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How Many Pillows Should I Use Under My Head When I Sleep?

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When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with some soft, fluffy pillows. Why is it that some people prefer just one pillow, while others prefer to catch some shut-eye with a big luxurious pile of them? We all know that one person who prefers to sleep with no pillow at all! Everyone knows that sleeping well is key if we want to wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for the busy day ahead.

However, it’s important to find out the optimum number of pillows to sleep with to keep yourself in tip-top health, and make sure you are getting the best sleep quality possible. So, what is the best number of pillows to sleep with?

In order to put this hot issue to bed once and for all, we’ve been compiling research and the answer may surprise you! In fact, it turns out the perfect number of pillows to sleep with is just one! Why, you ask? Read on to find out the top reasons why sleeping with one pillow really is best.

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Why Just One Pillow?

First of all, the position that you sleep in is really important for getting good quality sleep, and for keeping your neck and back healthy. Folks who sleep with lots of pillows under their heads often end up with their necks in an awkward position, which is why you might be waking up with that annoying stiff neck in the morning.

Furthermore, if you keep sleeping this way, you can end up with really painful problems with your neck and back that are trickier to fix. One pillow gives your neck and spine just the right amount of support, while making sure that you can still sleep in comfort.

Furthermore, using one pillow helps you settle into a sleeping position that encourages deep breathing and maximum airflow into your lungs. This is vital for waking up feeling rested and revived. It’s also really important to choose the right pillow for the way you sleep.

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Which Pillow Should I Choose?

So you’re serious about improving the quality of your sleep, you’ve ditched the extra pillows, and now you want to know which one to choose? Choosing the right pillow is of equal importance to using the right amount, so it’s worth spending a little time to make sure you’ve found the perfect one.

Also, you’ll want to think about your individual needs when choosing your perfect pillow. Not everyone sleeps the same, and everyone’s body is slightly different, so choosing head support is a very personal choice. Read on for some top tips.

First, choose a high-quality pillow that supports your neck properly. Of course, the pillow needs to be cosy and cuddly enough that you have a comfy slumber, but that support for your spine is all-important.

Next, consider using a memory foam pillow. Memory foam is fantastic for offering superior support, and moulds to the contours of your body to offer comfort that’s individual to you. Many people who suffer from specific back and neck complaints find that using memory foam products can help them alleviate many of their symptoms.

Finally, think about any other requirements that you might have for your new pillow. Always got a sniffle? Perhaps your pillow’s to blame! Try one of the many hypoallergenic options out there to see if you can make nighttime sneezes a thing of the past!

What About Sleeping Position?

Now you have your dream pillow, you’ll want to know which position to sleep in to make sure you are getting the very best shut-eye possible. Everyone has a favourite comfy nighttime position, and we often shift many times during the night. There are pros and cons to every sleeping position, and some are definitely better than others. So have a look below to find out how your sleeping position might be affecting you.

Are you a back sleeper? There are major advantages to being a person that slumbers on their back. First of all, it keeps your face open to the air. Also, some people believe that sleeping on your back even reduces the likelihood of developing wrinkles! Who knew? However, this position does have its drawbacks, as it is not as supportive to your spine as other positions.

Most people are side sleepers. These savvy side sleepers have made a smart choice, as this position supports your neck and back well and allows you to breathe freely. Sleeping on your side can even help avoid painful acid reflux, perfect if you’ve just enjoyed a large meal.

Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended as it restricts movement, circulation, and breathing. Also, it forces your neck into a very unnatural position. Unfortunately, many people find that sleeping on their fronts is just too comfy, and can’t break the habit. If you’re a die-hard stomach sleeper, check out the section below for tips on how to minimise any issues.

Other Tips For Making The Most Of Your Pillows

So you’ve identified your sleeping style, and now you want to know how to make the most of your pillows? No problem! Depending on how you sleep, you can position your pillows differently to ensure maximum comfort. Here are our favourite suggestions.

Back Sleepers:

Those fresh-faces back sleepers should have one big pillow positioned directly underneath their head to give as much support to their neck and back as possible. Furthermore, if you find you need a little support for your knees, add an extra pillow underneath them to make yourself extra-comfy.

Side Sleepers:

These guys already know a thing or two about a healthy sleeping position. Still, if you want to make this position even more supportive for your spine, we recommend placing a second pillow between your knees (see all our top pillow for side sleepers).

Front Sleepers:

We repeat again, we really don’t recommend this position. Although, if you insist on sleeping on your stomach, your pillow should be placed beneath your hips as opposed to beneath your head. This makes this position slightly more supportive and more natural.

What About When I’m Travelling?

Everybody knows how uncomfortable it is trying to sleep without a pillow on a long plane or car journey. For instance, as soon as you fall asleep your head drops forward at an unnatural angle. Then when you wake up, you find that your neck is sore and stiff. It’s every traveller’s worst nightmare! Surely there has to be a solution?

Firstly, never be tempted to try and use a standard pillow when you’re sitting upright in a seat. Those pillows are designed to be used lying flat on a bed, and are far too large for this purpose. As a result, your neck will be forced into an extremely uncomfortable position, and you’ll still wake up feeling achy and sore.

For this reason, there are special orthopedic pillows specially designed for travelling. These handy travel companions are shaped like a horse-shoe, which perfectly fits around the contours of your neck. Therefore, they offer exactly the sort of support you need when trying to sleep sitting up. Also, they are usually filled with either memory foam or a super-soft stuffing, designed to mould to your shape and give you the extra bit of comfort. You’ll find them in all shapes and sizes, and even in cute designs for globe-trotting kids!

Hang On, I’ve Heard It’s Better To Sleep With No Pillows!

Some people swear by sleeping with no pillows at all. While this is a bit unusual, it’s probably better for your posture than sleeping with a load of pillows all stacked up. Why is this? Because sleeping with no pillow does allow good airflow, and still allows you to sleep with your neck in a reasonably healthy position.

Also, people who recommend sleeping with no pillows say that it is healthier for your skin, as sleeping with your face against a pillow all night long does not allow the skin to breathe properly and could cause a build-up of oils. Therefore, people who want to wake up fresh-faced may want to give this unusual tip a try for glowing skin.

However, before you consider giving up pillows altogether, ask yourself whether you will feel comfortable without them. It’s really important to feel relaxed and cosy to get quality shut-eye, and if you’re missing your lovely fluffy pillow you may find it difficult to drift off. So, if it makes you feel more relaxed, it’s definitely better to follow our advice of using one high-quality pillow.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this article has given you some useful tips and tricks to make sure you’re making the most out of your pillows! Now you know how important it is to invest in a quality pillow that provides you with the very best support. Knowing your individual sleeping style, you’ll be able to utilise your pillows to revolutionise your bedtime experience. Now’s the time to make changes and kiss goodbye to that annoying neck pain for good! Happy slumbering, and sweet dreams!