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Best Mattress for Pregnancy in 2019: Top 10 Picks

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Whether you like it or not, you are going to spend a lot of time sleeping during your pregnancy. Although hormonal swings and morning sickness can keep anyone bed driven, there is more to that.

When pregnant, your body is going through rapid changes that can affect the entire system of your sleep. So, quality sleep is something you need to take into consideration seriously. Trying exercises before bed can, of course, increase the quality of your sleep, but if your mattress is kind of old, then why stick to something that doesn’t provide an ounce of comfort that you deserve during your pregnancy period? This is the right time may be to buy a new one.

Thankfully, this guide is going to help you make a quick decision in selecting the best mattress for your pregnancy.

Why is Sleep Considered Very Important During Pregnancy?

Ironically, there is no time in life where sleep is more important. But if you are pregnant, sleeping ensures good health for you and your unborn baby. For pregnant women, you are going to get tired and exhausted during your first trimester. This is the period you are going to encounter chronic discomforts and lack of sleep.

Are you wondering how to get through this? Pregnant ladies often find it easy by selecting a pregnant mattress that perfectly accommodates their sleeping needs. Afternoon slumber and relaxed nighttime is a must for pregnant women. This is possible if your bed is able to provide a sleep surface that impacts your sleep experience positively. While sleeping is concerned, it is surprising that about 70% of expectant mothers don’t get enough sleep due to various reasons. According to research, about 75% of expectant moms are sleep-deprived.

Being pregnant is a fascinating and blissful experience. However, pregnancy can cause challenges-both emotional and physical. It can make you wake up every time because you need to empty your bladder. You will continue to experience worse as you approach the second and third trimesters. For this reason, it can be quite difficult going back to sleep.

Pregnancy can affect sleep in several ways. It can affect your sleep if you have some of the following symptoms;

1. Anxiety

2. Heartburn

3. Back pain

4. Nausea

If you are pregnant and you have experienced this before, you definitely know how it is quite difficult to sleep. Alternatively, if you tend to sleep on a surface that doesn’t facilitate comfort, you are likely to experience the above symptoms. For this reason, getting a perfect mattress is more important.

We have highlighted the top-rated mattress brand for pregnant women, a mattress that can still be good to your baby after birth. These types of mattresses are clinically tested to ensure they provide an ideal comfort that you plus your unborn kid can accomplish. Let’s take a look at these

Here Are The Best Mattresses for Pregnancy in 2019!

1. Nectar Mattress

This is one of the most recommended mattresses for pregnant women. It’s memory foam is a perfectly cozy medium-both supportive and pressure relieving. It doesn’t matter whether you are a side, front or back sleeper, nectar mattress brings about what customers call ultimate support and night rest, which most customers find more desirable versus others.

This is an oh-so-perfect mattress that takes recent advances in fabric technology. It offers the amount of comfort that transcends every pregnant mom’s expectation right from breathability to coolness. They are all combined together, making it a perfect mattress that you will ever want to sleep on.

It is made up of flexible foam. Its cover is soft and more breathable. When compared to cotton in terms of moisture absorption, nectar’s Tencel cover is best by far. Additionally, it has two gel memory foam layers. If you have used memory mattress before, you basically know how this mattress is going to distribute contour to your body.

2. The Puffy Mattress

With puffy mattress, you feel like you are sleeping on the cloud. This type of mattress provides you with a sleeping experience that you desire by cradling your body with its adapting formula. This helps to enhance spinal alignment.
Are you affected by heat? This mattress is an answer to your question, and not only an answer, a great answer as well. Your puffy mattress is made up of cloud gel layer that will draw heat away- from your body and out of the mattress.

Therefore, this kind of technology will provide you with breathable, cool, and comfortable sleep nights.

This mattress beat the competition not only by the comfort it offers to expectant moms but also for its longevity and long-lasting. It provides four times support when compared to other standard mattresses. Honestly, it is not worth the cost because you choose to buy this mattress. In fact, you will feel luxurious night after night.

