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Best Sleep Accessories For Kids This Christmas Season

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With Christmas fast approaching, I figured it was time to start locking down exactly what I am going to buy for my daughter this year. She already has plenty of toys and although I do plan to buy her a few more, I was hoping to find some more practical items as well. Since bedtime has become a battle lately, I figured a few exciting sleep accessories might be just the items to add to her Christmas list this year. Before I purchased anything, I thoroughly researched the different options available.

Here are what I believe to be the best sleep accessories available for kids this Christmas season.

Best Pajamas for Kids

Little Bety Long Sleeve Pajamas

These pajamas are perfect for kids! They are super comfy and flexible, being made from 100% cotton. They come in a variety of different patterns; some are Christmas-themed while others can be warn all year long. They come in sizes 2T to 14, so they will fit kids of all ages. They also come with a tag-less label, so you won’t have to worry about a scratchy tag annoying your little ones.

Amazon Essentials Footed Pajamas

I always find myself worrying about my daughter’s feet getting cold in the middle of the night, which is why I tend to gravitate towards footed pajamas. These pajamas are very soft and breathable, again being made from 100% cotton. They come in sizes 6 months to 5T, making them ideal for the younger children in your family. They also have grips on the feet to prevent your children from slipping when they inevitably run in them!

Burt’s Bees Family Jammies

Were you considering buying matching pajamas for the whole family? These pajamas by Burt’s Bees are amazing! Not only are they made from 100% organic cotton, but they were ring-spun to ensure softness and durability.  They come in sizes 12 months to men’s XL. You can even purchase a matching bandanna for your family pet if you want to. Either way, these pajamas will almost guarantee an awesome family photo!

Best Sheet Sets for Kids

Best Season 3-Piece Twin Sheet Sets

The start of the new year is the perfect time to switch out your old sheets for new ones. These twin-size sheet sets comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillow case. They have a wide assortment of colors to choose from, so you are bound to find one that your little one will love. These sheets are also made from 100% deluxe soft-brushed microfiber, making them both cozy and breathable.

Vonty 3-Piece Twin Sheet Sets

If you are looking for twin sheet sets with a bunch of fun patterns, then these are the sheet sets for you! You will find everything imaginable from sheets with stars on them to sheets with bears riding bicycles.  They come with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillowcase.  They are made from brushed microfiber, making them extremely durable. These sheets are also easy to clean, as they can be machine washed on cold and tumble dried.

J-Pinno 3-Piece Twin Sheet Sets

These sheet sets by J-Pinno offer a myriad of detailed patterns. My favorites are their roaming dinosaur sheets and their bunnies holding balloons sheets. As expected, you’ll find one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillowcase. All of their sheet sets are made from 100% cotton, making them very soft and warm for a peaceful night’s sleep. The best part is, these sheets won’t fade over time, as they are able to maintain their color for years.

Best Pillows for Kids

Dreamtown Kids Pillows

This pillow by Dreamtown is one of my favorite kid pillows available on the market. It is a poly-cotton blend, giving it the right balance of softness and firmness. Measuring in at 14in. by 19in., it is the perfect size for your child’s head. It also comes with a white pillowcase to help your pillow last longer. The best part is, this pillow is 100% hypoallergenic and mildew/mold resistant, so it’s the perfect choice for kids who have sensitive skin or sinus issues.

Little Sleepy Head Pillows

Little Sleepy Head makes amazing pillows for kids. Their 13in. by 18in. pillows are made from 100% hypoallergenic cotton, so they won’t irritate even the most sensitive kids. These pillows are super soft and fluffy and they hold their shape even after you wash them. What I love most about these pillows is their 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love this pillow or decide it’s not for you, you have up to sixty days to return this product for a full refund.

My Little Dreamy Pillow

This is another great pillow for kids! It comes in four unique patterns; my favorite is their animal alphabet print! It’s made from 100% natural cotton, so it’s extremely soft and breathable. Their pillows are 13inch by 18 in., so they are the ideal size for travelling.  They are also ergonomically designed to provide optimal spinal support for your little ones; you really can’t ask for more than that!

Best Blankets for Kids

Lazy One Hooded Animal Blankets

These blankets by Lazy One are absolutely adorable! There are over fifteen different animals to choose from, so you won’t have any trouble finding one your child will enjoy. These blankets are made from 100% fleece polyester, making them ultra-soft. Not only will your child want to sleep with this blanket, but they will also want to play in it as well. These blankets are the perfect addition to any dress-up collection!

Wonder Miracle Fuzzy Blankets

Okay, so these textured blankets aren’t just something your kids will appreciate; they are great for adults as well. There are fifteen different colors/patterns to choose from; I love having so many options! Each blanket is made from 100% micr0-fleece, so they are both cozy and breathable. They are also free from phthalates and chemicals; this means you can feel at ease while your children sleep with them.

Roore Weighted Blankets for Kids

Most sleep experts agree that weighted blankets can help children sleep better, so why wouldn’t you want to try these weighted blankets by Roore? They come in four different colors: blue, pink, red, and teal and four different weights: 5lb, 10lbs, 15lbs, and 20lbs. They are hypo-allergenic and odorless, which is why they are a desirable option for kids suffering from allergies. If you aren’t convinced that this is the right blanket for your kids by now, then maybe a 90-day money-back guarantee will persuade you!

Wrap Up

Now, you should have a better understanding of the best sleep accessories available for kids this year. I have outlined my top picks for pajamas, sheet sets, pillows, and blankets. Hopefully, the info I provided here will help make your Christmas shopping a little easier!