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Nectar vs. Purple Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best for You?

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If you intend on buying a mattress online, you will come across the Nectar mattress and the Purple mattress. Both mattresses are of high quality and extremely popular. Can’t decide which mattress is best for you? Read our full comparison. In this post, we finally offer insight into the battle royale – Nectar vs. Purple Mattress.

Don’t have time to read the whole article Nectar vs. Purple Mattress right now? Then we recommend you take a look at The Nectar Mattress. This awesome mattress is great for back and joint pain and is CertiPur certified. That’s why it earned its place as one of our top-rated mattresses of 2024.

Nectar vs. Purple Mattress

Image Name and Feature Rating Price

Nectar Mattress (SleepReports’ Pick)

  • Forever Warranty
  • 365 day trial
  • Unbeatable pressure relief
  • Great cooling features
  • Deep contouring
  • Made with ecofriendly materials
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Purple Mattress

  • 10 year warranty
  • 100 night risk free trial
  • Smart comfort grid
  • Memory foam that prevents permanent sinkage
  • Made with CertiPur-Us certified materials
  • Designed for any sleeper despite weight
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A lot of people focus on the wrong factors when searching for the right mattress. Instead of focusing on factors like construction and support, most people will probably focus on price. Price is a key factor when shopping for a new mattress but it should not be the main determinant.

Our comparison of Nectar vs. Purple Mattress will take into account how the mattress is constructed, the support the mattress offers, as well as the temperature regulation.  The final factors we considered are the motion transfer of the mattress, edge support, home trial, and the warranty offered.


Let’s start with the cover. Nectar comes with a Tencel cover. Tencel is an eco-friendly material popular for its breathability and softness. The material also has an inch of gel memory foam which provides support to the sleeper during the night. Also, the gel and fibers of the cover regulate the sleeper’s body temperature during the night.

Another attractive feature of the Tencel cover is that it repels bed bugs known to cause rashes and itchiness.

The Purple mattress comes with a polyester and spandex cover. That means the material is breathable and stretchy. The cover is already attached to the mattress eliminating unnecessary expenses. Also, it enhances the sleeper’s quality of sleep.

After the cover, you have a 3-inch memory foam for the Nectar mattress. This layer is infused with gel. As such, it has the same benefits as the top layer. Thanks to the 3-inch gel, the sleeper will experience greater contouring and pressure relief.

For the Purple mattress, it’s made up of the Smart Comfort Grid. This comfort layer comprises of a hyper-elastic polymer that adapts to the sleeper’s shape. That means when you toss or rollover, the layer moves with you. The Smart Comfort Grid is temperature neutral and helps to dissipate body heat. As such, you won’t soak the sheets at night with sweat.

After the comfort layer, you have the transition layer. For the Nectar model, the transition layer is memory foam. This has a quicker response than the comfort layer. This layer helps to extend the shape of the sleeper’s body deeper into the mattress. The Purple model has a 4-inch high-density polyfoam. This layer serves the same function as that found in the Nectar mattress.

Last, we have the foundation layer. As the base, its 6 inches for Nectar and 4 inches for Purple. Both are of high-density polyfoam and provide a firm foundation and support to the gel and memory foam layers.

We can conclude that Nectar has 5 layers (counting the quilted gel memory foam) while the Purple mattress has 4 layers.

Firmness and Support

When it comes to firmness and support, the Nectar mattress scores 6.5 out of 10 with 10 being the hardest. What this tells you is that the Nectar mattress is a medium-firm model that offers better support to the sleeper’s spine. It cushions the pressure points meaning you will not spend the night tossing and turning.

The reason the Nectar mattress offers such support is that the upper layers are thinner and made of memory foam. As such, they provide the right level of support and cushion compared to soft beds.

The Nectar mattress is best for those who are looking for a model that offers a firmer feel. It will provide the best support to the sleeper whether one is sleeping on their back, stomach, or side. Also, it’s nice for two people who prefer to sleep in different positions.