3. Layla Mattress

This is another fantastic mattress that you, as a pregnant mom, can use to get the comfortable slumber you deserve.

Your Layla mattress is going to provide you with a fascinating sleeping experience that you have been looking for because your pregnancy period is made better by a fitful sleep.

Why is Layla mattress a perfect choice for you? For one, it incorporates memory foam, thus providing pregnant women with significance relief. And for the second, it can provide you with excellent support regardless of your weight.

Testing has found this mattress to be cool and clean. Made of copper (an ultimate heat sucker on planet earth), it means this pregnant mattress is going to draw all your heat away from your body. Copper on the hand is naturally antimicrobial. This means your mattress is going to remain fresh, ever.

The market makes you select between firm or soft surface. When you are going out for Layla mattress, there is the firmness scale ranging from 1-10. So, you are going to choose a mattress that best suits you.

4. Tuft and Needle Queen Mattress.

This is one of the top-rated mattresses for pregnant women on Amazon. It features adaptive foam that provides a supportive feeling to pregnant moms no matter the position.

T&N adaptive foam is basically a right mixture of not too soft, not too hard materials. This means you are going to receive no disturbances from your partner anymore.

On the other hand, this mattress is of high quality and more advanced if compared to other standard mattresses. It is made up of latex combined with memory foam, a feature that helps pregnant moms sleep hot.

This mattress also comes with a breathable cover. So, you are going to have the coolest slumber that you have never experienced before. This is a unicorn that keeps you both cool and comfortable.

5. Classic Brands Mattress

If you are wondering which mattress will provide you with plusher and incredible comfortability, classic brands mattress is a solution to your worries. Elegantly tailored with waterfall edge knit cover, this mattress is going to offer you a cloud-like luxury that you fancy.
The classic brand mattress is made of quality materials, and it is shredded with memory foam pillows. It has two layers (2 inches each) designed for specific purposes. The 1st and top layers basically consist of breathable gel memory foam.

The second layer is designed to support the other one, therefore, providing sleepers with maximum sleeping experience. These layers work hand in hand to bring about the relaxation you are craving.

To sum it up, the classic brand mattress is adjustable base friendly. This means you can pair it with an adjustable base. This is beneficial since it improves your lifestyle, making you feel like a queen.

6. Sweetnight Mattress

Are you experiencing back pains, poor support, or disturbances from your partner while sleeping

Try sweetnight mattress, and your problems will get solved right away- once and for all. The sweetnight mattress is certified to be used. It is designed with 3 memory foam layers to support and keep the body aligned.

Its infused gel memory foam adjusts to your body shape slowly from head to toe. This can help you with cradling support. It can effectively address common sleeping problems such as tossing and turning and can minimize disturbances from your partner. If you are experiencing the painful adventure of the sciatic nerve, it is time to upgrade your mattress with sweetnight queen mattress. Rest assured, you will have a restful sleep night after night.

7. Sleep Innovations Mattress.

When you want to buy a pregnancy mattress, you want to have a type of mattress that cannot leave you scratching your head now and then. If the mattress isn’t meant for you, you will truly feel the difference. Sleep innovations mattress is available in all sizes so, don’t bother if you are heavier. We understand that everybody is unique, and one size cannot fit all. Your sleep innovations mattress is here to give you the best slumber possible. No regrets!

When it comes to comfort, Sleep innovations mattress is, by the way, the best mattress to provide you with every comfort you have been craving-right from head to toe. Also, this mattress can keep your body aligned and totally supported.

Sleep innovations mattress is made up quality material that can take up 24 hours to fully expand. Therefore, you are set free to sleep on it whenever you want to, whichever way.

8. Zinus Mattress

Your sleep is going to rest easy with zinus ultima comfort memory foam mattress. This kind of mattress can provide you with every comfort you anticipate.

It is made up of a memory layer that molds into the original shape of your body. With the high-density base, Zinus mattress is going to provide you with effective stability over a long period of time.

