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Camping and Sleep Equipment You Need to Prepare for Your Area 51 Raid

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Tent in Desert

It’s almost time. They can’t stop everyone, right?

Well, listen up Kyles, Karens, Naruto runners, anti-vax kids and everyone else planning to invade Area 51. The closest town in Nevada to Area 51 is Rachel: a very small town with only a few hotels that have been booked solid since the raid was announced.

So, if you are planning to join the over two-million people who plan to attend Alien Stock and storm this highly classified United States Air Force facility, you need to ask yourself this question: “Do I have the right camping/sleep equipment for the Area 51 raid?”

Never fear, we here at are experts of sleep, comfort, and everything relatable. Continue reading our guide to discover all the camping and sleep equipment you’ll need for your Area 51 raiding endeavors.

Make Sure You Have a Tent

It’s clearly too late in the game at this point to get a reservation at any inn close to the action. So, your options are sleeping on the ground or sleeping on the ground. Yup, you’re pretty limited.

Of course, you don’t want to sleep on the ground without the proper equipment, as that could potentially have a negative impact on your neck and back. You’re probably going to want to buy a tent and a sleeping bag. While it’s not the most luxurious way to raid Area 51, it will do the trick. Check out some of these popular tents courtesy of Amazon:

Amagoing 2-3 Person Tent for Camping (Automatic Pop Up/Waterproof)

This tent is ideal for anyone looking to save some money, as it is very reasonably priced. It will leave you with room in the budget for those alien-themed souvenirs you so desperately need. It is 6 ½ ft by 6 ½ ft, so two people can sleep in it comfortably. It also comes with a carry bag, making it easy to take on the go.

Coleman 6-Person Dark Room Sundome Tent

This is a good option for a small group of friends who are embarking on this journey together. Measuring in at 11ft by 9ft, this tent is very spacious. It will pop up automatically in just sixty seconds, so you won’t have to waste time trying to assemble it. This will give you more time to focus on finding the aliens.

Large 10 Person Family Cabin Tent w/Front Porch, Room Divider and Rear Door

This is another excellent option for those going to Alien Stock with a group of buddies. This is a true luxury for any Area 51 raid pro. If you roll up to the raid with this bad boy, you’ll be the envy of Kyles everywhere. It is 20ft by 10ft in size, so it can fit up to 10 people! It even has a covered porch built-in, so you have someplace to sip on some hot cocoa with your new alien pals.

Now You Have a Tent, What About a Sleeping Bag?

What good is a tent if you don’t have a sleeping bag? When you make it out to the desert, whether you’re getting to the raid early or looking to camp out for a while after the raid, you’ll want a sleeping bag for maximum comfort.

Here is our list of the best sleeping bags to use for the Area 51 raid:

Or Maybe Air Mattresses Are More Your Style?

Oh, you’re too good for sleeping bags? Do you think you’re actually going to be comfortable during your stay in the Mojave desert? Good luck! Here are the best air mattresses available.

Other Equipment You Might Need for an Area 51 Raid Campout

We’ve given you some recommendations for tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses. What else could you possibly need for this trip? Oh, there’s plenty more! Consider also bringing the following:

  • Flashlights (to see the aliens better)
  • Guitar (to sing songs with your friends…and the aliens)
  • Compass (to make sure you’re on the right track to get to the aliens)
  • First aid kit (obvious reasons)
  • Bulletproof vest (If you are gonna charge Area 51…things could get
    crazy. Be prepared.)
  • Knife (to fight off the aliens)
  • Camera (to take pictures of the aliens to show your friends)

Tips for Camping Out for the Area 51 Raid

So, you’ve got the equipment. Now that that’s out of the way, we want to make sure you guys stay safe. Here are some tips to help you stay protected while camping out for the raid and throughout the entire event:

Be Courteous to Other Campers

This is a team effort. We all want to see dem aliens. We can’t raid Area 51 successfully if the Naruto runners can’t get along with the Kyles or if the Karens can’t get along with the rock throwers. We’re stronger together!

Bring Enough Water

It is the desert you’re camping out in, so make sure you have a good supply of water and food on hand. Keep in mind that you’re probably going to have to share your food supply with your new alien friend, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you have enough to go around.

Have Travel Plans Already Set To Head Back Home

There’s only like a 27% chance you’re new alien friend will have access to his or her UFO to give you a lift back home. Make your travel arrangements ahead of time. Oh, and buy an extra bus or plane ticket if you want your alien pal to come back with you.

Have Fun but Be Safe

In all seriousness, your primary objective should be to have fun at this once in a lifetime event. Avoid drinking too much or taking drugs from strangers. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t do anything you are going to regret.


Crazy things are happening in 2019; who knows what will happen next. At the very least, if you do go to Alien Stock, you can tell your grandkids one day that you were one of the two million people to sign up for an event on Facebook titled, “Let’s raid Area 51; they can’t stop all of us.” It will be a story worth telling.

This post was fun to write, and with all joking aside, you might actually need some of the camping equipment listed above if you are planning to go to the Area 51 raid. Even if the rumors are true and the raid ends up turning into a rave, the camping equipment will still come in handy. Best of luck to you in all your Alien Stock adventures!