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Memory Foam vs. Orthopedic Mattress – Which Mattress Should You Buy?

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So far, you have been looking for the best mattress for your night sleep? But quite a number of suggestions keep popping into your inbox with a lot of names confusing your mind. Finally, your buddy told you to try out memory foam and orthopedic mattress, but still, you are locked into the hamster-wheel of which one to choose. Eventually, you decided to understand better what the differences between them are.

When it comes to mattress shopping, we all understand that choosing the right option for you is an often tedious and mundane task. Do you feel a bit skeptical about which one to choose? If you answered yes to this question, then you need to keep an eye open to this article.

No blinking! Below is a quick guide to help you understand the essential key features between memory foam and orthopedic mattress. This basic information will then provide you with an important impulsion to perform incredible choice that is definitely a life-changing moment of your sleeping life.

But before we deep our toes deep into specifics, it is wise first clearly to understand the differences between these two mattresses. Although the two have similarities in helping the person’s spine gets aligned, it is pretty crucial to understand that these types of mattress are different and sure, each mattress is designed for specific purposes.

The Basic Definition of  Memory Foam Mattress

What is memory foam? It is a type of mattress that is manufactured using elastic materials. It is made using polyurethane mixed with other various chemicals. NASA originally developed this type of material in the 1970s, and its core purpose was to protect cushion astronauts from G-force injuries. Since then, it has earned recognition as a comfortable material for mattresses, toppers, and pillows.

The nature of memory foam is that it provides complete comfort to sleepers’ body that is, as you arise, the foam returns gradually to its original shape. However, in its earlier use, these complaints were noticed;

  1. Tend to trap the sleepers when sleeping
  2. The tendency to sleep hot

But the good news is that manufacturers took a step in ensuring the problems associated with these mattresses are corrected once and for all.

Qualities of memory foam mattresses

  • Easily adjustable- you can easily adjust into the shape of your body thus providing you with complete support to your spine plus your pressure points
  • Diminishes stress-since it adapts to your body shape and pressure points fully (speedy pain relief in this case)
  • Once you are deciding on buying this type of mattress, ensure to choose the best quality since they are made of several film cells that are used to promote density and comfortability
  • Offers slight movement to your body-your partner’s movement, in this case, will not disturb your sleep
  • Superb lifespan- the longevity of these mattresses is up to 7 years. But, of course, for higher density, it can go up to 10 years.

Why is Memory Foam An Excellent Choice For You?

We sum it up why you can opt to memory foam mattresses to provide you with every ounce of comfort you deserve.

  1. Memory foams are a perfect option for those folks who suffer from pressure points as far as sleeping is concerned.
  2. It is an ideal choice for those guys with chronic back or neck pain.
  3. Are you experiencing difficulties in breathing during sleep? This is the best option for you.
  4. Want to buy a hypoallergenic or dust resistant product? Memory foams mattresses can be an excellent choice for you.
  5. When you want minimal movements while sleeping with your partner.
  6. It is prone sagging; therefore, it is limited to body rotation.

Memory foam is earth-friendly

Although its formulation relies entirely on petroleum product, these mattresses are sure plant-based alternatives. Therefore, if you are out for mattress shopping, make sure you go for something that is safer. Memory foam, of course!

However, you need to be wise while in the market. There are available varieties of mattress that claim to be memory foam only to realize later of their poor quality. Don’t get caught up into this trap by checking out the label. Although most mattresses labeled memory foam has a layer of this substance on the top, this doesn’t guarantee that the mattress is of high quality. Usually, high-quality foam mattresses are made of several layers, and if you don’t have expertise on which is superior and which is not, you will end having a mattress that’s much cry than you can believe.

Trying it out first.

It is the rule of the thumb that before you purchase your clothes, you will try it out to see whether it fits you. Mattresses just like clothes, you need to take them first for a test spin. We have got testimonies from users who claim that even though the material feels a bit luxurious, continuous usages for a length of time can become very hot.

To solve these heat and confinement feeling issues, you may want to buy a layer cotton mattress to cover it from the top. You can find out a memory foam mattress that has cooling gel pads alternatively.

Pros: widespread option, contouring comfort and relatively affordable.

Why Do You Need To Go For An Orthopedic Mattress?

Orthopedic in the context of the mattress means supporting bones, joints, and the whole body. Commonly, it is used in mattress to help in the alignment of the spine. It also helps with recovery from back and joint problems. Therefore, if you are suffering from unbearable back and joint pains, you should go for this type of mattress.

For this reason, orthopedic is a certified material used by today’s’ manufactures to help them sell their products.