Additionally, this mattress is capable of offering pregnant women an ideal balance of support to ensure they get the best slumber always.

One thing you need to know about this mattress is that it is certified for best performance to pregnant women. They are durable and long-lasting. In fact, for this mattress, you will never mind putting anything under it since it can conform to coziest sleeping expectations.

9. Olee Sleep Mattress

This kind of mattress is infused with new gel memory foam materials to help you with quality sleep. It contains non-temperature sensitive foam materials that absorb heat from your body. Also, it contains pressure materials that adapt the weight, shape, and temperature of your body. The presence of I gel materials is used to lower the temperature ventilation. It is designed this way to improve its durability.

Additionally, materials used in making this mattress are breathable. This will enable you to achieve your wildest dream of satisfying slumber.

Olee sleep mattress also offers a complete level of comfort and support regardless of the position. They are balanced to relieve sleepless nights.

10. Signature Sleep Mattress

This type of mattress contains foam that has undergone testing by an independent laboratory in order to meet expected performance. Signature Sleep mattresses are available in different sizes to make sure every pregnant mom has a mattress that best fits her.

Are you looking forward to enjoying a memorable night?

This type of mattress was created for you. Signature sleep mattress is here to offer you with every balanced support you need. It can be a perfect solution to who toss and turn.

The signature sleep mattress is uniquely designed to distribute your body weight evenly. It can also help in relieving pressure on the users’ shoulders. The isolating qualities of this super mattress are that no one can disturb your movement. In addition, this type of mattress can effectively provide contour to pregnant women’s bodies.

The link Between Pregnancy and Sleep

Pregnancy can shape the sleep architecture of a woman to even worse. It can lead to health problems such as restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea. Pregnancy occurs in three stages known to us as trimesters.

First Trimester

This stage spans in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. During fertilization days, the egg grows into a blastocyst as it gets attached into the inner wall of the uterus. This will result in the production of progesterone. This hormone is the one that can lead to excessive sleepiness daytime and disrupted sleep at night. Increased progesterone can result in insomnia.

This is also a stage where pregnant women experience morning sickness. Below are tips to help you reduce physical pains and get enough sleep during the first trimester

  • In order to counteract with rising in progesterone levels, it is advisable to nap frequently. Physicians recommend that you should take 30 minutes slumber in the afternoon in order to maintain the nighttime sleep.
  • To maintain your healthy cycle, learn to do exercises in the morning
  • You should stop consuming large amount of fluids in the evening as this will help to reduce the need for middle night urination
  • For those expectant moms who are experiencing morning sickness, snack on light and salty foods. It will be of much help to you.

Second Trimester

It is the longest trimester that usually lasts from thirteen weeks all the way to the 27th week. This is the first time you will experience baby movement, which is between 18 to 22 weeks. This period is considered to be the best time for pregnant women to establish sleeping. However, you need to be aware that it is during this stage, you are likely to encounter heartburns.

Below are tips to help you sleep soundly during this second-trimester stage

  • Stop drinking and eating spicy foods or fried foods. They can deteriorate cramping of legs.
  • Work out by trying standing and sitting for at least four hours after eating. This will help you ease the digestive process, therefore, mitigating heartburn.
  • You can try to flex your leg if it happens to experience leg cramp in bed. This will relieve temporary pains.
  • If your notice rise of your pressure levels, it is advisable to consult your doctor immediately.

Third Trimester

This stage starts from a 28th week all the way to childbirth. During this period, you are likely to experience major aches and pains. A number of pregnant women experience lower back pains because of the excess weight around the area. Cramping of legs can even become more intense. With all these factors, your sleeping routine is going to have interfered.

This is the period you prepare for the worst sleep. If you are looking ways to make through in this stage, below are a few tips to consider;

  • You can reduce your intake of fluids.
  • Ensure you fully empty your bladder during your last urination
  • Whatever that may irritate your digestive systems make sure you stay away from it.
  • You can do the exercises before you get to bed. This will help you fall asleep quickly.
  • Always and recommended, sleep on your left side. It helps relieve pressure on your lower back
  •  To ensure complete comfort in bed, it is good to put pillows between your knees and behind your back.

