?”

You know that feeling you get when you stay in a cheap motel? You look around the room and notice stains, hairs, suspicious odors; but you’ve already paid for the room.  You promised your partner some time away and you’re going to follow through!

You cautiously peel back the covers as you try to reassure yourself. You’re ok… It’s just a bed… It can’t hurt you. You finally get in and pull the blankets up to your chin. There you are, exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep when your mind starts to wander.

The bed looked ok, but… did they change the sheets? Should I have checked under the mattress? Who slept here before me… and WHAT DID THEY DO?!?

After a long night of tossing and turning you’ll be left with only one question; “Was this really worth the money I saved?”

Now I know I’ve scared you out of cheap hotels at this point, but what does any of this have to do with buying a used mattress? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Much like cheap motels, used mattresses can seem like a great money saving opportunity at first. But then you must live with your decision. Just imagine dealing with the fear of “Who slept here?” every night.

2 – Creepy Crawlies

Bugs are not limited to run down hotels or a plight for unsavory characters. Matter of fact let’s look at some stats brought to us by a 2018 survey conducted by

  • 97% of pest professionals have treated bed bugs in the last year.
  • More than half of people are bit before they even realize they have bed bugs.
  • Many people can’t identify bed bugs (They’re often mistaken for fleas or other pests.)

So, let me explain the pros and cons of bed bugs:

Pros – Nothing… at all… for anyone….

Although, I suppose they could be useful if you tied them into some crazy plot for revenge. Other than that, bed bugs are good for nothing! Which leads to our cons list.

Cons – Everything. Bed Bugs are absolutely MISERABLE!

Unless you like being itchy beyond belief on a consistent basis, this should be a strong argument for avoiding used mattresses and used furniture in general. On top of making you miserable, bed bugs can easily spread to the rest of your house and are hard to eradicate.

PRO TIP – Despite what their names may lead you to believe bed bugs are not limited to beds. They can be found in anything from used mattresses to couches, recliners to curtains, and even luggage. Here’s how to check for bed bugs.

3 – Limited Lifespan

If you’re reading this, chances are you have an old mattress that you hate and are trying to replace. Maybe you’re a college student, a newly wed, or just a penny pincher, but in any case, think about the things the bother you with your current mattress.

  • Springs stabbing you in the back
  • That weird person shaped hole on one side
  • Stains that you aren’t sure about how or why they exist
  • The other things you’re thinking of that I didn’t name…

Why would anyone else’s used mattress be any different than yours? They slept on theirs too you know. Sure, maybe theirs isn’t quite as old. Maybe it’s a high-end brand, or the ad said it’s “lightly used.” Regardless, tread lightly.

A used mattress will NEVER last as long as a new one!

I’m not going to say that you can never find a used mattress that you’ll enjoy, but it is a bit like playing the lottery. With mattresses there’s really no reason to chance being a winner just to end up with another mattress to throw away. Which leads us to our next point:

4 – No Warranty, No Take Backs

Congratulations! You’re the proud owner of a new(ish) mattress. Hopefully you were clever enough to investigate the used mattress thoroughly by this point because like it or not, you’re stuck with it and all of its flaws. Not only that, but you get all the wear and tear it’s accumulated from being used for an unknown number of nights by unknown people completely free of charge! Now isn’t that reassuring?

But you checked it over and it seems pretty good! What could go wrong? Well, there are a still few things that you may hate, that you would have no way of knowing about until it’s too late. For example:

  • It’s not as comfortable as you hoped
  • A spring broke while you were moving it
  • Somehow it looked cleaner in their house

But the deal was very clear, “No takesies backsies.”

So now you’re heading to the dump with two mattresses instead of one and you’re back on the hunt for a sleep worthy bed. All the while you have to deal with the fact that this suffering could have been avoided by just investing in a new mattress.

Now consider the alternative. The wear and tear of new mattresses is covered for 5 years, 10 years, or even a lifetime in some instances; but your used mattress could break down any minute and leave you with back pain, sleepless nights, and a long list of other things you hoped to avoid by replacing your mattress. Which leads us to our final point:

5 – Both Sleep and Comfort Are Too Important

You spend a ton of time sleeping. Probably more than you even realize. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof. Let’s imagine you live to be 80 years old and in the course of those years you sleep an average of 8 hours a night.

8 hours x 365 days x 80 years = 233,600 hours you would spend sleeping.

