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Best Metal Bed Frame Reviews – Top 10 Choices

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If you’re in the market for a new bed frame, chances are that you’ve come to realize that there are an endless amount of options for you. You need to make sure that you are making the best investment for your money. Metal bed frames allow you to have sturdy support at the best price. It is for this reason that metal bed frames are becoming more and more popular. These frames are adaptable to a variety of decor, often adjustable, and have a longer life than many other bed frames on the market, such as wood, which you must condition and make frequent repairs to.

With their growing popularity, customers have a larger variety which they can shop. Just like buying any other large investment items, the price, reputation of the company, reliability, and how well the design goes with your decor all play into making the choice for the best metal bed frame.

We are here to let you know about the top rated 10 metal bed frames this year and to help you make the right choice.

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Top 10 Metal Bed Frames

Image Name and Feature Rating Price
Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame with Steel Slat Support

Check Price
Dumee Metal Frame

DUMEE Metal Frame – Best Queen Size Metal Bed Frame

Check Price
Olee Sleep Mattress Foundation

OLEE Sleep Mattress Foundation – Best Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame

Check Price
Zinus Casey Premium Foundation

Zinus Casey Premium Foundation – Best Smartbase Metal Bed Frame

Check Price
Dhp Brooklyn Metal Bed Frame

DHP Brooklyn Metal Bed Frame – Best Full-Size Metal Bed Frame

Check Price
Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Victorian Metal Bed Frame

Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Victorian Metal Bed Frame

Check Price
Classic Brands Hercules Heavy Duty Mattress Foundation

Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty Mattress Foundation

Check Price
Best Price Mattress Queen Box Spring Metal Bed Frame

Best Price Mattress Queen Box Spring Metal Bed Frame

Check Price
Zinus Michelle Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame

Zinus Michelle Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame

Check Price
Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Platform Bed With Headboard And Slats

Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Platform Bed with Headboard and Slats

Check Price

Why Should I Buy A Metal Bed Frame?

Metal bed frames offer a sturdy sleep solution for you. When you consider the durability of a metal bed frame, you should compare it to other materials, such as wood or leather. Wood and leather bed frames often require intensive routines to keep them in good condition, despite their expensive price tags. Metal bed frames are more durable and can withstand changing weather conditions. This sturdiness extends the lifespan of your bed frame!

If you are considering metal bed frames versus an alternative material, you should also consider your budget. Metal bed frames are available at all price points, from the inexpensive to the devastatingly expensive. This price will be impacted by the metal that the frame is made from, the design, and the company that makes it. While opting for the cheapest may seem to save your wallet, a bed frame should be picked based on the quality of the product over the price tag.

Metal bed frames require some assembly, but the frames are usually quicker to construct and dismantle. They are lightweight, despite having the strength to accommodate most weights. They can be more easily moved when needed, allowing you to move to another room or location easily, meaning that you can move them for guests to other rooms.

These frames are also available in several different designs. This design versatility allows you to fit these frames with any home decor you desire. From finishes to metals, almost anything is possible. From modern to Victorian, these frames can easily satisfy your interior design fantasies.

There are so many reasons to look into metal bed frames over any other style that it may already seem compelling to buy one. What do you need to consider when looking into one of these frames?

Luckily, we’ve done some of that research for you.

What Sizes Do Metal Bed Frames Come In?

Metal bed frames can come in all shapes and sizes, from single to king. This sizes, however, just tells you what mattress will fit on the bed, not the actual size of the frame. It is important to consider how much space you have in the bedroom that you intend to place the frame in. The design of the bed frame does impact the size of the frame itself.

Every size of frame has an intended use. For instance, children or single adults might prefer a single or a twin bed while couples may wish to opt for a larger queen or a king size frame. If you’re considering upgrading the size of a bed frame when you buy a new one, think about who will be using the bed to ensure that they will have enough space and that you are not stepping outside of your budget needlessly.

What Should I Look For In A Metal Bed Frame?

If you intend on shopping away from this list, as well, you need to make sure that you are informed on what things you should look at when you consider buying a metal frame. There are five crucial things to consider when buying one of these frames and making sure that you are achieving maximum comfort for yourself or whoever will be using the bed frame.

1.Slats: Slats are not seen on a bed frame very often, but it is important to consider them when you look at buying high-quality metal bed frames. Looking at the distance between the slats is important to the health of your mattress. The larger the gap between slats, the high probability there is that these slats will rip or tear your mattress.

