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Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress Reviews 2019

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Looking for a safe and simple crib mattress without breaking the bank? Milliard’s memory foam crib mattress uses no harmful toxins or chemicals and delivers an impressive, yet affordable, sleeping surface for your little one.

This cosy crib mattress is designed look after toddlers until they’re old enough to sleep in their own beds. The 5” thickness is firm enough to prevent the risk of SIDS whilst the memory foam offers support to baby’s back, neck and shoulders.

To save you a bit of time, here’s a quick review of milliard memory foam crib mattress.



It’s 100% hypoallergenic which means it will be kind to your baby’s skin as well as sensitive areas like their eyes and mouth
certiPUR-US certified which means no harmful toxins or chemicals were used in its construction
Offers superb orthopaedic support
Removable, and machine washable, waterproof cover


Can be a little squeaky when moving around on
Takes some time for the out of the box smell to go away

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The milliard memory foam crib mattress is about as straight-forward as it gets. Comprised of two layers the main body is made up of a plush 5.5” memory foam single piece. It’s listed as a firm mattress but we found it to be more of a medium firmness.

The memory foam feels good quality and adapts quickly to changes in position. Memory foam is unique because it molds to the contours of your body. That means better support in important areas like the back and shoulders.

The second layer is the cover. It features a tight weave that is fully waterproof without feeling too plastic or retaining too much heat. It stretches over the four corners but leaves the underside of the mattress bares to help let heat out during the night.

We found this cover to be a little loose over the mattress. It’s not a huge issue and is certainly easier to put on, but it does cause ripples on the surface of the mattress. Given it’s fully water-proof there’s no need to spend extra on a mattress protector, fitting a simple cotton sheet over the top is more than enough.

We felt the construction has all the base points covered. It’s a relatively simple piece of equipment which is light-weight with a firm finish. Given the price, we couldn’t expect too much more on the construction side of things.


For any parent the main concern when choosing a crib mattress is safety. SIDS is a constant worry but we feel this mattress is firm enough to reduce the risk. Memory foam is also good for improving posture whilst providing support to the head during the night.

Although milliard bedding is on the cheaper end of the scale, we were impressed with milliard’s commitment to safe construction. CertiPUR-US is an independent, global organization that regulates toxic emissions and chemical products used in manufacture. A certiPUR-US certificate guarantees that a product won’t release harmful toxins during its lifespan.

Over time, a crib mattress will collect a range of micro-bacteria, dust mites as well as damp spots if the manufacturing quality is poor. The foam used by milliards is naturally resistant to bacteria whilst the waterproof cover reduces the risk of mold build-up.

Skin rashes or respiratory problems like asthma are common in children below the age of five. This milliard memory foam crib mattress is hypoallergenic which means it won’t exacerbate any existing conditions or cause new ones to occur. There’s also good ventilation to ensure your baby won’t get too hot overnight.

As far as safety is concerned, this milliard crib mattress doesn’t perform as well as an all natural mattress but it’s the next best thing. It’s been thoroughly tested and certified by independent organizations. It doesn’t use fire retardants or other harmful chemicals in construction whilst the surface is firm enough for us not to worry about an infant sinking in.


We’ve all heard horror stories about babies sleeping on surfaces that are too soft with terrible consequences. This has led to the vast majority of people believing that the firmer a mattress is, the safer it is.

It’s true that sleeping on a firm surface will help to reduce SIDS. But there’s a limit to how firm a mattress has to be. Ultra-firm varieties make it difficult for children to sleep on which they need to develop properly.

Milliard offers a mattress that is situated in the medium range. As infants grow older they will start to dip into the memory foam more, but babies will rest atop of this mattress.

The advantage of a medium firmness is that it is much more comfortable. This promises less sleepless nights for your toddler and less sleepless nights for you.

The memory foam underneath is plush, measuring in at a healthy 5.5” inches thick. Above the mattress the removable cover is made from a material similar to vinyl. It does get a little hot during the night whilst the loose fit of the cover causes creases on the surface. We can’t see that causing too much of an issue in terms of comfort though, even if it is an eyesore.

Edge Support

Memory foam always performs a little worse in terms of edge support than traditional coil mattress. That’s due to a lack of surface tension. We found that this milliard memory foam crib mattress fitted snugly into the crib, although the edges could easily be pushed down.

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be able to fit more than two fingers down the sides of the surrounding crib when you’re fitting a crib mattress. This milliard mattress just about passed the test although we did feel it could be a little tighter, particularly in terms of length.

If you’re using this in a standardized US crib size you may want to add a long cushion or blanket at the base to be extra sure.


The corners are probably the last thing on your mind when looking into a good crib mattress but they’re an important feature. Generally, we prefer squared off corners rather than round ones as they fit flush with the crib.

The corners of this milliard mattress are squared off. They also don’t push in or lose their shape easily which indicates good quality. Make sure to invest in square edged sheets to avoid spending hours trying to squeeze on the regular ones.


Like most modern mattresses these are delivered straight to your door in a vacuum-packed casing. Once you’ve removed all the packaging, it takes a while to reach its full 5.5” thickness. There was also a noticeable odor coming from the mattress would take a few weeks to dissipate fully.

The milliard memory foam crib mattress is super light-weight so we had no problem fitting it into our crib. Overall, we felt the set-up was let down by the odor which will be a problem in a small room that has less ventilation.

