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Best Organic Mattress 2020 (Top 10 Beds)

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Nowadays, more and more of us are opting to go organic with our food, clothing and even our cleaning materials. Many people believe that organic is best if you can afford it because these products contain no pesticides and fewer toxins that could damage the health. With all things organic exploding in popularity, it should come as no surprise that organic mattress brands have taken the market by storm. These are our top recommendations for the best organic mattresses of 2020.

Top 10 Best Organic Mattresses

ImageName and FeatureRatingPrice

Plushbeds Mattress (Editor’s Choice)

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Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado Mattress

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Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series 1

Nest Mattresses

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My Green Mattress

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Puffy Mattress

The Puffy Mattress

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Live and Sleep Mattress

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Dreamcloud Mattress

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Layla Mattress

The Layla Sleep Mattress

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While you may not have heard of organic beds, the range of organic bedding that you can choose from is constantly widening as more and more companies move into the natural bed manufacture.

You may, therefore, be wondering if an organic mattress is the right choice for you. Is organic healthier, and will an organic mattress be affordable? Which organic mattress is the best one to buy?

To help answer some of these questions, the experts at Sleep Reports have put together a comprehensive guide to help you choosing a non-toxic natural mattress.

We’ve also hunted down and reviewed the 14 best organic mattresses available today to give you plenty of inspiration for your new purchase. So, read on to discover if organic is the answer for you.

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10 Best Organic Mattress Reviews

Here are the latest reviews of the 10 best organic, eco-friendly and natural mattresses in 2020.

1. Avocado Mattress – Best Organic Mattress

This organic mattress is a fantastic latex and pocket spring hybrid model. So, this gives you the dual benefit of the contouring abilities of latex foam alongside the bounce and support of pocket springs.

This mattress is made from organic Dunlop latex foam, organic cotton and organic New Zealand wool. Therefore, Avocado mattresses are extremely safe for your health. They also donate 1% of their revenue back to environmental causes, so the Avocado mattress is great for the environment too. So, why do we love the Avocado mattress so much?

They also donate 1% of their revenue back to environmental causes, so the Avocado mattress is great for the environment too. So, why do we love the Avocado mattress so much?

Two Finishing Options: This mattress comes in a choice of two finishes. You can select their standard finish which gives what Avocado describe as a ‘gentle-firm’ level of support. Therefore, this is ideal for those that sleep on their back or stomach. Also, you can choose their plush pillow-top finish. This gives the mattress a softer feel and lets the curves of your body sink comfortably into the mattress. So, this option is best for reducing pressure for side sleepers.

GREENGUARD Certified: This prestigious certification means that the mattress has gone through a rigorous testing process. In particular, it has been tested to ensure that it doesn’t emit harmful toxins that you could breathe in during the night. As toxins from bedding can damage your health, this makes the Avocado mattress a safe and healthy option.

Contouring And Support: Latex foam is able to adapt to the contours of your body, so this mattress is great at relieving pressure on your joints. Therefore, this is a great option for joint pain sufferers as latex foam can help to ease discomfort. Also, the mattress has a pocket sprung core. These types of springs give a great level of support and help to position your spine in a healthy way. Therefore, this is a great option if you experience back pain at night.

Two finishing options
Suitable for most sleeping positions
GREENGUARD Gold certified
Contours to your body
Good for back and joint pain
Free shipping and returns
25-year warranty
100-night sleep trial
As Avocado are a new company, the durability of their mattresses is unknown
This mattress is very heavy. Therefore, it requires more than one person to move it around

2. Plushbeds Mattresses

Plushbeds are manufacturer of natural and organic mattresses with a great reputation in the mattress industry. They manufacture a choice of natural mattresses in organic latex foam or memory foam depending on your needs and preferences.

You can also change from a variety of thickness options. We are particularly impressed with the high level of customer service offered by Plushbeds.

Also, the mattresses are extremely comfortable and made to a very high standard. Although not the cheapest options on the market, they are relatively affordable in comparison to many other natural mattress brands, with queen sizes retailing from $899. You can also buy other organic bedding products from Plushbeds to go with your mattress such as pillows and mattress toppers. So, read on for our in-depth review to see if a Plushbeds mattress is a good choice for you.

