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Lullaby Earth Breeze 2 Stage Crib Mattress Reviews 2019

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Are you looking for a breathable mattress for your baby or toddler? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Lullaby earth crib mattress is one of the best breathable mattresses for your baby.

Breathable mattresses tend to have a loose surface texture. That means moisture gets absorbed too meaning most parents will have to invest in an additional water-proof mattress protector which not only reduces airflow but also comes at an extra cost.


We’re here to put that belief to the test.We have made an honest review of the lullaby earth breeze 2 stage crib mattress. If you are short on time see our quick review below.

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Breathable mattress with a clever woven design to promote extra airflow
Seamless design which ensures the integrity of the mattress over longer term usage
Natural materials which have no noticeable smell out of the box and preserve the air quality for your little one
Firm side for the infant stage
Plush 6” of memory foam


Isn’t 100% natural
You may need to invest in an extra crib mattress protector to avoid staining


This dual-sided mattress is constructed from a firm inner-foam layer that is augmented by a specially designed mattress pad. It’s suitable for both infants and toddlers featuring one firm side and one softer more comfortable side.

What’s On The Outside?

There’s an old saying that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Lullaby Earth crib mattress put that to the test by providing a specially designed, honeycomb outer shell. It’s breathable yet fully water-proof meaning parents get the best of both worlds.

The outer part of the lullaby earth breeze mattress cover is a woven fabric that offers 360 degree airflow. The underside is reinforced by food-grade polyethylene that ensures the mattress remains dry. Food-grade polyethylene means the material has been deemed safe enough to eat off and represents no threat to your baby’s well-being.

To top things off, the cover itself uses a seamless design which means there is no space for microbes, bacteria or liquids to seep in through the sides of the mattress and damage the inner layers.

What’s On The Inside?

The inside is a plush 6” of high-quality foam. On the infants side the foam is exceptionally firm which means your baby should rest atop of the surface rather than sink into it. We were surprised by the softness of the toddler side which is plush enough to allow them to sleep comfortably.

Normally, we’re suspicious of foam mattresses because they tend to retain a lot more heat than inner springs. This is due to a lack of space for air, and heat, to escape from the mattress. The inner foam lacks a honeycomb design but the excellent outer cover gives us confidence that this mattress will sleep cool.

The waterproof mattress pad discussed above comes as standard with the lullaby earth breeze 2 stage crib mattress. This means the only additional costs you have to think about is using natural, cotton sheets. It’s also available in a variety of calming colors.

Basic Information

Trial Period

There’s no trial period available from Lullaby Earth. Although we’re always a little disappointed to find no trial we do accept that this tends to be an industry standard when it comes to crib mattresses.


Perhaps what is slightly more worrying is the lack of a warranty on their products. Consumer protection laws mean all US-based customers will have a 30 day returns period for defective or faulty products but no warranty does raise concerns about the quality of manufacture.

What Lullaby Earth do have is a multitude of award’s from credible publications including the independently funded, National Parenting Center. That does go some way to alleviating any concerns we might have about value for money as well as manufacturing quality.

Shipping Information

Lullaby Earth products can be shipped anywhere in the US. If you’re buying from Amazon then you’ll also have access to free shipping should you need returns. Alternatively, if you find a defect with a product the company is US based which means return shipping costs will be relatively low.

Sizing And Pricing

The standard size of a US crib mattress is 52” in length. The Breeze 2 stage crib mattress matches this length which means it will be a bit of a squeeze to fit in. If your using a non-US made crib mattresses the dimensions may be smaller and you’ll want to measure it to make sure everything will fit flush.

In terms of width this mattress is 27.5 inches. That gives about half an inch breathing room between the mattress sides and the crib. We conducted a two-finger test finding that the mattress was nice and snug without offering any gaps between the sides.

This is by no means a cheap mattress and you could invest in an all natural mattress for roughly the same price. Judging by the quality of construction, included mattress pad and award-winning design we felt that, in spite of its upmarket price, the Lullaby Earth mattress represented good value for money.


For infants, firmness is paramount to their well-being. We’ve all heard horror stories about infants sinking into mattresses and inadvertently restricting their airways. Placed on the infant side we found the mattress to be very firm. This means your baby will lie on top of the mattress rather than sinking into it.

As a 2-stage or dual-sided mattress, we’d expect the toddler’s side to exhibit a lot more softness and comfort. Unfortunately, we found that this side still retained that firm feel. For some toddlers, it may be a little uncomfortable although the mattress should soften up over time and usage.


Memory foam mattresses always present a bit of a problem when it comes to corners. This one has a square edged design which will reduce the gaps between mattress and crib. We were also pleased to find that the seamless design reduces sharp edges which could pose a threat to curious toddlers.