There are two kinds of slats that metal bed frames have: spring slats and flat slats. Spring slats adjust to your natural body shape and allow for natural movement. Flat slats are usually less expensive, but more rigid. They also do away with the need for a box spring!

2.Box Springs: Box springs are the bottom support for most mattresses. These consist of heavy springs covered with cloth. Box springs are used to enhance the support of a mattress and to act as shock absorbers for your movement in the night. If you have a box spring or your budget allows for you to obtain one for your new bed frame, you need to make sure you consider this when shopping for a new frame.

3. Space Available: Most bedrooms feature more fixtures than just the bed. That is why it is important to consider how much space you would ideally like your bed to take up. You should calculate this in order to make sure that you have enough space to walk around your bed and navigate your bedroom.

4.Height: Most bed frames are designed to make sure that a user can climb into bed with ease. Some bed frames even allow you to adjust the height to make sure that you can do this, no matter your size. Make sure that you not only consider the height of the person who will be using the bed, but, also, make sure to account for the height of the mattress and box spring. This will ensure that whoever is using the bed frame will not have difficulty getting to bed every night.

Some other factors you might want to take into consideration when looking at the height of the frame is also the age and any health conditions that a person might have. For instance, an older person with arthritis would not be able to get into a low bed every evening. Ideally, a bed should be tall enough that, if you were to sit on its edge and drape your legs over the edge, your feet should touch the floor comfortably. If possible, sit on the bed before you buy to make sure that you can measure the height accurately.

5.Packaging: The packaging of a bed frame might not seem like a large deal…unless you think about needing to get the frame to an upstairs bedroom. Flat-pack frames are easier to get upstairs, but will require more assembly. You also should measure the dimensions of the packaging, or ask when it is not possible to measure. You don’t want to get an item home and then realize that it can’t fit into your home.

We’ve made a list of our top ten picks for you to look at first.

10 Best Metal Bed Frame Reviews

Here are the latest reviews of the 10 best metal bed frames 2020.

1. Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame with Steel Slat Support

(Why We Like It: The Zinus ships flat-packed to your home. It is easy to assemble and takes very little space within a room. The sleek, minimalistic design allows the frame to easily mesh with any decor in your home. The height makes this bed great for taller people, as well!)

The foundation that you sleep on is important, especially if you are opting to not have a box spring. You need to make sure that your mattress is protected and has a rigid structure underneath it. This is precisely why we have chosen to add the Zinus Van to our list.

Design: The design of the Zinus Van foundation is simple and sleek. It works great for those who have a limited space to play with, providing a compact bed frame, but, also, space beneath the bed for storage. The slats off you strong support without the need for a box spring.

Construction: This frame is built using a strong steel support system. This metal was chosen to prevent your mattress from sagging and increase the longevity of your mattress. Foam padding is added to the structure to offer noise-free use. It was made for easy assembly and accessibility within the home.

Assembly: The bed frame ships with all parts and tools for easy assembly and includes a complete instruction manual to help fit all of the pieces together.

Warranty: For those concerned about the warranty, you’re in luck: the product comes with a five-year worry free limited warranty. Should anything become damaged within five years of purchase, you can ask to have the pieces replaced.

Easy, Sturdy, and Inexpensive Option
Not easily damaged
No-noise technology works incredibly well
The center bars can give way easily
Does not hold over 400 pounds

2. DUMEE Metal Frame – Best Queen Size Metal Bed Frame

(Why We Like It: The finish of this bed truly brings the vintage piece to life in a room. It can easily mesh with a variety of decors while the headboard and footboard make it the centerpiece of the bedroom. The frame is high quality and protects your mattress.)

This Queen size metal bed frame is a great investment. Simple to assemble and aesthetically beautiful, it will stand out in any home and function well as the centerpiece to any bedroom. The color can suit any room incredibly well and offers you the ability to customize any decor.

Design: The design is simple and elegant. The paint prevents rusting of the product and is perfect for those who are living in a confined space.

Construction: DUMEE always promises that you will receive a quality product. This bed frame is no exception. It comes with headboard, footboard, and slats, which keeps your mattress from wobbling, but, also prevents it from sagging. The 14-inch floor clearance allows for ample storage and easy tidying of the intended room.

Assembly: The assembly of this product is one of the most simple on our list. Everything is delivered in a single box with all parts, screws, and tools. The instruction manual is incredibly helpful, allowing you to easily build and fix the pieces into place. It does take a few hours to ensure the bed is crafted correctly.

Warranty: All DUMEE products carry a five-year warranty. If a piece is broken, or if the frame fails, you simply have to contact the company for a replacement! After the time period, DUMEE still allows you to order parts through the company to replace anything you may need.