Excellent contouring abilities: Whether you plump for a natural latex or memory foam mattress from Plushbeds, both materials have the ability to mold to your unique body shape. This helps to cradle delicate joints and reduces pressure on your body.

Therefore, this can help to reduce pain or discomfort in your joints. Also, this is particularly important for side sleepers as this position typically places extra pressure on the hips and shoulders.

Greenguard certified: This rigorous certification means that the mattress has been extensively tested to make sure it is healthy and safe. In particular, it has been tested to ensure that it doesn’t release harmful toxins that would be inhaled while you sleep. As toxins from bedding can have a detrimental effect on your health, this makes Plushbeds mattresses very safe and healthy to sleep on.

Range of thicknesses: Many mattresses only come in one thickness option. However, many people have widely varying needs when it comes to mattress thickness. People with a low bodyweight generally require thinner mattresses, while heavier sleepers need thick mattresses to support their weight adequately. Therefore, it’s great that Plushbeds offer some choice in this area.

Contouring abilities
Reduced pressure
Good for joint pain
Choice between natural latex or memory foam options
Greenguard certified
Range of thickness options
Other bedding options available
25-year warranty
100-day sleep trial
Excellent customer service
These mattresses are very heavy, so will require at least 2 people to move

3. Nest Mattresses

Nest Bedding have built up an excellent reputation in the industry for making organic & natural mattresses that provide a fantastic and comfortable night’s sleep. They offer a choice between natural latex, organic memory foam and organic hybrid mattresses, so you can choose an option to best suit your needs. You can also choose from a range of thickness and firmness options, so you can select a mattress that gives you exactly the level of support that you need.

So, is a mattress from Nest Bedding the right choice for you? Let’s take a look at the common features of all Nest Bedding company.

Highly durable: Nest bedding manufacture their mattresses with a good level of edge support. This is important when it comes to durability because it helps the mattress maintain its shape over time.

Also, this allows you to sit on the edge of the mattress or sleep right up to the edge without causing excessive wear to the sides. Therefore, you can expect many years of comfortable sleep from your Nest Bedding Mattress.

Certi-Pur certified: All Nest Bedding mattresses are subject to the stringent testing process necessary for the Certi-Pur certification. Therefore, these beds come with the peace of mind that they are manufactured without the use of any toxic chemicals that you might inhale during the night. Therefore, they are very safe and healthy mattress options.

Made in the USA: Nest Bedding make all their mattresses in their factory in Arizona. Choosing a mattress manufactured exclusively in America is a sensible choice because you can be sure that they conform to the rigorous safety standards of the USA.

Good edge support
Certi-Pur certified
Made in the USA
Choice of mattress types
Range of thickness and firmness options
20-year warranty (excluding the cheaper Love and Sleep model, which has a 10-year warranty)
Limited motion transfer
Some Nest Bedding mattresses are extremely heavy and difficult to move from place to place

4. My Green Mattress 

My Green Mattress are an excellent company that make genuine natural organic latex foam hybrid mattresses. They are quickly taking the global organic mattress industry by storm as they have created beddings that are both extremely comfortable and great for the environment. They also donate large numbers of mattresses to good causes every year, making them a philanthropic and responsible organisation. So, would a mattress from My Green Mattress be a good choice for you?

Contouring and bounce: My Green Mattress mattresses combine natural latex foam with an innerspring core. This means that you get the contouring benefit of latex foam with the extra bounce and support of the springs.

So, this allows the mattress to contour to your individual body shape while supporting your spine. So, this mattress could be very helpful if you suffer from joint or back pain.

Zoned support: My Green Mattress comes with extra zoned support in the lumbar region. Therefore, this helps to encourage your spine into a healthy and comfortable position while giving softer, more comfortable support for the rest of your body. This feature also makes the mattress great for back pain sufferers.

