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10 Best Mattresses of 2023

If you’ve landed on this page then chances are you’re in the market for a new mattress or at least trying to figure out what the best mattresses are. The market is filled with tons of different brands claiming they have the best mattress and from a consumer’s standpoint, it can be very difficult to know which ones actually are.

Here at Sleep Reports, we have made it one of our main goals to make sure that we help people find the very best mattress specifically for them so that they can get the best sleep possible. We realize how important sleep is to the well-being of each individual and we want to make sure that we do our part.

On this page, we will list out what we have found to be the top overall mattresses currently available as well as even breaking it down by different categories. The honest truth is there isn’t one mattress out there that is best for every single person, so we want to make sure that you find exactly what fits your individual needs.

Rank Brand Product Rating Buy Now
1 Nectar
5.0 rating
2 Saatva Inc
4.8 rating
3 Zoma Mattress
4.7 rating
4 Puffy Mattress
4.6 rating
5 Naturepedic Serenade
4.6 rating
6 PlushBeds Botanical Bliss
4.4 rating
7 DreamCloud Mattress
4.4 rating
8 Sweetnight Breeze
4.2 rating
9 Layla
4.1 rating
10 Spinal Solution (Best Budget Option)
3.9 rating

Each one of the mattresses that we have listed on this page has been individually tested and used by our team to determine the quality, comfort, and stability of each one. Not only are we concerned with how well each mattress sleeps but we also want to make sure that the mattress you choose will last you a long time. It’s really no good if a mattress is only good for the first 6 months and then you need to replace it because it’s already breaking down.

So for us there are many different factors that we look at when testing mattresses because we want to make sure we cover all the things that users want to know. Below we take a look at what we consider to be the most important factors in our review process.

Best Rated Mattresses For Different Needs

As we’ve said before there is not a single mattress out there that is the very best for every person. Some people simply like different qualities out of their mattress or have different personal needs and wants that they look for in their choice of mattress. So what we have done here is break down the best mattresses into a variety of different needs and wants that our readers look for.

Be sure to look through each category because finding the perfect mattress for your needs can be the difference between a great night’s sleep and a mediocre one.

Best for Side Sleepers

People who consider themselves side sleepers are actually a very large group. Side sleeping is very common and for the most part, is considered a healthy position to sleep in. One of the main issues people who sleep on their side face is that when you have a mattress that is too firm, it can end up causing you shoulder and hip pain because of the added pressure.

So what you will want to be on the lookout for if you are mainly a side sleeper is a mattress that offers a soft or medium firmness that can adapt and shape to your body while you sleep. This will help relieve much of that pressure from your shoulder and hips.

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For Couples

Many couples aren’t even really sure what makes up a mattress that is good for both individuals. We realize that it can be challenging to find that perfect compromise but what we have found from talking to many different couples are a few common themes:

  • Low Motion Transfer – This seems to be one of the most important things to partners. Basically, this means that when one person moves in bed, the other person is less likely to feel their movement. The newer mattresses are normally much better with this because of their coil designs but there are still some that are much better than others.
  • Ability to Change Firmness – Another big concern that couples have is the fact that often times each individual prefers a different level of firmness to the mattress. So it is important for a mattress to have the option to have different firmness on each side of the mattress. That sometimes comes with a price, however, so what we have also found is that most couples are able to compromise somewhere in the middle with a more medium level of firmness.
  • Good For Having Sex – This isn’t a necessity for every couple, but the majority definitely prefer a mattress that is good for making love. This can mean different things for different sets of partners but there are some very common traits.


Most people don’t realize it but their mattress is more often than not emitting small amounts of harmful toxins that you may be breathing in throughout the night. The reason for this is because most mattresses use materials that are not natural, so they have chemicals in them that can seep out over time.

Probably the best solution to this problem is to only buy mattresses that us certified organic materials. This will help ensure that you and your family aren’t breathing in potentially dangerous toxins over the many years you are using a mattress. The natural organic mattresses may cost you some extra money up front, but there are times when spending the extra cash is worth it to protect the long term health of you and your family members.

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Back Pain

There are tons of people out there that suffer from back pain these days for many different reasons. One thing you want to make sure of is that if you do suffer from any sort of back pain that you are ensuring that your mattress is helping you with that problem and not hurting you in any way.

Some people actually develop back pain simply because they are sleeping on a bad mattress every night or because the mattress just isn’t right for them. Finding the right mattress for back pain means finding a mattress with good support. You definitely still want a comfortable mattress but finding the proper amount of support for your body’s pressure points will ensure proper spin alignment, which should lead to less back pain.

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Stomach Sleepers

Even though sleeping on your stomach is actually quite common, it can be considered to be somewhat harmful. However, for many people this is the position they are most comfortable sleeping in and is how they get their best sleep. So if you are one of those people you will want to make sure that you find a mattress that best accommodates that position.

This is another case where mattress support is going to be key when it comes to choosing the right mattress. For most, having a firmer mattress that is also comfortable seems to be the preference. The issue that people find when they use a softer mattress is that their body can sink in too much and curve the spine, causing them back pain.

One of the top choices for stomach sleepers is memory foam because of the firm feel they often have. There are some good hybrid choices as well that are popular but choosing the one you are most comfortable with is what will matter most in the end.


Another very important feature for many people is finding a mattress that sleeps cool. A lot of individuals struggle with overheating in the night and often times it’s simply because of the breath ability of their mattress. Different mattresses use different materials which means that they all have different heat retention properties. This is why some mattresses can sleep much cooler than others.

