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Nectar Mattress Review: Is This Still One of the Best?

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Nectar mattress is one of the most comfortable mattress brands in the mattress industry. This is one of the most affordable, and one that is highly rated in reviews.

This is a great kind of best support mattress, which is suitable for people with bad back problems. It is simply the best memory foam mattress available for under $1000.
Memory foam mattresses are all the rage. They conform to the shape of your body, adapt to your sleeping position and come with an affordable price tag. The only problem with first generation memory foam mattresses was that they got a little hot.

Nectar sleep have tackled this problem by incorporating 4 separate layers into their design. Each layer is designed to be breathable but the most important for cooling is their patented gel layer, Lush Foam. Lush Foam is expensive to produce because it provides the coolest night’s sleep whilst preserving the integrity of your mattress. The nectar mattress provides the best level of support for a heavy people.

Upgrading your mattress usually amounts to a full day of awkwardly trying out beds in a local store. Nectar sleep are doing things a little differently. They offer a 365 night trial period of their mattress. If you’re not convinced after a year of sleeping on it, then you’re not obliged to pay anything; Nectar Sleep will pick the mattress up with no questions asked. Combined with their industry-leading lifetime warranty, this might just be the safest investment you ever make.



Cooling gel layer that helps the mattress to breathe at night
4 separate layers, each of which is designed to keep you cool
Thick adaptive foam base for a durable mattress
365 day free trial with a lifetime guarantee


It is a bit too firm for the first month and you need to break it in to get to the medium-firm level
Anti-bacterial treatment of the mattress can lead to a toxic smell during the first few months of ownership.

Full Nectar Mattress Review

Mattress Construction and Specifications

As I mentioned earlier, this mattress is constructed of four separate layers. We can go into a bit more detail about precisely what those layers are and how well they function, here.

The mattress starts with a dense, base layer of memory foam. ILD ratings are used to measure the density of foam. This weighs in with a 2.2 ILD rating which is significantly higher than most mattresses today which tend to come in around 1.5 ILD. The density of foam lays the foundations for a good night’s sleep. Density also matters when it comes to the lifespan of the mattress. This base is sturdy, supportive and breathes well thanks to specially designed air channels incorporated into the base.

Above the base layer comes a layer of premium adaptive foam. Hi-core adaptive foam is rare on mattresses because its weight makes it difficult, and expensive, to ship. But it’s also virtually unrivalled in terms of supporting pressure points. This layer is ideal for those who suffer from muscular aches or lumbar pain as it adapts to your sleep position and supports your spine. Nectar Sleep is currently the only manufacturer to incorporate Hi-core adaptive foam into their mattresses.

Near the surface of the mattress, and close to where you sleep, is layer of Lush Foam gel. Gel responds quicker than memory foam to re-establish its original shape or to adapt to a change in sleeping position. It also has the ability to keep you cool during the night by aiding air-circulation. Although gel layers tend to be common on mattresses today, Nectar Sleep hold 5 patents for this particular gel. That means you won’t be able to find this material on any other mattress.

The finishing touches are applied with a Tencel cooling cover. The material is specially loomed to help draw heat away from your body and circulate air through the mattress each time you move. It’s naturally resistant to dust-mites and feels durable yet soft to the touch. Despite having a complex signature of weaves this material won’t be felt through a sheet because they’re so finely woven. It’s a superb finish on what is stacking up to be a very impressive mattress.

Nectar Mattress Firmness

When it comes to firmness we are all working from different points of reference. Namely, our previous mattress. This has led to a fairly mixed report from confirmed buyers. Nectar Sleep claim that this mattress is medium-firm, although out-of-the-box it is a little on the firm side. Memory foam tends to soften as it ages, and in the first few months of usage this mattress will level out into a medium firm. For back sleepers the extra firmness will surely be welcome whilst the extra support will provide all the benefits of an orthopedic mattress.

Edge Support

We don’t just use beds for sleeping. In smaller apartments it’s common to sit on the side of a bed or to check your emails in the morning without getting up fully. That makes edge support an important consideration when it comes to reviewing a mattress. The edges on this product feel consistent and well structured. Although, due to the nature of memory foam, it does curve slightly at the edges in the way a traditional spring coil mattress wouldn’t.

As mattresses get older, they tend to develop pressure points, sag or retain heat. An ageing mattress can be the root cause of improper sleep and should be weeded out sooner rather than later.

Pressure Map

Just like we all dream differently, we also sleep in different ways. Pressure mapping is a way of deciding, based on your sleeping posture, where to provide additional support. Traditionally, coil spring mattresses would provide this support by increasing the number of springs which led to typically uncomfortable sleeping surfaces.