Greenguard certified: This prestigious certification means that the mattress has undergone stringent testing to make sure it doesn’t release harmful chemicals or substances into your sleeping environment that would be breathed in while you sleep. Therefore, My Green Mattress products are very safe and healthy to sleep on.

Great level of support
Extra lumbar support
Good for back and joint pain
Greenguard certified
Made in the USA
100-night sleep trial
10-year warranty
May not be thick enough for heavier sleepers

5. Live and Sleep Mattress (Editor’s Choice)

This mattress is a great option for those looking for a gel memory foam mattress that’s also certified organic.

However, this is also a great choice for people on a budget, as this mattress retails for a price starting at under $500 for a queen size. Prices this low are practically unheard of when it comes to eco friendly mattresses, so it’s great that Live and Sleep have created a mattress that’s both organic and affordable.

However, you get a great, high-quality and comfortable mattress for your money. Live and Sleep even donate some of their company profits to the National Alliance to End Homelessness. So, when you buy a Live and Sleep mattress, you’re doing good for others as well. So, is the Live and Sleep Mattress the right choice for you?

Gel-infused memory foam top layer: Gel-infused memory foam has several benefits. First, it is able to contour to your body whilst providing an excellent level of support.

Therefore, this reduces pressure on your joints whilst supporting your spine in a comfortable and healthy position. Therefore, this mattress is a great choice if you suffer from joint or back pain. Gel also provides cooling benefits, so this helps to avoid the ‘sleeping hot’ issue that is a common grumble with traditional memory foam.

Reduced motion transfer: This mattress is constructed in a way that reduces motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other. This means that you won’t be able to feel your partner shifting position during the night as much as some other mattress types. If you or your partner is a restless sleeper, all that tossing and turning can really impact the sleep quality of the other person. Therefore, this is extremely useful for helping you get a better night’s rest.

Certi-Pur certified: This mattress has undergone the rigorous testing process necessary for the Certi-Pur certification. Therefore, this mattress comes with the assurance that it is manufactured without the use of any toxic chemicals that could be inhaled. Therefore, this is an extremely safe and healthy option.

Cooling gel
Free memory foam pillow
Great for back and joint pain
Certi-Pur certified
Affordable price
Contributes to the non-profit NAEH
20-year warranty & Free 2-day shipping
You cannot use their returns policy unless you have had the mattress for a minimum of at least 50 days

6. Dreamcloud Mattress

If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress, the Dreamcloud mattress could be the perfect choice for you. This mattress combines the contouring and pressure-relieving benefits of gel memory foam with the support and bounce of pocket springs.

This is a premium mattress and is not the most affordable on our list, but you get a highly comfortable and healthy mattress for your money.

This mattress reduces motion transfer, is pest-resistant and made from completely natural materials. At 15 inches thick, this provides a highly supportive sleeping surface. So, should you consider purchasing a Dreamcloud mattress?

Firm support: Unusually for a memory foam mattress, the Dreamcloud mattress offers a firm level of support. This makes it an ideal option for back and front sleepers as these positions require more support to position the spine in a healthy way.

Therefore, this is a great option if you suffer from back pain and sleep on your back or front because it can help to alleviate discomfort and pain. However, it may not be soft enough for side sleepers.

Contouring and bounce: This mattress gives you the best of both worlds between memory foam and pocket springs. The gel memory foam upper layer can adapt to your body shape, reducing pressure. Therefore, it can help to ease pain and discomfort in your joints at night.

Also, the pocket springs in the core give extra support and a more familiar ‘bouncy’ feel, so you won’t experience the ‘getting lost’ sensation that often comes with memory foam.

Breathable: This mattress includes gel in the memory foam upper layer, which allows heat to wick away during the night. Also, the spring core allows air to circulate more frequently, allowing heat to dissipate while you sleep. Therefore, this helps to keep the mattress at a neutral temperature. So, if you tend to sleep hot, this could be a good option for you.