In the past, finding a cooler mattress wasn’t even something that was thought about but with new materials being created such as gel layers and even better foam products, you are able to find mattresses that can actually live up to the claim of helping you sleep cooler through the night. Choosing a gel layered mattress is always a good option for this but if you do still prefer hybrid or foam, make sure you don’t go with cheap products.

For Sex

For many couples one of the most important features that they consider when choosing a new mattress is whether or not it’s good for having sex on. This can mean many different things for different couples but here are a few things that usually are part of the criteria:

  • Quiet Bounce
  • Responsiveness
  • Comfortable

What we have found there are almost no mattresses that are perfect for every criteria. Memory foam is definitely quiet when moving around but even with newer technology, the bounce and responsiveness may not live up to the movement of latex and coil beds. So ultimately it will come down to what you want the most of the mattress you plan to be making love on.

Other Options

There are literally hundreds of different criteria out there for what people look for when picking the best mattress. Everyone is different and they want different things when it comes to having a good night rest on their mattress. Below we have listed out several other categories that we rate mattresses based on. Be sure to find which criteria is most important to you and see what mattress will be best.

  • For Heavy People
  • For Kids
  • Best For the Money
  • Combination Sleepers
  • For Hip Pain

We also have broken our lists down by different material type as we know many people only like a certain type of material to sleep on so when they choose a new mattress they only want to see the best that use that specific material.

By choosing the things that are most important to you personally when it comes to getting a good night sleep on a mattress, you can better ensure that the mattress you find in one of our lists will be exactly what you are looking for. The more specific you can be when it comes to your own preferences, the more likely you’ll be satisfied with your final purchase.

Our Mattress Ratings – Our Selection Process

There are literally hundreds of different things that we look at when we review and rate the best mattresses. We could get into things like the smell of the mattress, the color and many other things that most people would never even begin to think about. However, for the benefit of our readers we are going to only talk about four of the most important characteristics that we look closely at when testing a new mattress.

Quality of Materials

One of the biggest concerns that we have, along with many other people, are knowing that the mattress they buy is made up of the best material throughout. There are many reasons that we consider the materials of the mattress so important but none more so than personal health. When you purchase a mattress that has low quality materials in it, then you can be pretty sure that your sleep and your health are going to suffer for it.

Also, many people may not realize it but there are huge differences in the comfort and stability of a mattress based almost entirely on the quality of the materials used. For example, it might be thought that all foams are essentially the same, but we can assure you that is not the whole truth. Some are far better than others and you will reap the benefits of choosing a high quality mattress over a low quality and cheap mattress.

Mattress Comfort

This is probably the biggest concern for the majority of people out there that are looking for a new mattress. Making sure that you are comfortable when you go so sleep is of vital importance because if you aren’t comfortable then you will more than likely be tossing and turning all night. Inevitably this will result in lack of sleep and especially lack of quality sleep.

So when we put a mattress through our review process we make sure that we have multiple people testing it out. We have found that more often than not the very best mattresses out there can be somewhat comfortable for all people even though people have different desires when it comes to firmness and support. So we want to make sure that everyone who tries it out has some positive feelings when it comes to the comfort level of a mattress.


Cooling has become one of the top factors for people over the last several years in particular as new materials and technology has come out. In the old days this wasn’t even considered because almost all mattress were the same when it came to heat retention. However, nowadays you can actually buy mattresses that are designed to sleep much cooler than traditional mattresses.

Many people complain of overheating in the night and more often than not it’s simply because the mattress they are sleeping on is retaining a majority of their body heat and making their bed warmer and warmer throughout the night. So when we test out a new mattress we like to make sure that they are designed to help people sleep cooler through the night because this helps keep them in a deeper sleep longer.

Worth the Money

Lastly, we have to look at the cost of a mattress as being a huge factor since not everyone can afford a $3,000 mattress. So we take into account the value of each mattress and whether or not the qualities are worth the cost. We have found at times that even though one mattress may cost thousands of dollars, it may not be as high quality as one that costs a lot less.

So we try our best to make sure that we are only recommending the top rated mattresses that are actually worth the money that they cost. So if one of mattresses we suggest is a couple thousand dollars then it is only because we have found it to be worth that money. Whenever we can we try to make sure that we are listing affordable ones but at the same time provide the highest quality and comfort for all sleeping needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattresses

How often should I replace my mattress?

The answer to this question is often times different for each individual or couple. A general rule of thumb is usually sometime between 7 to 10 years but can vary based on how the mattress is used. If you only sleep on your bed half of the year, then it’s very possible it could last longer than that without any major issues for you.

How much do I need to spend on a new mattress?

There is not right amount to spend for a new mattress. First thing that you need to look at is how much you can afford. You don’t want to buy a mattress that you don’t have the money for. So our top recommendation for this is to choose a budget and make sure you stick to it. Once you do that you can test out different mattresses within that budget and choose the one that suits you the best.

What’s the best time to buy a mattress?

The simple answer is to buy a new mattress when you need one. You don’t want to sleep on a worn out bed for too long or it will start to affect your sleep. On the other hand, there are good times throughout the year such as around holiday sales when you can find some good discounts if you are looking to save a little money.

What if my partner and I have different mattress needs?

This is always a tough one for couples but you need to find a compromise. If one person likes a firm mattress and the other wants a softer one, then you can try to compromise with a medium firmness that can hopefully satisfy the both of you. If that is not an option, you can also look at mattresses that can adjust the firmness differently for both sides. This allows each of you to get exactly what you want. However, often times you will end up paying a little more money for this.