High-quality steel
The slats increase sturdiness
No-noise structure
No box spring required
No-noise technology can fail within a few months
Finish has been known to chip

3. OLEE Sleep Mattress Foundation – Best Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame

(Why We Like It: This metal bed frame is a great foundation. It allows you to install a headboard or a footboard at will, so you can easily fit the decor of your home or replace a broken bed frame with this sturdy one. The simplicity allows you to utilize the simple design without taking up a lot of space.)

If you’re buying a metal bed frame, the chances are you want to do away with your box spring. This makes the bed foundation incredibly important. You need to protect your mattress with slats that are correctly placed and also allows for air circulation.Not all metal frames will offer the correct results. That’s why we looked at the OLEE sleep mattress foundation.

Design: The design is incredibly simple, which adds to its elegance. It is suitable for those with little space who don’t need to extra fluff of a headboard or footboard. This foundation occupies little space while also allowing you storage beneath the bed to provide you with an area to help keep your room tidy. This company invented the anti-slip approach for their bed frames, which prevents movement or skidding of your mattress. A small side rail offers added assurance that your mattress will stay in place and will avoid wobbling.

Construction: This bed frame is constructed from heavy duty steel. This allows the frame to hold 450 pounds easily. The company purposely designed it to be a replacement metal structure for people or to allow the installation of a headboard at a later date. The slats offer no-noise development through the night and increase the stability of the bed frame.

Assembly: This bed frame is one of the easiest to assemble, according to reviewers. It ships with all parts and tools to allow for easy assembly. The instruction manual is complete and simple, allowing you to put together the bed frame in only a few steps. The packing is incredibly compact so as to allow you to get the frame easily into the desired room.

Warranty: Through the company, you are able to get a five-year limited warranty. Like other warranties, it will replace damaged parts and ensures complete assistance during the five-year period.

Heavy-duty construction
Anti-Slip mattress support
Easy to assemble
The height allows for storage beneath the bed.
Poor quality control
Cannot be taken apart without brackets popping
Welds can come apart

4. Zinus Casey Premium Foundation – Best Smartbase Metal Bed Frame

(Why We Like It: This bed frame is highly innovative because it can fold easily and be put away at will! For those who move a lot or are just looking for a guest bed, the design offers a lot of options. The frame is sturdy and allows for storage, while also allowing you to add a headboard later if you have the desire or want to increase the decor of your room. Despite looking like a traditional bed frame, this also does not require a box spring, making the transition a little less expensive.)

The Zinus Casey is great for those that have ample space, but want to find useful areas for storage under the bed. This foundation provides apt support without the use of a box spring, meaning it can function as a replacement.

Design: This bed frame is designed to stand 18 inches tall, offering more space than regular foundations. The design is simplistic, meaning it can go well with most of your decor and can fit into confined spaces. It is also adaptable and will allow you to use a headboard with extra technology purchased from Zinus.

Construction: The unique thing about this foundation is that it is designed to be folded and moved away when needed. This makes it easy to move without having to use full disassembly. It is devoid of noise and offers a steady support for your mattress. The gaps in the slats are perfectly spaced to provide air circulation and breathability for your mattress and allows you to increase the longevity of it.

Assembly: Despite the folding design, this is one of the quickest assemblies on our list. You will not need tools, meaning that anyone can assemble this frame, no matter their experience or their location. It is a largely stress-free construction.

Warranty: Zinus offers a five-year warranty on all of their products for the replacement of a damaged frame or simply a damaged part. The company takes responsibility for the product and will accept returns and replacements with no questions asked.

No box spring requirement
Folds for easy movement and storage
Allows for storage due to height
Can have a headboard installed
Easy to set up
No-noise does not work for all people
Low-quality control
Defective Wingnuts included in many models

5. DHP Brooklyn Metal Bed Frame – Best Full-Size Metal Bed Frame

(Why We Like It: The DHP frame is sleek and sturdy. The adjustable design allows for endless possibilities, whether you are going to be using the bed in a child’s room or for an adult. The headboard and footboard make this feel like a more complete bed when shopping for a metal frame.)

The DHP metal bed frame acts as the centerpiece of any bedroom. It is extremely sturdy and requires little maintenance.

Design: The design of this frame is simple and sleek, but the headboard and footboard included make it more aesthetically pleasing. The slats are placed to prevent sagging of your mattress and give you sturdy support while you are sleeping. Due to its simplicity and classic black appearance, you can use it in any bedroom to increase your style.