Great for back and front sleepers
Contours to your body
Extra bounce
Reduces pressure
Great for joint and back pain
Sleeps cool
365-night sleep trial & Lifetime warranty
May be too firm for side sleepers
Too thick for those with a light body weight

7. The Layla Sleep Mattress

Layla Sleep produce high-quality organic memory foam mattresses right here in the USA. The contouring memory foam in their mattresses has an unusual copper infusion which helps to keep the mattress temperature neutral and helps to promote healthy circulation. They have also formulated their mattresses specially to avoid off-gassing, which can be an annoying feature of many memory foam mattresses.

Also, this mattress has very low VOC emissions and has achieved the prestigious and rigorous Certi-Pur certification. At Sleep Reports, we think the Layla Sleep Mattress is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an organic memory foam mattress with cooling qualities.

Copper-infused memory foam: The memory foam in the Layla Sleep mattress has a special copper infusion. This serves several purposes. Copper helps heat to wick away during the course of the night, so it helps to keep the mattress at a cool and comfortable temperature.

Also, copper has natural antioxidant properties and helps blood to circulate more freely around the body. So, a mattress with a copper infusion is well worth your consideration.

Certi-Pur certified: The Layla Sleep mattress has achieved the Certi-Pur certification, which means that it has undergone a very strict testing process. Therefore, you can be sure that this mattress has been made without any toxic chemicals that could potentially cause adverse health effects. So, the Layla mattress is a very healthy and safe choice of mattress.

Reduced pressure: Memory foam has the ability to contour very effectively to the unique shape of your body. Therefore, this helps to reduce pressure on your joints and pressure points. So, this helps to relieve pain and discomfort in your joints. This makes it an especially suitable choice for side sleepers because this position usually exerts excessive pressure on the hips and shoulder joints.

Copper infusion cools and has antioxidant properties
Improves circulations
Certi-Pur certified
Reduced pressure
Great contouring abilities
Good for joint pain
Relatively affordable price
Very low VOC emissions
Made in the USA
Lifetime warranty & 120-night sleep trial
Some light off-gassing

8. The Puffy Mattress

Puffy are a company that produce just one mattress designed to be gentle on the planet and to provide a very healthy night’s sleep. Its design is informed by sleep science and it took Puffy 4 years to be satisfied with the top layer alone.

Puffy say that sleeping on their mattress can help to reduce pressure on the joints and even improves your circulation. The top layer of the mattress is made from cooling gel-infused memory foam and is firm.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a firm mattress, this could be a great option for you. So, why do we think the Puffy Mattress is such a great buy?

Gel-infused memory foam: Gel memory foam is a great choice of material for several reasons. The gel infusion helps body heat to escape during the night, so it can be helpful if you tend to overheat at night.

Also, gel is able to contour well to the shape of your body whilst providing a good level of support. Therefore, this can be helpful if you suffer from pain or discomfort in your back or joints.

Health benefits: Puffy claim that their mattress has two key health benefits: pressure reduction and improved circulation. Many people suffer from pain in their joints or reduced blood circulation during the night. Therefore, the Puffy mattress can help you get a more comfortable and healthy night’s sleep.

Certi-Pur certified: The Puffy mattress has been awarded the Certi-Pur certification, so it has been through stringent tests to make sure it does not pose a health hazard.

Therefore, this mattress comes with the assurance that no harmful chemicals or other toxic substances were used in its manufacture. So, the Puffy mattress is a great choice when it comes to health and safety.

Contours to your body
Reduced pressure on joints
Sleeps cool
Improves circulation
Great for joint pain
Certi-Pur certified
10-year warranty
100-night sleep trial
Less edge support
May be too firm for some people, especially side sleepers

9. The Nolah Mattress

The Nolah mattress is an outstanding foam hybrid mattress that uses a unique Airfoam in the construction. Nolah provide high-quality mattresses that are medium-firm. Although not the cheapest mattress in our list, we think the Nolah mattress is comparable to many of the top foam mattress brands but without the enormous price tags. This mattress is a great option if you have tried memory or latex foam and found it lacking, as Nolah claim their unique Airflow foam solves many of the issues associated with these materials. So, is a Nolah mattress the right choice for you?