When it comes to the Purple mattress, the polymer grid at the top supports your spine as you sleep. When you change positions, the grid returns to the original position. As a firmer mattress, it scores 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. What you need to know is that your experience may differ depending on your body weight.

For instance, if you are not heavy, you may find that the firmness of the mattress is too hard for you. If you are of average weight, the mattress is supportive and cushioning. The reason for this is that your weight can collapse the polymer grid construction.

For bigger people, the layers offer better support and resistance to the spine.

Temperature Regulation

Earlier, we mentioned that the Nectar mattress comes with the Tencel cover. This cover has awesome cooling features. In fact, the cover wicks sweat. Also, it’s breathable.

Tencel is a natural and eco-friendly material designed to keep the sleeper healthy and fresh. Beneath the cover, you have a 3-inch memory foam that has cooling features too. This layer is already quilted to the cover and its made of specialized semi-open cells. That means, it dissipates heat better than other mattress models.

The bottom layer also has cooling features built into the high-density polyfoam. As the densest and most breathable layer, it provides support to the spine and the lower back.

When it comes to the Purple mattress, it does have cooling features too. Unlike the Nectar model that comes with a cover infused with gel memory foam, Purple does not. But, the cover is a blend between spandex and polyester.

Although the material is stretchy, it is breathable too. The unique design of the polymer grid allows air to flow easily. This layer does not retain heat which means your body gets elevated while air flows in and out freely.

The cover is not a thin material but it breathable and dries quickly.

Motion Transfer and Edge Support

Thanks to the five layers, the Nectar mattress has been receiving praise for having little to no sag in the middle. This is beneficial when two people are sleeping in the middle or at the edge. Thanks to the thick 6-inch base and firmer upper layers, it offers better motion transfer.

For sleepers sharing the bed, they have praised the Nectar mattress for its motion transfer. Those who share a bed can sleep through the night even when one partner rolls over. That means, no interruptions as well as permanent impressions.

By not developing permanent sinkage, the mattress lasts long and continues to provide the much-needed support to your spine.

The Purple mattress is much bouncier thanks to the memory foam found in the upper layers. It offers better support while maintaining minimal motion transfer. Due to the polymer grid construction, the motion of the other sleeper is not transferred. Why? The polymer grid absorbs any movement.

As such, any shift from one partner will not interrupt the other sleeper. Between the two mattresses, Nectar will offer better motion transfer thanks to the upper layers. This does not mean that the Purple mattress is not comfortable or supportive.

When it comes to edge support, the Nectar mattress has better support while the Purple mattress has a bit of edge sag.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

Nectar offers a 365-day home trial. This period starts 30 days after your mattress gets delivered to your doorstep. The reason why Nectar offers a home trial is that studies have shown that it takes 30 days for the body to adjust to a new mattress.

What this means is that you have a whole year to decide if the mattress is right for you. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it. The good news is that Nectar offers free shipping and returns right to your door.

When you return the mattress and other accessories, Nectar will offer a full refund for the purchase. What you need to know is that Nectar offers the longest home trial. It is 3 times longer compared to other trials offered by competitors.

To ensure you have a better experience, experts at Nectar recommend that you set up the mattress properly. That is, using the right foundation or adjustable frame. You can buy an adjustable frame or a similar product online.

What experts from Nectar don’t recommend is placing the mattress on a plastic base, the floor, or a homemade foundation.

Apart from the 365-day home trial, Nectar also offers the Forever warranty. What the company guarantees is that construction materials, and durability of nectar will last long.

Purple offers a 100-night risk-free trial. If you don’t love the mattress after the trial period is over, the company will pick it up for free. What you need to know is that when your new mattress gets delivered, they will take the old one.

That is not all. They offer a 10-year warranty.

Are Nectar and Purple Mattresses Similar?

Yes, they share several features. Read on to learn the similarities between Nectar and Purple mattresses.