Construction: DHP frame is full-size and comes with headboard and footboard while the metal slats offer protection to the mattress. The slats don’t just protect the mattress but support the frame due to their placement. The platform can be raised or lowered to accommodate extra storage or allow for smaller children to utilize the bed easily.

Assembly: DHP flat ships this frame, allowing you to easily maneuver it into your home. The instruction manual provides adequate guidance for assembly and makes the assembly easier. The frame includes necessary markings, meaning you don’t have to question where parts go.

Warranty: DHP offers a warranty for the product, but must be contacted to make sure that you understand the details. Your manual included further details about the warranty.

Adjustable platform
Included a headboard and a footboard
Extremely sturdy
Only available in Twin or Full sizes
Develops a creaky sound for some
Misaligned holes mean that construction and assembly are not always easy.

6. Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Victorian Metal Bed Frame:

(Why We Like It: The Queen size allows ample room for a couple or guests to utilize this bed. The design and the vintage color add a Victorian air to your home, creating a different atmosphere. The ability to use a box spring for added comfort and support is definitely a plus in this case, too. It is as easy to assemble as it is easy on the eyes.)

While most of the frames on this list are steel, this bed frame is a heavy-duty iron. The Victorian look adapts well to traditional decor, while the bronze finish increases the vintage look of the bed.

Design: The design is very traditionally Victoria. Curved frames with inset straight lines not only help the overall look of the product, but they increase the sturdiness. The iron construction allows for the frame to hold greater amounts of weight. The bed frame’s design can be used with a box spring or without.

Construction: This bed is constructed of iron, allowing it to hold large amounts of weight with ease. The bed’s development and construction meet the guidelines of various countries with ease. The antique finish are what truly give this bed a unique look and design.

Comfort: The design, rails, and metal slats offer convenience, but also heavy support. Being able to use a box spring with this bed frame increases the mattress longevity, and enables higher support for you.

Assembly: This metal frame is easy to assemble, thanks to the shipping and packaging. All of the parts arrive, along with a guide that allows for quick and easy construction. The downside is that the product does not include tools, so you will need to follow the guide and make sure you have all of the tools to proceed with assembly.

Warranty: This product has a much more limited warranty. The company offers a 90-day warranty that will replace parts due to manufacturing defects.

Unique vintage look
Pricing is reasonable when compared to similar beds
Easy to assemble
Able to use a box spring
Color differs slightly from the description
Metal supports bend with extended movement

7. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty Mattress Foundation:

(Why We Like It: This bed is incredibly versatile and it is one of the best king size frames for platform bed. The frame can be used by itself of inside another frame as a replacement for slats. You can choose to use it with a box spring for added support or you can skip that step due to the unique slat design. The bed is foldable, making movement easy.)

This steel bed frame is the perfect solution for those seeking a large frame with a simple design. The platform underneath makes storage easy. This frame is perfect if you’re seeking a foundation that doesn’t require a lot of excesses.

Design: The design of the Hercules foundation is simple. The simplistic design occupies less space and provides areas underneath for storage, thanks to the 14-inch height. the heavy-duty steel frame supports a multitude of mattresses and can fold for easy movement. Add in that this can fit inside most king size bed frames, and you have endless possibilities.

Construction: This bed was constructed from heavy-duty steel, which claims it allows it to hold 2400 pounds. The frame can be placed within other frames to provide more support. The company designed the frame to fold so that it can be easily placed and removed as needed. Add in the ability to use it with or without a box spring for added support, and the bed frame offers a stellar foundation.

Assembly: The assembly of this bed is simple and straightforward! The frame ships in one box, meaning all parts are in one place! This frame allows for toolless assembly so that you won’t have to fumble with tools to get the frame together.

Warranty: The company offers a manufacturer’s warranty, but you have to request it from customer service. You can easily request it, however, utilizing a form or by calling them.

Great price point
Versatile, allowing for the use of a box spring
Easy, toolless assembly
Customer service is a problem
Squeaks with movement
Does not hold the advertised weight

8. Best Price Mattress Queen Box Spring Metal Bed Frame:

(Why We Like It: This frame is easy to assemble and holds a good amount of weight. The steel construction gives this frame extreme durability, which is great for those that are restless sleepers. The foldable design means that it can be easily disassembled should you need to move it to another room or another house!)

This frame is constructed from 100 percent steel and replaces the need for a traditional box spring. The under bed storage offers a good alternative storage space for any room. Coupled with the price, this frame is a great contender on the list.