Airflow Foam: Nolah construct their awesome mattress from their unique and innovative Airflow foam. The air spaces in this foam allow air to circulate more freely throughout the mattress.

Therefore, this helps heat to escape during the night and keeps the mattress at a cool and comfortable temperature while you sleep. Also, Airflow foam provides an excellent level of pressure relief. This can help to reduce joint pain and discomfort, so Nolah is a great option if you suffer from this issue.

Certi-Pur certified: The Nolah mattress has achieved the Certi-Pur certification. Therefore, it has been subjected to rigorous tests to make sure it does pose a risk to human health.

So, this mattress gives you great peace of mind that it has been made without the use of any dangerous chemicals. So, the Nolah mattress is guaranteed to be both healthy and safe.

Temperature control: The Airflow foam in this mattress is great at maintaining a neutral temperature. Also, the mattress has a cover made of natural viscose which helps to wick away any excess body heat and moisture while you sleep. Therefore, this is a great option if you regularly sleep hot.

Sleeps cool
Pressure relief
Great for joint pain
Certi-Pur certified
15-year warranty & 120-night sleep trial
Made in the USA
Less edge support
Only one firmness option available, which may not suit every sleeper

10. The Aviya Mattress

The Aviya mattress is a hybrid option made from a pocket sprung core with an upper layer of HD foam. The high-density and quality foams used in the mattress combine with the Marshall coil system to make a mattress that is both comfortable and highly durable.

Although not as cheap as some other options on our list, the Aviya mattress is affordable in terms of natural mattresses and provides great value for money.

The mattress also comes in 3 different comfort levels: plush (soft), firm and luxury firm. This allows you to select the best mattress for you according to your individual needs. Let’s look at the Aviya mattress in more detail.

Zoned support: In general, this mattress is extremely supportive owing to the high density foams and Marshall coil system. However, the firmness is ‘zoned’ to allow for extra support in the lumbar region. Therefore, this is good news if you suffer from back pain during the night.

Breathable: The Marshall coil system at the centre of the mattress provides a breathable core through which air can easily flow. This allows heat to escape more easily during the night. Therefore, the mattress is able to remain at a neutral temperature even in hot weather. Therefore, this is an excellent choice for those that tend to sleep hot.

Reduced motion transfer: Thanks to its hybrid construction, this mattress is highly effective at reducing motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

Therefore, you will be less able to feel your partner’s movements during the night. This is handy if one of you tends to toss and turn or is a very light sleeper.

Extra lumbar support
Choice of 3 firmness options
Good for back pain
Reduced motion transfer
10-year warranty & 100-night sleep trial
Certi-Pur certified
Free shippingd
A little off-gassing
May take up to a fortnight to ship

What is Organic(Natural) Mattress?

Nowadays, mattress manufacturers are recognising the demand for more natural bedding. Therefore, many mattresses are now manufactured using materials such as natural latex but without being completely organic certified. While not completely organic, these mattresses are more likely to be hypoallergenic and often contain less toxins than their more traditional counterparts. That being said, mattresses labelled as ‘natural’ could still contain some pesticides and other chemicals.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to look for the Certi-Pur or Greenguard certifications when buying these types of mattresses. These certifications give you reassurance that the mattress is manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals. They also test to ensure that no toxins are emitted into the sleeping environment by the mattress over time.

How to Choose The Best Non Toxic Organic Beds?

Just like any other type of mattressthere are several factors that you need to take into account. Mattresses come in many different types, and are not created equal. What suits one person may very well not suit another. So, what should you look for in the best organic mattress? Read on for our expert advice.


In order to choose the best mattress, you need to know which firmness suits you best. This mainly comes down to the position you sleep in. As a rule, people who sleep on their back or front need a firmer mattress to support their spine. However, side sleepers require a more plush mattress. Because side sleeping puts more pressure on your hips and shoulders, you will require a mattress that allows your body to sink in. Back pain sufferers may also require a firmer mattress.