Final Trimester

This is the period of birth. This stage is characterized by stress, extreme anxiety, and depression.

Here are the tips to help you get to sleep during this stage;

  • Allow your baby to sleep near you
  • Breastfeed your baby naturally. It triggers hormones that can induce sleepiness
  • If you are raising the baby with your partner, it is good to alternate nighttime duties. This will help you get enough time to sleep
  • If you start experiencing postpartum depression, don’t ignore. Consult your doctor immediately you notice sadness, loss of appetite, and irritability.

Questions to Ask Yourself  When Shopping for Pregnant Ladies

Like we said earlier, a mattress is a significant investment. Here are some of the policies to pinpoint before purchasing a pregnant mattress.

How long is the sleep trial?

Let not your twenty-minute tests assure you about the quality of the mattress. Several companies are coming up with policies of allowing customers to try out their mattress in their home before they decide on buying it. Therefore, it is a good idea always to check return terms.

How to get it home?

If you are pregnant, you really understand how hard it is to get downstairs. What about the huge mattress? It feels like the weight is on your shoulders. But wait! How is your bed going to be delivered to your home? You must be stuck. Let alone delivering it, who is going to set it up? Have you realized that it is good to see if the brand offers delivery services? Or else, you are going to hire a handyman to help you fix it.

Is there warranty conditions?

Buying something without a warranty really doesn’t make sense. In fact, a warranty adds value to your product. It is advisable to keenly look at the brand’s terms and conditions of making claims and how you are going to pay for repairs.

You will also want to know the limits and ways you can avoid its guarantees.

Pregnant Sleeping Accessories for Expectant Moms


There lots of things to consider before buying a pillow. Like most people, one pillow isn’t just enough. For example, a good number of women would like to have two pillows-one under their heads and another in between their knees.

Physicians recommend if you are sleeping, make sure your head is four inches from the mattress. It is with the help of the pillow to achieve this. If you are a side sleeper, it is good to use higher pillows. For stomach and back sleepers, use thinner pillows. Alternatively, if you chose a soft mattress, you are let to adjust the pillow by rearranging the insides.


A topper or pads basically is made up of a lot of comfort layers (foam in this case). Since it is incorporated with gels, this kind of toppers does not retain heats as compared to others, therefore, making your sleep night feel like a paradise.

Latex toppers, on the other hand, are temperature neutral. If you are sensitive to certain chemicals, you are recommended to use these toppers.

Adjustable Bases

Modern bases are programmable meaning they come with the preset position. Since the 20th century, adjustable frames have really changed. Around this age, technology has significantly impacted in manufacturing ultra-high-tech adjustable frames that are noise-free. Seriously, adjustable bases have transformed our sleep space. There exist a plethora of things that adjustable bases can do for you. Do you want to charge your phone while sleeping? Having an adjustable base is something you need to take into consideration.

Beds for Pregnant Ladies; A Buyer’s Guide

We understand that choosing the right pregnancy mattress while you are pregnant can be quite a daunting task since your needs, preferences, and tastes change along with. Leave that alone. Are you able to find a bed that can adapt your changing needs? Yes, you can. We have provided valuable information that pregnant moms take into account.

Since we have different bodies and sizes, it means every pregnancy corresponds to the relevant body. Therefore it is good for older women to take this into consideration before shopping. Where necessary, you can consult your doctor about positions your pregnancy needs.

I Lack Sleep During my Pregnancy

However, some women get sleepless night during their pregnancy. For instance, if you have insomnia, you are going to spend the whole night restless. Insomnia is a dangerous condition that requires close attention from the doctor. However, if you doubt that your bed is the cause of your sleepless night, ask yourself this kind of questions;

  • How do you wake up? Do you wake up hot or cold?
  • Do you stress getting in and out your mattress?
  • Or, does your bed adapt to changes in your body shape?