Memory foam mattresses adapt to the shape of your body whether you’re a side-sleeper, front-sleeper or back sleeper. The adaptive foam used in Nectar Sleep’s mattress is faster to adapt to body weight which means it is ideally situated to provide good support. It lets you sink in a little, before providing a counter-force to keep your spine in alignment. It’s one of the reasons Nectar Sleep is a recommended mattress for those who experience back or neck pain in the mornings.

Sinkage And Motion Transfer

If you’re looking at the king-size versions of this mattress, chances are you’re not sleeping alone. Water-beds offer a similar level of support and rest to memory foam mattresses albeit with one, not insignificant problem, motion transfer. If you or your partner is a restless sleeper, tossing and turning can easily cause a tidal wave on a water-bed. Thankfully, memory foam naturally eliminates motion transfer because of its density.

Nectar Sleep offer an incredibly dense base support as standard on all their mattresses. That means you won’t sink in to the bed too much and, should you roll over in the night, the effect won’t carry to the other side of the bed. Over-time memory foam naturally softens so after a period of say, ten years, you can expect a little more sinkage than during the first few years of ownership. If the sagging becomes too much of a problem though you can always enact Nectar Sleep’s lifetime warranty to get a replacement.

Size And Shipping

The development of internet only brands in the mattress industry has led to products being available for much cheaper than they were before. The lower costs of store rents, employee costs and electricity has opened the floodgates for brands like Nectar Sleep to swoop in. These mattresses are large once they’re fully set up, but they arrive smartly vacuum packed and rolled up. Delivery is free plus, if you’re taking it on a trial period, they’ll collect it for free too. It’s a win-win for situation for the buyer because, not only to you get better material quality at a cheaper price, you don’t even have to leave your living room to get one.

Nectar Bed Price

You might have noticed that the Nectar Sleep mattresses are available at an exceptionally low cost. For a memory foam mattress with cooling gel you would expect to be paying north of a thousand dollars. You can purchase these mattresses far cheaper than you would in store with prices starting at five hundred dollars and moving up to nine hundred for the largest size; a gargantuan Cal King mattress. All their products come with two free memory foam pillows and, if you’re savvy, you can pick a mattress up for even cheaper during sale periods.

Forever Warranty

The Forever warranty has caused something of a buzz in the mattress industry given that it’s the first of its type. In short, Nectar Sleep guarantee the construction and materials of the mattress for life. That means should you experience a defect or pressure point during usage, Nectar will replace or repair the mattress at no cost to you. The only thing that voids the warranty is accidental damage, such as water or fire. Provided you are the original user of the mattress you will have a comprehensive warranty on your purchase for the rest of your life. When they say forever, they mean it which really shows the confidence that Nectar Sleep have in their products.

Mattress Layers

This mattress is comprised of four separate layers which have each been optimized to help keep temperatures down. The first is a thick, dense base layer with airflow passages. The next layer up uses high-quality adaptive foam to help it take shape quicker. Above that is their patented gel layer before finishing up with a fine loomed Tercel fabric layer.

Nectar Cover

The upper fabric layer is made from Tercel material. It’s finely woven whilst being surprisingly resolute over-time. It’s made up from hundreds of individual strands which means when one breaks it doesn’t compromise the entire mattress. A few holes in the cover can quickly transform a mattress into a breeding ground for bacteria. Having a resilient cover like this one is a huge benefit in terms of lifespan.

Nectar Mattress Complaints

The vast majority of confirmed buyers seem to be very pleased with their investment, although there’s always a few who express concerns. The main problem seems to be with the edges which are reported as being a little too soft and malleable. Some have complained about the overall firmness which makes it difficult for side-sleepers to get comfortable. Of course, firmness is a matter of taste and there is no universal scale for the firmness of a mattress. Dissatisfied customers tend to list personal taste issues with the mattress rather than any serious manufacture or design problems.

Nectar customer service

The disadvantage of an online store is the lack of face-to-face time you get with their employees. Nectar sleep have tried to compensate that by offering a range of ways to get in contact with their staff. They operate seven days a week and can be contacted by telephone, email or an instant messaging service through their website. Based on consumer reviews the team is helpful, understanding and polite for most claims.

How To Order A Nectar Mattress

Ordering a mattress is as simple as a few clicks of a button. Their official website accepts all major credit cards and they even offer financing over six months for purchases. You might be able to grab a bargain over at Amazon as well but then you may not get access to free shipping. They’ll even take your old mattress away when they deliver.

Does the Nectar Sleep smell?

As I mentioned earlier these mattresses arrive vacuum packed and rolled up. For hygiene purposes the mattress is treated with anti-bacteria chemicals as well as anti-mite agents. This is typical on most mattress companies and, out of the wrapping, there is a sterile odor which lasts for a few days after opening. Fortunately, Nectar Sleep rely on natural materials like the Tencel fabric to repel bacteria and mites. That means, the smell of this mattress won’t stay over time and is likely to last just a few days.

Does it sleep hot?