Type Of Mattress

Natural and organic mattress come in many different types, including pocket sprung, natural latex and memory foam. Many people prefer the support and bounce of a spring mattress, and these are the most commonly-used mattresses in the USA. However, options like latex or memory foam offer contouring ability, which allows the mattress to adapt to your body shape. This can help to reduce pressure and ease joint pain or discomfort.

However, some people feeling like they sink in and ‘get lost’ in these types of mattresses. If you want the best of both worlds, you can go for a hybrid mattress. These usually combine an innerspring core with an outer layer of memory or latex foam.


Whichever type of mattress you go for, breathability is very important. This means that air can circulate more freely throughout the mattress and prevents the build-up of excess heat and moisture in the night. This helps to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. So, you should check out the breathability of your chosen mattress before committing to a purchase.

Edge Support And Durability

A mattress is a major investment and you may be shelling out a significant sum on the right model for you. Therefore, it’s important to find out whether your mattress is durable so that you can be sure of many years of comfortable sleep. Edge support is a key feature to look out for. This means that the edges have been reinforced, so the mattress is less likely to lose its shape over time. This also means that you can sit or sleep right up to the edge of the mattress without causing damage or excess wear.

Sleep Trials

Because most bricks-and-mortar stores don’t stock wide ranges of organic beds, you will probably need to shop online to see the full range available. This means that you won’t be able to test out the mattress in store first. Therefore, it’s important to select a mattress that comes with a sleep trial because you won’t be able to try it out beforehand. This means that you can return the mattress at any time within the trial period if you find it doesn’t suit you.


As you spend around a third of your life asleep in bed, you’ll want to know that your mattress won’t release any harmful gases while you sleep. Luckily, eco-friendly mattresses are generally made from materials that are very safe for your health.

However, it’s still a good idea to look out for certifications that provide you with assurance that your mattress is toxin free. Certi-Pur and Greenguard certifications are two awards to look out for. Both these certifications give you peace of mind that the mattress will not emit harmful toxins and are safe and healthy.

Made in The Usa

In the USA, mattresses have to conform to very strict standards to ensure that they meet health and safety guidelines. If you purchase from outside the USA, you can not be sure that the mattress conforms with such strict safety rules. Canadian-produced products are also very safe options as their regulations are comparable to those in the USA.

Are Organic Mattresses Better?

Organic products are manufactured using completely natural and organic certified materials. The most common materials used in organic mattresses are wool, cotton and latex. Due to their organic status, these mattresses are highly unlikely to contain any chemicals or pesticides that could damage your health.

On the other hand, the vast majority of mattresses used currently in the USA are made of materials derived from petroleum. These include polyurethane foam used in traditional memory foam mattresses and vinyl. Often, they are also treated with chemical flame retardants such as boric acid.

These substances can release toxic gases into the air in your sleeping environment. When inhaled, these chemicals can have a wide-ranging negative impact on your health. Therefore, from the point of view of your health, organic mattresses are a good way to avoid such chemicals in your sleeping environment.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Mattress

If you’re considering purchasing a non-toxic mattress, then you will of course want to know what specific benefits you will get for your money. The truth is, organic mattresses come with a plethora of advantages which set them apart from other mattresses. Read on to find out the main reasons you should consider an organic bed.

Free From Potentially Harmful Chemicals And Pesticides: As this relates to the health and safety of your bedding, this is probably the most important benefit of organic beds. In order to be certified as organic, the materials within the mattress cannot contain any toxic chemicals or be treated with any pesticides. It is now known that these chemicals can be released from bedding into the air.

So, this can cause problems for your health is you breathe them in. This is especially true if you already suffer from a pre-existing respiratory condition.

Therefore, This type of mattresses have a major advantage in this regard. If you are worried about toxins in your bedding but don’t want to go organic, an alternative is to look for the Certi-Pur or Greenguard certifications to give you peace of mind that your mattress is toxin free.

Sustainable And Biodegradable: Unfortunately, many more mainstream mattress types are manufactured in a way that is not sustainable and has a negative impact on the planet. Organic mattresses, however, are a different story. The materials used in

natural beddings are farmed sustainably and in a way which is gentle on the environment. Also, the use of pesticides is not allowed. Therefore, organic mattresses are a great choice from an eco-friendly standpoint.