What is The Best Mattress to Sleep on? Soft or Hard Mattress

Quality night sleep is essential to healthy and helps you stay happy. Good sleep depends on many things, especially if you are a pregnant mom. To cut this story short, pregnant women need to sleep better to reenergize body cells and relax their muscles.

However, obtaining this state of restfulness can be mundane for most pregnant women. Your sleeping modes to top it off changes progressively; therefore, your mattress sometimes can play a vital role. It is when you sleep well, you can be able to wake up earlier in the morning.

But for the first three months of your pregnancy, you are not going to experience many changes to your body shape. Therefore if you are a stomach sleeper, you may be continuing sleeping on your front.

As the little one continues to grow, you are likely to find it less and uncomfortable sleeping on your front. So, you need to lie on the sides.

After all this, we all need the best mattress when pregnant to help us achieve the comfort we desire. There exist a number of choices out there, and since your back has started aching, it can be a tricky business choosing the right mattress for your use case.

Now, Let us Come to The Crux of The Matter: Hard or Soft Surface.

This too depends on your sleeping position. In this case, of course, we know the answer to this is sleep on your side (usually left side). Why is it often recommended to sleep on your left side? The number one reason is to allow the body to increase nutrients and blood supply into the placenta. It also helps to reduce the pressure of the heavy uterus on your bladder.

Finally, we have known how we are supposed to sleep. But what’s an ideal mattress to help you obtain the comfort you deserve? Again, this depends on the shape of your body and how your chosen mattress matters in supporting your spine.

In this case, weight distribution can be one of the most important things. Generally, when you have sleeping problems, you always want your partner to wake you up. Do you know that we have some mattress that can do best in ensuring this does not happen again? The firmness of your mattress here is taken into consideration.

On the other hand, if the mattress is too soft, it means you are going to sink into it. Here are two reasons why this cannot be good;

  • It skews your sleeping position. This means you are going to receive improper support of your back, leading to back pain.
  • It will be difficult to wake up if you have sunk deep into it. And we all understand for pregnant women how many times they need to visit washrooms.

The heavier you get by the day calls you to go for a firmer mattress.

Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

The most likely comfortable position for pregnant mothers is sleeping on one side, especially the left side with your knees bent. If you wish, you can use pillows between your legs or behind your back. The growing of belly and tender breasts makes sleeping on your front impossible. And since your pregnancy is progressing, it is good to avoid lying on your back. If you do so, you are going to decrease blood flow around you and your unborn baby.

While back sleeping is void, it can also result in the following problems.

  • Swelling, hemorrhoids and muscle pains
  • If blood pressure drops, you are going to become dizzy when trying to stand up or sitting.
  • Snoring

Pregnancy Mattress Buying Guide

When you are into the market looking for a mattress that best suits you, we want to help you make the best decision. Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind when buying a pregnancy mattress.

1. Is Mattress Latex or Memory Foam?

Experts recommend pregnant women to always sleep on their sides. This is great news for side sleepers. For good night sleep, you can opt to a memory foam mattress. They are good at providing a soft and comfortable surface that essential for a perfect slumber. For best performance, you can combine the two-latex and memory foam.

2. Mattress Firmness

Pregnant women indeed wake up on night and pee frequently. A medium mattress can best suit them. Of course, a soft mattress can provide every comfort they deserve, but they cannot offer the amount of support they need while waking up. It is because the body will sink deep into the mattress, causing difficulties when waking up.

3. Motion Isolation

All the time, disturbances can be a problem, especially if you are sharing a bed with your partner. It is a good idea to avoid this wakefulness by choosing the perfect model that distributes comfort evenly.

4. Cool Surface

Pregnant women, most of the times, sleep hot, so a model that has cooling features are the best option. Go for those mattresses that have gel foams for this case. They will be of much help to you- no matter how hot the weather is.