Material Quality

Although both mattresses are made from proprietary materials, the materials are non-toxic. In fact, they are Certi-Pur certified materials. As such, they don’t give off any off-gassing. This means, when your new mattress gets delivered to your doorstep, the new smell will fade quickly.

That means you can start using the mattress on the same day. Thanks to the certified materials used on the cover, both mattresses are hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant.


To ensure the best experience when sleeping on either mattress, both companies recommend buying the right base. The right base should not be plastic. It should also not be a homemade foundation.

You can purchase an adjustable frame from the store. The company recommends that the mattress not to be placed on the floor. Doing so makes it difficult for the mattress to allow air to flow freely.


Both companies have a great reputation despite using different technologies to make their mattresses. Nectar is highly praised for its five-layer mattress that comes with an infused gel memory foam. For the Purple mattress, it has innovative technology like the Smart Comfort Grid. This provides the best support to the sleeper and prevents any permanent sinkage. Both companies have experienced great sales thanks to their innovative products.

Sleep Trial

Studies have shown that it takes 30 days for anyone to get used to sleeping on a new mattress. To ensure that you don’t get disappointed with your purchase, both companies offer a home trial. As earlier said, this is a service that allows the shopper to buy and have the mattress delivered right to their doorstep. After the first month, they have a fixed period to “test” the mattress. If they like it, they can continue using the mattress after the home trial period elapses. But, if the user is not satisfied, the companies can pick up their mattresses at no extra cost to the user.


Apart from the home trial, both companies offer warranty coverage. This coverage covers against defects and flaws. If any damage occurs to the mattresses within the period, the company will pick and make repairs. If the damage is extensive, the company will replace the product. To have your mattress repaired or replaced, contact the company support team. Remember, read the warranty terms and conditions to be compliant.

Nectar Mattress Pros and Cons

Nectar Mattress


  • Offers deep contouring and great pressure relief
  • Provides comfortable sleep
  • Comes with a breathable cover
  • In case of stains on the cover, it is replaceable at no cost
  • Made of certified and ecofriendly materials
  • Comes with a 365-home trial and Forever warranty


  • Only a single model to choose from
  • Same firmness available

Purple Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Has a breathable and stretchy cover
  • Quite bouncy
  • Designed for any sleeper despite the weight
  • Made of CertiPur-Us certified materials
  • Offers sufficient pressure
  • Has Smart Comfort Grid and memory foam that prevents permanent sinkage


  • Has a weak edge support
  • Expensive

Should I Buy Nectar or Purple?

We recommend buying the Nectar mattress if you prefer a firmer mattress that offers moderate conforming. You should also buy the mattress if you experience lower back, and neck pain. If you or your partner awaken easily due to movement, we also recommend the Nectar mattress. The gel memory foam and adaptive memory foam offer better motion transfer.

If you are in search of a company that offers a long warranty and home trial, Nectar is the best choice for you.

We recommend not buying the Nectar mattress if you prefer softer mattresses that conform very closely. Also, if you weigh less than 130 pounds, this product is not suitable for you.

Want to buy the Purple mattress? It is suitable for people who prefer effective support when sleeping on their backs and stomach. It is also suitable for those who tend to sleep hot thanks to the Hyper-Elastic polymer that is temperature neutral.

We also recommend the Purple mattress to those who weigh at least 130 pounds.

If you prefer a softer bed and like sleeping close to the edge, the Purple mattress is not ideal for you.

Nectar vs. Purple Mattress: Final Verdict

Both mattresses are certainly impressive and the companies have gone out of their way to incorporate the best materials. Not only have they included moisture wick covers but gel memory foam too.

In the end, the winner of the battle is Nectar, and here is why. It comes with 5 layers where one layer is infused to the cover. The materials have cooling features plus the price is exceptionally low for such a high-quality product. Also, it comes with the Forever warranty and 365-day home trial.