Compared to most foam mattresses on the market we found that this product performed above our expectations.

Edge Support

Edge support might not seem like an important factor given the mattress will be encased within a crib. We feel that edge support is almost as important as having that flush fit, especially when toddlers begin to stand in the crib and increase the likelihood of trapping their limbs in the soft sides.

This particular mattress is unique in that it offers reinforced edge support protection. The mattress is noticeably firmer at the edges and pushes back under pressure. For us, this is one of the highest performing mattresses in terms of edge support that we’ve encountered.

You Might Not Want To Get This Mattress If

If you’re thinking of using a mattress protector as well this mattress won’t be the product for you. Although we were impressed with the breathable outer, we were also concerned with staining over time. The problem with this mattress is that using a mattress protector will negate the breath-ability of the mattress, but not using one will increase the likelihood of unhygienic stains.

What Makes This Mattress Stand-out?

Memory foam always tends to retain heat more than coil spring designs. In most mattresses, there’s just no where for that heat to escape which can result in a sweaty night for your little one. This mattress offers superb breath-ability and a water-proof cover. The only downside was that the cover wasn’t removable which we felt would be an issue over time.

Who’s It For?

This dual-sided mattress is designed to support both infants and toddlers. The toddler side is a little hard so we wouldn’t recommend buying it directly for your toddler. Using it in the infant stage will naturally soften it up making the toddler side more comfortable. We’d recommend this for parents with young babies who want a mattress that will last through into the toddler stage.

Confirmed Customer Reviews

Lullaby Earth is marketing this product as a practical and breathable mattress. But there’s no real indication of how using this mattress every day will be for parents. For that, we turn to confirmed customer reviews where we can learn more about craftsmanship, lifespan, and practicality.

The Good

The good news is that the majority of customer reviews offer the full five stars. Parents were happy with the comfort, quality and breathable design. They were also pleased at the material construction which had no harmful toxins, chemicals or noticeable smell out of the box.

The Bad

The bad news is that parents found the cover to be a bit loose and a bit noisy. This causes air-bumps to appear on the surface of the mattress reducing the amount of comfort. They also felt the mattress cover was a bit thick.

Customer Support

A quick look at Lullaby Earth’s website shows that you can get in contact with them via a free phone number or by filling out the simple email form on their contact page. The company is US-based and they also offer a call-back service. They also have brick and mortar stores in the US which mean customers can try before they buy.

Overall, we felt the customer support options were extremely accessible and easy to use. We were particularly impressed by the fact that they had real stores for visits, purchases, and returns.


According to our customer research, we only found 1 percent of customers had a legitimate complaint about the service offered by Lullaby Earth. This is exceptionally low for a national brand which is a testament to the quality

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m Unhappy With The Product Where Can I Return It?

The first thing to do if your unhappy with a product is reaching out to the customer support team by phone or by email. If you’re still unhappy you can either take a trip to a local store or send the mattress back for a full refund provided you are in the first 30 days of purchase.

If you’ve purchased the product online for a trusted resource like Amazon or other sales website you can check for a specific returns policy.

Do I Have To Buy A Specific Crib For This Mattress?

These mattresses are designed to fit with the US standard crib size. That means 52” in length and 28” in width. If your crib is second-hand, home-made or purchased outside of the US, you’ll need to measure it to make sure it’s the right size.

Is There Anything Else I’ll Need To Buy, Like A Mattress Protector?

The breathable mattress pad comes included in the overall price. You shouldn’t need to invest in any extras except for some light-weight, square cornered sheets.

I Have A Convertible Crib, Is This The Right Mattress For Me?

This mattress features a firm side for infants and a softer side for toddlers. It’s made of flexible foam which means it should be the perfect fit for a convertible crib. Simply flip the mattress when you’re ready to extend the crib.

Do I Need A Dual-sided, Crib Mattress Like This One?

Dual-sided or not is an age old question for parents. The answer really depends on what you’re intending to use it for and how long you want to wait before moving a toddler into a full-sized bed. This mattress can be used for the first four years of an infants mattress, saving you the time and money you’d spend on researching a new mattress.

Should I Be Worried That There Is No Warranty?

Warranties give customers confidence in their purchase. It’s understandable that you might be reluctant to part with a significant amount of money to invest in a mattress with no warranty. This mattress is backed up by a range of excellent reviews from independent companies which we will help customers to buy with confidence.

How Easy Is Cleaning?

Cleaning is relatively straight-forward using a cloth with cool water. One of the issues we did find with this particular mattress though was the lack of removable cover. Over time and usage we did have concerns that the mattress cover would pick up stains meaning parents would have to invest extra in a protector.

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