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2024‘s Memorial Day Mattress Sales – The Best Deals

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Memorial Day Mattress Sales

Memorial Day is a great time of year. It’s a time when we pause to honor the men and women who have given their lives to protect our country and our freedoms. It’s an unofficial start to our summer and it’s also a great time to find the best mattress deals for the year.

When it comes to shopping Memorial Day is an important time for online retailers. It’s also one of the most important seasons for online mattress sales. Memorial Day 2024 will be one of the best times to buy a mattress this year because many manufacturers will be running their best deals of the entire year.

We want to help save you money while finding you the perfect mattress for your needs. Below are some of our top choices for the best Memorial Day mattress deals in 2024.


Plushbeds is another mattress company that offers great, high-quality products. You have memory foam, gel memory foam, and natural organic mattresses at your disposal through Plushbeds. Plushbeds also has mattress toppers, adjustable beds, and other bedding accessories. They even offer options for RV specific mattresses.

Our top pick from Plushbeds is for their Botanical Bliss Organic Latex model. It’s a fantastic option and you can get a great deal on it during this summer holiday time. They offer a 100-night trial and a 25-year warranty so you really don’t have anything to lose.

Best Memorial Day Deals


We keep seeing Puffy mattresses becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. They offer a good variety of mattresses suited for all types of sleepers. Puffy also gives you 101 days to decide if it’s right for you and they offer a lifetime warranty. Not to mention that their products are made in the USA.

Best Memorial Day Deals

As if that were not enough it will ship for free and Memorial Day will be one of the best times during the year to get an even better deal for your Puffy mattress.


The accolades just seem to keep on coming for this award-winning memory foam mattress. Nectar continues to be a very popular choice for customers in the market for a mattress. It’s hard to argue with thousands of customer reviews and accomplishments like USA Today’s best mattress of 2019.

Best Memorial Day Sales

This memory foam mattress was designed with optimal firmness, coolness and breathability in mind. The problem of sleeping hot with traditional memory foam mattresses does not apply to Nectar. Check out Nectar’s site for your opportunity to save big during this Memorial Day holiday.


The Dreamcloud mattress is considered a luxury hybrid mattress. We had the opportunity to test and review this mattress and can attest that it does live up to its hype. With the Dreamcloud hybrid mattress you get the comfort and support of memory foam. You also get the stability and familiarity of innerspring coils. In our opinion, this is a difficult combination to beat.

Best Memorial Day Deals

Dreamcloud offers an incredible 365 day trial along with a lifetime warranty! When you couple that with some great Memorial Day mattress deals this should definitely be on your list of mattresses to buy this summer.

Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding offers you options. They have different mattresses designed to fit various types of sleepers and various types of budgets. For those concerned about toxins in a mattress, they even offer some of the best organic mattress options as well.

Best Memorial Day Deals

Nest Bedding offers customers a 100-night risk-free trial as well as a lifetime warranty on their mattresses. Nest Bedding does have retail locations in some major cities in the US so you can find their Memorial Day deals online or in the store.


Sweetnight mattresses are already known for their affordable options. You don’t have to break the bank to get a Sweetnight mattress. They offer gel memory foam mattress options that range in levels of firmness as well as price. You don’t get to customize the mattress as much as with some other brands but you also pay less than many other brands.

Best Memorial Day Deals

Sweetnight is a great option, especially if you are on a tight budget. Be aware that you do not get the same trial period as some other brands which is something to consider. However, you are sure to get a great price on a Sweetnight mattress, especially during the Memorial Day season.


If you aren’t familiar with Awara mattresses we highly recommend that you take a look before buying your next mattress. They are specifically geared toward the organic latex hybrid crowd but it’s a great mattress at a very fair price, especially compared to other similar mattresses. Awara offers an amazing 365 day trial period, free shipping and returns as well as a forever warranty.

Best Memorial Day Deals

It’s hard to beat their combination of quality and price but Memorial Day events will ensure you are getting the best price possible.

How to Find the Best Memorial Day Mattress Deals

  • Do Your Research – Life goes quickly and Memorial Day always seems to creep up on us. One key to finding the best Memorial Day mattress sales is to do your research ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute to start researching what brand and type of mattress you want. It also gives you ample time to make mattress comparisons between different brands and to find the best deals.
  • Figure Out What Type of Bed Will Best Fit Your Needs – Not only are there a lot of mattress brands out there but there are different types of beds to choose from. Each one of them has their strengths and weaknesses. Some of the more popular mattress types are innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, latex, and organic. We could go into a lot more detail but we encourage you to check out our page on choosing the best mattresses for further information and reading on this subject. There is a lot that goes into this decision including the positions that you normally sleep in. When looking for Memorial Day mattress deals it is best to already have this figured out so you can target your search.
  • Know Your Budget – This is obviously important but we highly recommend that you have a targeted budget and that you don’t get sucked into spending more than you can afford. Yes, a mattress is a huge investment and you spend a lot of time on it. But you need to balance that with what you can actually afford. Saving money is great and that’s another reason why Memorial Day and holidays are a great time to find mattress deals.

Something else to consider in regards to your budget is whether you want to finance your mattress. You can sometimes find 0% financing on a mattress. This could be an attractive option and may be well worth it for some people. Some people don’t feel comfortable financing a mattress purchase, which we also respect. This comes down to a personal choice but it’s something to consider and could allow you to purchase the perfect mattress even if the upfront cost would be more than you wanted to pay out of pocket.

Other things to consider when looking at the best Memorial Day mattress sales are the trial period and the warranty. Now, if you are buying from a brick and mortar mattress company this may not be as big of a deal. You can at least touch, feel, and briefly try it out while it’s on the showroom floor. Buying a mattress online is different.

When buying a mattress online the trial period is important. Many companies offer a generous no-risk trial period so you can make sure the mattress fits you well. We urge you to take advantage of this to help you make the best decision.

The warranty is important to fully understand. Pay attention not only to the warranty length that a manufacturer advertises, but also pay attention to the details. What is the process for a warranty claim and what exactly constitutes a warranty claim? Your idea of a warranty issue may not be the same as what is laid out in the warranty contract. As a consumer, it is important for you to understand the details. We stress this point about warranties because we learned it the hard way.

The Takeaway

Memorial Day Mattress sales are the real deal. This is one of your best opportunities of the year to find a great price on a brand new mattress. Do your research and keep your eyes open. You never know when a mattress company might spring a Memorial Day deal to entice people to buy a mattress.