Some quick math, and you will soon realize that nearly 27 years of your 80-year life would be spent sleeping. That’s not even considering the time it takes to fall asleep in the first place!

Some say that you will spend up to 7 additional years tossing and turning, just trying to get comfortable enough to finally catch those long anticipated Zzz’s. This brings our total to an approximate 34 years of quality time spent with a mattress.

So now you know the facts… You’re going to spend over 40% of your life in bed… on a mattress you hate… and there’s nothing you can do about it…

WAIT! That’s just not true!

You are absolutely in control of your sleep; at least as it pertains to selecting a mattress.  So, do yourself a HUGE favor and pick a mattress that’s actually worth sleeping on!

Sure, you might save a few bucks on buying a used mattress, but is it really worth the back pain, sleepless nights, and possible pests you may encounter? Especially when you consider the time you’re guaranteed to spend laying on it?

Let me answer that for you. No! It’s not.

When there’s no right side to a mattress, you’re guaranteed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Sleep is good for your health, both mentally and physically. Don’t throw it away on a crappy used mattress.

What Should I Do Instead?

Throughout this article I’ve warned you about various issues you may encounter when buying used mattresses and stressed that you should strongly consider alternatives. But what are your other options?

You sure do ask a lot of questions… but I’ll give you this last one.

Of course, you know that you could go to a mattress store and buy their finest mattress for a mere $2,000 – $8,000… But if you were in the position to do that then you wouldn’t be here now would you?

Here are the 3 best hybrid mattresses for people on a budget:

*Prices listed above are based on twin size mattresses.

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

This is a mattress with a medium to firm feel that has been purchased and reviewed by nearly 10,000 customers. From these reviews it has received an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Price – It is very affordable with even the King size ringing up at just over $200
  • Weight – At just 30 pounds this mattress is easily moved.
  • CertiPUR-US certified and made without any harmful materials
  • LOADS of positive feedback from reviewers


  • Will not last quite as long as a more expensive mattress (Duh)
  • At only 8 inches, it may not be a great fit if you prefer softer mattresses.

Prices by Size:

  • Twin – $97.96
  • Twin XL – $109.99
  • Full – $149.99
  • Queen – $179.99
  • King – $210.12
  • Cali King – $199.99

*10-Year Mattress Protection available for $49.99

This mattress is good in a pinch. An excellent choice for kids’ rooms, dorms, spare rooms, or camping. It won’t necessarily be your dream mattress, but a clear step up from an inflatable or used mattress. Overall, not perfect, but not a bad bed for the money!

Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

No, I’m not an undercover Linenspa rep. Hear me out. Going with the 10-inch model will be a tad pricier than the 8 inch, but will provide added comfort. Here are a few points to consider:


  • All the pros of the 8 inch model!
  • Well Rated – This mattress has just as many reviews and still holds a solid 4.4 rating!
  • Weight – At 47 lbs it’s weightier than the 8-inch, but still very manageable.


  • While comfier than the 8-Inch, it’s still not going to last quite as long as a high-end mattress.

Prices by Size:

  • Twin – $159.99
  • Twin XL – $169.99
  • Full – $219.99
  • Queen – $249.99
  • King – $319.99
  • Cali King – $319.99

*10-Year Mattress Protection available for $49.99

If you’re not one for firmer mattresses it may be worth spending a few extra bucks and getting the added comfort that this 10-inch mattress offers.

LUCID 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress

Enter the thickest of our affordable hybrid mattresses at 12 inches. The high-quality memory foam in this mattress is infused with bamboo, charcoal, and aloe. This allows for a balance between comfort and support, giving you calm and relaxing sleep. More padding means more fluff between you and the support springs below; making this the softest mattress of the three as well!


  • High-end memory foam makes this comparable to bigger name brands
  • More padding offers more comfort
  • Still very reasonably priced
  • Financing available if needed


  • Less reviews than the two mattresses above
  • Some reviewers have reported that it can trap in heat

Prices by Size:

  • Twin – $279.99
  • Twin XL – $299.99
  • Full – $399.99
  • Queen – $449.99
  • King – $549.99
  • Cali King – $549.99

*10-Year Mattress Protection available for $49.99

This mattress is definitely making a good name for itself. As far as cost is concerned, it’s an excellent alternative to buying a used mattress and allows you to avoid a long list of potential issues.

With many customers saying they’ve had decreased back pain and far better sleep we can’t help but suggest buying this mattress. If you’re willing to invest a small amount more in a great night’s sleep, this is by far the best of our 3 recommendations.