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We’re always on the lookout for new writers to help expand our portfolio. If you’re a free-lance writer, or just looking to get your view across we’ve got the platform to help you launch your career and get that elusive exposure.


At Sleepreports we’re committed to providing expert advice. If you are studying or have graduated in fields of Neuroscience, Biology, Pyschology or other related field, then get in contact with us.

If you provide something we haven’t already covered we’ll post your article on our website giving you the exposure you need for your business.


As you may have guessed, we want to know what real people think about the products they use. If you’ve never written a word in your life, but you have a thing or two to say about your mattress then let us know.

One of the things that we can’t do on this site is tell our readers how a product will last over time. All we can give is a rough estimate based on the build quality. That makes real-life mattress owners a valuable resource to our editorial team.

Has that top-of-the-range memory foam mattress sagged after the first few years? Are there holes cropping up in the top cover of that orthopedic mattress you brought? And how has your sleep been affected by buying a new mattress?

These are all questions our readers want to know about. If you’ve got first-hand experience with one of the products reviewed here, let us know what your experience is. Writing for us might just be the first step of an unexpected career path.

Guest post guidelines

We’re mad about sleep, and so are our readers. The types of work we’re looking for have to be related to our field. What we’re truly interested in is different angles. If you’ve got an opinion that’s outside-of-box and something we haven’t thought of, then that’s exactly the type of article we’ll want to publish. So long as it’s about sleep.

Quality control

If we published any old rubbish, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Here’s a few writers tips to help you get your content ready for publishing.

Make it interesting- For us to publish an article we have to read it first. We receive a lot of submissions so the ones that get published are the ones that make us sit-up and take notice. Write in an engaging way that will excite our readers.

Unique- We want content that we couldn’t write ourselves. If you have specific industry experience, ownership experience or expertise, then please contribute your view.

Originality- We will automatically reject any article that has been rewritten, plagiarized or spun. All our articles are run through Copyscape Premium and you will be banned for attempting to submit stolen content.

Sales content- we will never publish content that is influenced by sales, or has been written specifically to promote the sale of a product.

Length- We’re not going to publish a novel! All our submissions must be between 750 to 1,000 words, not including references.

References- The corner-stone of our publication is providing real information to real people. If you’re stating a fact, or referencing a scientific study, please provide links to the original source.

Images- You don’t need to include images unless you particularly want to. Any images you provide must be owned by you, or have the correct permissions for commercial use.

Publications- On submitting your work you hereby accept that all publication rights, including copywrite, is given to nor are you expecting a financial payment or compensation for the work submitted.