Cleaning And Waterproof

Children are messy. Even in a sleeping environment, you’ll spend a lot of time wiping down the edges, changing the sheets or removing the upper cover. After a while, you’ll want to take the mattress out for a deep clean to ensure it remains hygienic.

This milliard memory foam crib relatively simple to maintain. The removable cover slips off and can be machine washed or wiped down depending on dirt. When you’re machine washing it’s important to only use cold water. Hot water will warp the fabric or worse cause it to crack. Overall we found the cover to be easy to take off or put on and simple to clean.

The mattress is larger and needs to be washed separately. If you need to deep clean the mattress simply place it in a bathtub filled with cool soapy water. Once it’s soaked you need to dry it naturally in a cool climate.

Subjecting foam to high temperatures can cause it to shrink or lose its shape. So long as you always keep that in mind, it’s a low maintenance piece of baby ware.

Temperature Regulators

Getting the temperate climate right is essential to developing good sleeping patterns as well as to your child’s well being. One of the drawbacks of memory foam is that it retains heat more than spring coils. This is due to the dense interior construction which blocks airflow.

Malliard’s crib mattress is a single piece that doesn’t use layering or gel. This is usually a problem on larger mattresses but one that is this side it shouldn’t matter too much. The underside of the mattress is left bare which helps to circulate heat out but it does sleep hotter with the waterproof covering attached.

Overall, it seems like some effort has been made to regulate the temperature which we like to see, but it still gets a little hot. If you notice your baby is getting sweaty during the night, try replacing the vinyl covering with a gel-based protector. If the problems persist it will be worth looking at a cooler alternative.


Just because you’re spending less on a mattress doesn’t mean you have to expect less. The memory foam inner is high-quality and we can’t see it losing shape or becoming too soft anytime soon. So long as there are no holes or tears we can see milliard crib mattress lasting a good few years.

The mattress cover is where the problems begin. It feels a little cheaply made to the touch. This is worrying because it will likely wear down long before the mattress does. In all honesty, we were disappointed with the outer covering. But, you can pick up a replacement mattress protector very cheaply.

Overall we were impressed with the durability of the mattress itself but had some concerns with the mattress cover. It’s a standard size so you won’t have trouble finding a replacement but you should factor that into your budget before making a purchase.

Warranties, Payment Plans And Guarantees

As far as we can tell there are no warranty options available for this purchase. Milliard, via their website, says that each product has its own individual warranty depending on where you buy it from. With a product that costs well below $100, we wouldn’t expect a comprehensive warranty or payment plan structure but the lack of clarity is a concern.

The upside is that they are a US-based manufacturer. You can get in contact with their customer service team and, should you receive a faulty product the shipping costs back to the factory will be minimal.

Confirmed Customer Reviews

Our reviews usually take place over a few days relying on research, our expertise and the specifications of each product. Unfortunately, that means we can’t give you a definitive answer to the questions faced by everyday parents. For that, we use confirmed customer reviews.
The general consensus among confirmed buyers is that the mattress itself is a bit short. On top of that, the cover is uncomfortable as well as poor quality with most parents opting for a replacement cover.

On the positive side of things, the vast majority of consumer reviews found the softness to be excellent. They were also impressed by the thickness and general comfort of the mattress itself. It’s a mixed bag in terms of consumer reviews, however, the main component, the mattress, has been viewed as impressive.

Who’s It For?

This milliard memory foam crib mattress is a bit too soft to be considered suitable for babies under the age of 2. Once they reach a toddler’s age the extra-plush memory foam will provide a fine sleeping surface. For those who are just looking for the best mattress they can afford, the Malliard offers superb value for money with an exceptionally comfortable finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Invest In Memory Foam?
milliard memory foam crib mattress offers a superb level of comfort but also has orthopedic qualities. When you rest on memory foam there will be a level of pushback which keeps the spine in alignment and reduces aches in the neck or shoulders. For a comfortable sleeping bed, memory foam has the best track record of delivering quality sleep.

Does It Work In All Cribs?
This milliard memory foam crib mattress measures 27.5” x 52”. That is standard US regulation crib sizes. When we fitted it we did find that there was a bit of spare room at lengthwise but it wasn’t a large enough gap to cause us any serious concerns.

Is The Memory Foam Layered?
The milliard memory foam crib mattress in this design is a single solid piece. This gives it good durability but perhaps lacks air-circulation which you might find in more expensive mattresses.

Can I Flip It?
This milliard crib mattress is not dual sided so it has the same level of support and comfort whichever way it’s facing. There’s a handle on the side and the whole unit only weighs about 8llbs so you should have no problem flipping it on the fly.

How Heavy Can A Toddler Be Before Sinking Into This Mattress?
This is a plush mattress so there will always be some give. This is what makes the mattress more comfortable than others on the market. We would estimate that so long as your toddler is less than 40llbs you won’t have any issues with them sleeping on this mattress.

If they do grow larger and you want to upgrade, it’s worth looking at a mattress pad which can really help to extend the life of this piece.

Is The Cover Comfortable?
We found a number of issues with the cover of this milliard mattress. It seems that this is where Malliard cut back on costs. There’s nothing uncomfortable about the cover, although you might want to look at upgrading it if you can. There’s plenty of mattress protectors out there available at reasonable prices which will really take this to the next level.

It Smells Bad, Should I Be Worried About Chemicals?
A lot of customers have reported a chemical smell emanating from this mattress. This is pretty standard in the first few weeks of life for a mattress. This product is verified and certified by certiPUR-US so there are no risks to your infant with this mattress.

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