Naturally Hypoallergenic: Many people find their allergies get worse at night. You may be surprised to learn that allergens in your bedding can be to blame. If you find yourself suffering from sneezing or congestion at night, organic may be well worth your consideration as they are naturally hypoallergenic, so they won’t trigger an allergic reaction in sleepers.

Can Often Be Customized: While they often come with a higher price tag, many mattresses are manufactured by companies that put customer service and satisfaction at the top of their priority list. Therefore, it’s more likely that you will be able to have your mattress customized to suit your own personal sleep needs. For example, many organic mattresses can be customized in terms of support or finish.

Disadvantages of Organic Mattress

Our experts think that organic mattresses can be a great choice for many sleepers. Also, they are a particularly healthy and safe type of bedding. However, like any mattress type, organic mattresses do come with their drawbacks. It’s important to understand the negatives of organic mattresses as well so you can make a balanced and informed decision. So, what are the potential disadvantages of buying an organic mattress? Read on to find out.

Less Commonly Available: Because organic mattresses are still far less common than their non-organic counterparts, many bricks-and mortar stores do not stock them. You may find it extremely difficult to find a stocklist near you where you can actually try out an eco-friendly mattress for yourself.

Therefore, you may find that your only option is to purchase your mattress online. While this sounds like a risk, some manufacturers now offer sleep trials for mattresses bought online so that you can return the mattress if it’s not right for you.

Less Choice: If you’ve ever shopped for a non-organic mattress, you’ll know that there is an incredibly wide range of products available. This is not the case with natural mattresses, as the vast majority of mattresses manufactured today are still non-organic. Therefore, to view the full range of products available, it’s necessary to look online.

More Expensive: Unfortunately, natural mattresses are almost always more expensive than non-organic options. This is partly down to the extra cost of farming the necessary materials using organic methods. Also, it costs natural mattress manufacturers more money to obtain their certifications. Therefore, these costs are passed onto the customer, so you should expect to pay significantly more for an organic brand than a comparable non-organic model.

People Also Ask:

We are often asked for our expert opinion about a range of issues to do with organic mattresses. Here are our most frequently asked questions along with our expert answers.

Would an organic bed suit me?

You can buy organic mattress in a wide range of types, sizes and firmness options. Also, they are extremely safe as the materials are farmed and produced in both an eco-friendly and chemical-free way. Therefore, organic beds should suit anybody as long as you select the right one for you.

How much do natural mattresses cost?

As a rule, Natural mattresses are more expensive than non-organic mattresses. That’s because the farming methods and certifications required are more expensive for manufacturers. However, you will find some more affordable eco friendly mattresses in our reviews.

Where can I buy an organic brand?

You may find that some mattress stores stock a limited range of organic mattresses. However, to see the full range available to you, you’ll probably find it best to shop online. That’s because you will be able to see the whole of the market and have more choice available to you.

What is the best natural eco friendly mattress?

There is no single answer to this question as the best mattress is one that suits your sleep needs. Therefore, the best way to choose the right product for you is to read expert and user reviews extensively before making a final choice.

Why are organic mattresses so expensive?

Producing and buying organic materials comes with an extra cost. Also, manufacturers have to invest in the necessary certifications if they want to sell organic products. Therefore, these costs are then passed on to the consumer.

What are eco-friendly mattresses made from?

Eco friendly & natural mattresses can be made from a range of natural materials. Most commonly, they will be made from organic wool, cotton and natural latex foam.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you now understand how an organic natural mattress can benefit you and the planet. As they are made without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides and with natural materials, these mattresses are very safe to sleep on and do not negatively impact the environment.

However, as you can see from our top 14, going eco-friendly doesn’t mean compromising on style and quality. Fortunately, there are a wealth of high-quality organic mattresses out there. So, you should be able to find a model that perfectly suits your personal sense of comfort and sleep needs. Like with any mattress, be sure to check out expert reviews and customer feedback before committing to make sure you are getting the very best mattress for you. Sweet dreams!