5. Your Sleeping Position

Most people fall into these types of categories;

  • Side sleepers
  • Back
  • Stomach

It recommended by a physician to sleep on your side, especially if you are a pregnant woman. Sleeping on your stomach or back means the weight of your baby is putting stress on your back. So, try to sleep on your side as this will help you and your baby increase circulation. It can help to reduce snoring, too.

6. After Pregnancy Use

Whether you are going to like it or not, one time your pregnancy will come to an end. We all understand mattress is an investment. When buying them, you want to have something that lasts for years. For this reason, it is useless to buy a mattress that covers your pregnancy period only.

Therefore make sure you buy a mattress that you can continue using after hard days of being a mother.

7. Do You Sleep Hot or Cold?

Obviously, we all know that soft mattresses are meant to make you feel warmer. Firm ones tend to keep you cool. Consequently, for a soft mattress, you are going to sink, and al your body gets insulated. Firm ones have less sinkage, therefore, promoting airflow.

As the rule of the thumb, during pregnancy, the temperature swings. For this reason, it is wise to keep your sleeping temperature in mind when selecting the right mattress for pregnancy.

8. Other Medical Considerations

If you are having other medical problems such as obesity or spinal issues, you need to consider these health conditions into account. You can even consult a doctor if possible.

9. Thickness and Durability

For pregnant women, it is pretty difficult to stand up because they have an imbalance of weight in front of their body. A bed that has a lower profile makes you struggle rising up into your standing position whereas the one with the higher will sure allow you to slide down to floor easily.

If a mattress is thicker than the other, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the thicker one will last long? Take into an account the materials used. If you do this way, you are sure to get a mattress that lasts longer.

10. Noise

Yes. Some materials can cause noise as you move around the bed. For expectant mothers who are sensitive to noise, considering this before you make a decision.

11. Cost and Budget

It is clear that during your pregnancy, you are going to spend more than you may believe. From hospital bills to having a baby, it is necessary to have a budget. Buy a mattress that can really meet your budget reality.

12. Edge Support

Sturdy edges are beneficial to expectant women since they increase the overall surface area of your bed. It is quite crucial new pregnant moms who share a bed with their baby.

Advantages of Maternity Mattresses.

Research shows that about 75 of pregnant ladies experience insomnia. One of the reasons is because of the inability to stay asleep, and the other reason is attributed to not owning a good mattress for your pregnancy. Purchasing a mattress can not only help you obtain the comfort you deserve, but it can also help you feel well-rested.

If you are pregnant, you are going to drain your energy more than you could when doing daily routines. And if you want to be a healthy mother, you should consider getting enough sleep. You can take naps throughout the day, but it is more important if you choose quality night sleep. Sleeping on the right mattress can support your pregnancy and help your baby as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is memory foam good for pregnancy?

Yes. Memory foam is good for pregnancy. There were complains about chemicals used in manufacturing this product, but later with modern technology, producers worked hard in ensuring the problem gets solved. It was then tested from third-party organizations, and they were found safe. If you want detailed information, you will navigate through the manufacture’s website.

Is there any other mattress that can accommodate pregnancy?

Yes. Airbed bed mattress can accommodate your pregnancy. While lying on your back can help you achieve the support and balance you used to crave with air mattress, but modern airbeds provide cutouts that are used to accommodate the growth of belly when lying on your stomach.

Is off-gassing a problem?

It is common for a new mattress, when unpacked to usually have a detectable odor. This is due to the packing process that keeps the vacuum-sealed in plastic. So, don’t be alarmed whenever you notice this. It is harmless by the way. However, those pregnant ladies who are sensitive to smells, it is advisable to look for non-compressed beds.

Final Thought

After all, several obstacles can stop you from obtaining the amount and quality of sleep recommended for an expectant mom; however, do not let your mattress be one of them. After birth, there will be plenty of things that can keep you awake during the night but for now, try the best you can to improve your sleep hygiene with the best pregnancy mattress in the market.