When we sleep, our bodies are less able to regulate our temperature. This can lead to restless nights as well as poor sleeping patterns and tiredness in the day. In a spring mattress there tends to be a lot of space in between the coils for air to circulate. This keeps things cool during the night. Memory foam, on the other hand, doesn’t have that space and naturally retains heat.

There’s lots of technology on the market to compensate for the additional heat that comes with using memory foam. But few are better than Nectar Sleep’s Lush Foam gel. This keeps things cooler whilst the base of the mattress has specially designed air tunnels to help shift heat. Furthermore the upper layer is made from fabric which wicks heat away from the body. When you add it all up, you have a mattress that is exceptionally cool given it’s constructed from memory foam.

Does the Nectar need a foundation?

It’s recommended to use a foundation with any mattress but particularly with memory foam mattresses. Having a gap between the floor and the mattress helps to promote air-flow and keeps you cool during the night. It also removes common mattress issues like damp or mold. The design of the Nectar Sleep is compatible with all US bed frames. They even provide a bed-frame for a few extra bucks that is specially built to get the most of your mattress.

How long will a Nectar last?

It’s difficult to give a definitive lifespan on a mattress like this. Over-time all mattresses eventually fade away and have to be replaced. Coil spring mattresses tend to perform slightly better in this aspect because they are made from durable metals. A memory foam mattress should be able to last for about ten to fifteen years. After that period you’ll find that the mattress begins to sag and will become increasingly soft.

There are things you can do to take care of a mattress and get a longer life-span from it. Taking care of the upper layer is absolutely vital to a clean, hygienic mattress. Equally, avoiding resting heavy objects or using it as a sitting area will help you to stretch the life out. There’s a lot of things you can do to help make a mattress last longer, but the most important thing is to invest in a good quality product from the start. Nectar Sleep has surprisingly high-quality material construction given its price and, with proper attention, will last a long time.

What makes it unique?

There are plenty of things that make this product stand-out in a line up. The first is the amount of research that has gone into it. Their cooling gel has five standing patents that protects the technology from being replicated elsewhere. There’s also a Hi-core adaptive foam layer which is hardly ever seen on products like this due to the high cost of material and the difficulty in shipping it. The life-time warranty is unheard of and you can say the same for the 365 night trial offered to all customers.

All in all there’s an awful lot that makes this product unique. From a sleeper’s perspective you’ll find this an exceptionally cool mattress that is perfect for those who regularly wake up in a sweat. It’s firm enough to help those with back problems and it’s cheap enough to suit all budgets.

How is Nectar’s warranty?

I’ve mentioned already the depths of Nectar’s warranty above but it’s worth going into more detail. The warranty is a lifetime warranty which covers the materials as well as the construction of the mattress. If you notice sagging edges, or that the foam loses its shape, you can simply contact the company for a full replacement. The only things not covered under the warranty are accidental damage, reasonable wear and tear or second-hand ownership.

How durable is the Nectar mattress?

Mattresses, even at the cheaper levels, represent a significant initial outlay. When you’re spending a lot of money it’s only natural to want something that will last a long time and reduce your investment with each passing year. Given the quality and thickness of the materials used I would expect this to be a fairly hardy mattress. Especially with multi-strand fabrics being used which are far more resilient than their cotton or plastic counterparts. But what really gives me confidence in the lifespan of this mattress is the lifetime guarantee. If Nectar have the confidence to back it for life, then so do I.

What is the best way to care for the Nectar?

This is an extremely low-maintenance piece of sleeping equipment. I would recommend investing in Nectar’s foundation support which is specially designed for this type of mattress and will extend the lifespan somewhat. It’s also about avoiding spillages, or throwing heavy items onto the bed. Treat the Nectar with the same respect you would a more expensive mattress and you’ll be rewarding with over a decade of quality sleep.

Is the Nectar mattress right for you?

When it comes to deciding if a mattress is the right fit it’s important to assess your own sleeping style. If you suffer from back ache, for example, then the support provided by the Nectar will do wonders for your aches and pains. Alternatively, if you tend to sleep very hot you may not want to invest in memory foam at all; although, this mattress does a superb job of keeping things cool. Finally it comes down to the way you sleep. Side-sleepers may find this mattress a little hard at first but that same firmness will be welcomed by back and front sleepers. If you want to get a general feel for how this mattress is, why not take up their 365 trial period? Over a year of personal testing will do far more to convince of the suitability of this mattress than any written advice or store test can.

Our Final Verdict

When it comes to sleeping right, investing more money generally leads to a better quality of mattress. Nectar Sleep have somehow managed to buck that trend by offering an exceptionally well-made mattress at a fraction of our expected retail price. These mattresses are almost as cheap as traditional coil mattresses but have some serious features like patented gel technology and Hi-core adaptive foam. Looking at the specs, there’s really nothing to complain about here, whilst the guarantee and trial period take all the risk out of the investment. A top buy.