Features of Orthopedic Mattress

  1. The very first feature of the mattress is its ability to support your lower and upper back of your body
  2. It has a firm support layer that is made of high-density springs.
  3. Comfort layers are relatively less firm on the other hand. This helps in supporting your buttocks and shoulders.
  4. While sleeping, you can’t feel if you are sinking as compared to other mattresses.

Why Excellent Made Orthopedic Mattress Can Be a Good Investment?

A well-made orthopedic mattress can be a significant investment to you and your family at large. This is possible if you are going for spring orthopedic mattress since they are durable and long-lasting. Although many people tend to have a notion that orthopedic mattress is usually hard, this is not really the case. Sure, a well orthopedic mattress with a good level of a firm can provide even great comfort that a woman, a man, or even couples can accomplish. There are also a variety of toppers that can offer the comfort you desire. These may include;

  • Bamboo fiber
  • Cotton batting
  • Polyester batting
  • Goose down

For the best comfort of both worlds, you can choose to combine orthopedic mattress with a memory topper. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a maximum degree of comfort when it comes to warmth or cooling, it is a good idea to change your bed toppers seasonally.

What To Do Before Deciding To Part Out Your Little Penny For An Orthopedic Mattress

In this world where the market is bombarded with all sorts of the mattress, each from different companies with different qualities, it is quite important to do additional research on any that claims to be orthopedic. Otherwise, you will end up choosing a counterfeit product. Counterfeit product means a waste of money.

Here are things you need to do before you buy an orthopedic mattress;

  1. Ensure you have done thorough research about various materials used
  2. Normally if you are new to the market, it is recommended to read reviews from real customers who have used the orthopedic mattress before. You will then be able to see their experience
  3. Always check out important information found in each layer. This information may be about densities or indentation load deflection
  4. In the case where you don’t understand what is all about the mattress, it is good to ask questions. In this case, you can call customer care to help you (be wise. Go for companies that are quick to respond to your questions while giving you out the possible answers to your concerns)


  • Pain relief
  • Not clingy
  • Good air circulation
  • Durable
  • Good investment

What Mattress Best Suits You?

Before you decide on purchasing a mattress for your home, it is quite crucial to consider first your preferences, taste, and your needs. For that reason, below are types of mattress that are best suitable for your needs;

  1. You need to have the best bang to your back- memory foam
  2. You want eco-friendly option while sticking with carbon footprint-orthopedic mattress
  3. You want a mattress that offers complete support- orthopedic
  4. You are suffering from allergies, and you want hypoallergenic product-memory foam
  5. You are looking forward towards having a hot slumber-orthopedic
  6. You want plush mattress- memory foam

Choosing the best mattress your use case.

Sure, there is no telling which mattress that is best for your use case since every person has different needs, tastes, and preferences. However, with the information above, you are likely to pick the best mattress that can meet your expectations. When one product works perfectly for you, it doesn’t mean that it will work suitably for another person. Thankfully, if you have read this article, it means that you have got important breakthroughs towards finding the best match for you.

If you are choosing the orthopedic track, pay for something that can really do something to relieve pain- something in aid to your posture. Whereas, if you choose the memory foam mattress, just make sure not to pay extra cash for a product that cannot even add a little comfort to you.

Is Soft Mattress Better Than a Soft Mattress?

This depends on two main reasons: your individual sleeping needs and basic preferences. However, you need to consider some factors such as age and weight. If you are heavy, you will definitely go for a hard mattress. However, if you are uncomfortable in bed, it means you made the wrong choice.

Here is your mattress buying checklist.

  1. Budget-every mattress is different; therefore, each mattress has its own price. Usually, quality mattress fetches a high price in the market and vice versa.
  2. The nature of firmness you need your mattress to be- this depends on the degree of softness or hardiness you want your mattress to be
  3. Are you looking a mattress for two people? Definitely, you will go for a bigger size
  4. Do you have difficulties in sleeping? Or do you have constant neck and back pains?
  5. Do you have allergies?
  6. How hot do you get at night?

Tips On How To Maintain Your Mattress

Whether you are buying memory foam or orthopedic, maintenance is something you need to take into consideration seriously.

  1. After purchasing, you are advised to leave your new mattress to air for a couple of hours (as long as the manufacturer suggests)
  2. Put washable mattress protector (a mattress protector that fits your mattress of course) to prevent against stains
  3. For the sprung mattress, it is good to turn it on on a regular basis is to increase its lifespan and durability
  4. Vacuum your mattress on a monthly basis
  5. Once you notice stains on your mattress, deal with them as soon as possible. Be careful not to drench the mattress.
  6. Finally, check the manufacturer’s care instructions and advice.


Final thought

Now that you have known the fundamental differences between memory foam and orthopedic mattress, you will definitely be in a position to make a decision faster and more efficient depending on your particular needs. Moreover, remember that the key to a long-lasting mattress is great maintenance.