Design: The design of this bed is quite simplistic, but it allows for maximum durability with the steel frame. The layout of the slats completely do away with the need for a traditional box spring. The frame itself is lightweight and foldable, meaning that it can be easily moved as needed.

Construction: This frame is constructed from 100 percent steel and holds up to 700 pounds. It is made to fold so that the frame can be easily moved and assembled. The Queen size can go within a separate bed frame to decrease the need for a box spring if desired.

Assembly: The assembly for this Queen size bed frame is toolless. The frame ships in one box and simply has to be unfolded. Tighten the wingnuts with your fingers and the bed is ready for use!

Warranty: The company is extremely generous with this bed frame. They offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Should you frame become damaged within the time, you can easily replace the entire frame.

Foldable design
Replaces the need for a box spring
Easy assembly
Accommodates a variety of mattress materials
Wireframe will bend
Doesn't always hold the mattress in place

9. Zinus Michelle Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame:

(Why We Like It: This bed is adjustable so that you can easily upgrade to a larger mattress without having to buy a whole new frame. The price point is unbeatable and the steel offers sturdy construction. Plus, you have to use a box spring which provides you with added support.)

Zinus makes quality products and has constantly been known for them. The Michelle bed frame is universal and can fit a variety of sizes for your mattress.

Design: This Zinus frame is made from 100% steel. The compack design is easy to set up and durable. The frame easily adjusts to provide support for a variety of mattresses and box springs. It is designed to be attached to a headboard but can also remain detached to take up less space. It is perfectly economical.

Construction: The frame is constructed of 100% steel for increased durability of the product. It is made to accommodate various mattress sizes, so, should you upgrade to a larger mattress, this frame will not have to be replaced. The construction means that you have to utilize a box spring to provide you with the correct support.

Assembly: Assembly of this product is low-stress and easy. The frame ships in one, compact box with all of the pieces and tools you will need. The frame needs to fit your mattress, so it is important that you follow the instructions to ensure that you are assembling it correctly for your mattress size.

Warranty: Zinus provides you with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. If anything goes wrong within the five-years, you can have parts replaced or the entire frame replaced for you by the company.

Adjustable to your mattress size
Low price point
Durable frame
Requires a box spring
Does not adjust for a California King

10. Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Platform Bed with Headboard and Slats

(Why We Like It:This bed provides an overall finished look to any room. It is stylish and incredibly classic, working with most existing decor. The combination of metal and wooden finish provides a sturdy support system for any mattress and does away with the need for a box spring. Combine this with the price point and you have the best centerpiece to any bedroom!)

If you’re looking for an elegant, modern finish to your bedroom, this is the bed frame for you. The cloth covered headboard provides a completed look to the bed while the sturdy frame is constructed from both wood and metal to provide structure and form to the bed.

The Look: The cloth covered headboard gives the bed an overall modern look. With intricate legs to the bed, the design is elegant and finished. This bed will be the perfect centerpiece to any room, drawing all eyes and attention to the details. The small details really shine in this bed, especially the rivets within the headboard, which helps to create an industrial air to the bed. This sturdy frame is constructed from a mixture of wood and metal to provide added support and do away with the need for a box spring!

Structure: This bed frame provides sturdy support due to its unique structure. Built with a mixture of metal and wood, the frame offers the best support possible. The entire outside of the bed is covered in a soft linen overlay which makes the bed look more expensive than its price tag! Sturdy wooden slats hold up your mattress, doing away with the need for a box spring and keeping air circulating through the mattress, prolonging its life.

Installation: This is one of the rare exceptions of not being shipped in one box. The bed comes in two boxes, but includes everything that you will need for assembly. All tools and parts are provided and the build is simple to put together. The instruction manual is incredibly easy to follow and differentiates between the different parts and tools easily.

Protection: If warranties are important to you, you are in luck. This bed comes with a five year limited manufacturer’s warranty, meaning that any parts that break or are missing will be replaced at no extra cost to you! Whether you need to entire bed replaced or just a few pieces, the company is easy to work with and can ship a replacement within a few days!

Low price point
Comes with the headboard for a finished look
Easy to assemble
Packaged in multiple boxes, which causes confusion
The wooden pieces need more care than traditional metal bed frames


While shopping for a new bed frame can be stressful, these picks of the best metal bed frames give you a good starting point to know what to look for and how to discern the best value for your money. Whether you are looking for a bed for your master bedroom or something for guests to use when they come to stay, metal bed frames provide you with a great support for any mattress and will provide comfort for you for years to come!