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Newton Crib Mattress Review: Best Breathable Mattress for 2024

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Choosing a mattress for your baby is an important decision. To help you choose a mattress that is both supportive and comfortable for your infant, we also suggest you check out our top 10 crib mattresses of 2024.

In this review, you can learn everything you wanted to know about the Newton crib mattress and discover why we recommend it as the number one crib mattress for new parents and their babies.

Newton Crib Mattress

Learn from our experts about the practical features of the mattress and it’s all-important safety features. Our experts will also guide you through the potential drawbacks of this product to help you decide whether this is the best bed for your precious little one.

Starting with the standout features as a quick overview we’re going to continue into an in-depth look at the finer details of this Newton Wovenaire crib mattress to see if it’s the right one for you.

So let’s jump right in.

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  • 100%  breathable. Newton crib mattresses are woven in a style that means that 90% of the interior is free air
  • Newton crib mattresses are 100% washable to ensure your baby sleeps clean every night
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits all standard size cribs
  • Easy to clean, reducing stress on parents
  • Quick shipping in the US (3-5 days)
  • FDA approved

Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress Review

So, with the key features in mind, let’s dig a little deeper into the Newton crib mattress starting with the brand.

Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is one of the best breathable crib mattresses on the market. They’ve featured been in a number of reputable papers including the New York Times as well as receiving awards from Parent Tested Parent Awarded (PTPA), and Greenguard and National Parenting Publications (NPP).

They’re positioned at the top-end of the market so we’re expecting to see a flawless design and exciting technology throughout. Here’s what we found:


To find a good product is to know what a good product is. The number one concern for any parent is their baby’s safety. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is an uncomfortable topic for all of us, but that’s what makes it so important. According to the NHS, ensuring your child is not too cold or not too hot helps to reduce the risk of SIDS

In terms of mattresses, we’d look at breathable surfaces to help keep your baby cool. During sleep, we are less capable of regulating our own temperature and babies are no different. Choosing the right layering and room temperature will help you to reduce the risk of your child getting too cold. A breathable crib mattress will stop them getting too hot.

Newton wovenaire baby crib mattresses have positioned themselves as the most breathable mattresses on the market. Using specially woven polymer fabrics this mattress is a stunning free air. That means that if your child gets hot during the night there are passages which help to transport heat away.

Good air circulation not only reduces the risk of SIDS but also helps to encourage uninterrupted sleep cycles that are essential to a healthy baby.

The polymer that this mattress is made from is FDA approved. That means it meets a strict set of hygiene regulations to reduce the risk of germs building up inside a mattress.

Over the lifetime of a standard mattress there are millions of germs, dust-mites and harmful bacteria. This is significantly reduced in a crib mattress but, knowing the fabric itself is clean and naturally resistant to this type of build-up, will take a weight off your mind.

Any baby mattress at this end of the market should be good quality. Rips and tears in the outer-covering can easily compromise the whole mattress by letting germs in. The Newton crib mattress comes with a 100%  polyester upper. This dries faster than cotton whilst being more resilient than most fabrics available. Judging by the materials alone, we can confidently say that this crib mattress will handle the rough and tumble of newborns and toddlers alike.


Newborns need about 16 hours sleep, split evenly between day and night. Establishing regular sleeping cycles helps them to adapt to real life whilst also giving parents the chance to get some much-needed rest.

This Newton wovenaire crib mattress feels light and springy the touch. It has a little give, which will help your child to sleep well, whilst being firm enough to provide the support they need. Importantly, this mattress isn’t too soft. There’s no risk of a baby sinking into the mattress which can cause problems, especially if they turn during the night.

For a mattress that is aerated as well as this one it’s impressive to find such sturdy support. In the first few months of life babies should be encouraged to sleep on their backs. Sleeping on their sides will not do too much harm, but back sleeping is a habit they need to get used to.

When sleeping on their backs, they need extra support in the neck and shoulders to help prop their head as well as give in the lower back to help the spine retain its natural curvature.

A comfortable night’s sleep is all about finding the right balance between support and give. Newton baby wovenaire crib mattress has both which ensures that is comfortable and flexible enough to support changes of position throughout the night.

Having that versatility in a mattress is superb given that not all babies conform to sleep positions. For some, sleeping on their stomach will be the only option and, thanks to breathable weave in this fabric, that shouldn’t be a problem for them.


A parent’s life may be at home, but it’s far from being stress-free. Alongside reduced, and erratic, sleeping hours a parent has to contend with cleaning, organizing and attending to all of your baby’s needs. Given that free-time is at a premium, we believe that having a practical baby crib mattress is important to parents.

This newton wovenaire crib mattress goes the extra mile in making life easy. The sizing is uniform to the US crib standard with enough edge firmness to reduce gaps down the side of the crib. As a rule of thumb, you should not be able to fit more than a finger’s width down any side of the mattress, and the edges should fit flush.

The covering layer provided as standard is made from a polyester weave. That not only reduces the drying time after washing, but makes it possible to simply throw the upper cover in with your standard wash. It’s resistant to higher temperatures and is much less likely to ‘bobble’ or tear over time.

The mattress itself is also 100% washable. Just to be clear, you can’t just throw this crib mattress in with your regular wash, but you can wash it by hand. The aerated interior means the mattress will dry quickly without the risk of damp occurring, or worse mold growing, deep inside.

Ensuring your child has a practical, clean and comfortable crib mattress can be done without having to leave your home. The 3-5 day delivery, and yes it’s free, ensures investing in this crib mattress is as stress free as it possibly can be.

Warranties, Payment Plans And Guarantees

At the beginning of this piece, we listed the price as potential shortfall of this product. Don’t get us wrong, this product is excellent value for money but it is a little on the expensive side. It’s understandable that, with a larger investment like this one, you’ll want something to secure it.

Newton wovenaire has recognized this as well and provides a few offers to help make the investment a little easier.

Babies, like adults, are unique. That goes for their sleeping habits as well as their looks and character. It doesn’t matter how impressive a mattress is if it doesn’t provide a good night’s sleep.

The 100-night trial offered by Newton means you can see if your child embraces this mattress during the first few months. If you notice a difference then you can keep the mattress. If on the other hand, you find that your baby is having trouble then you can return it without paying a penny.

Breaking down payments helps to make a great product more affordable. With a “0” percent APR and a monthly payment starting at $25, Newton has made this mattress available to all parents. They don’t offer a lasting warranty which is a bit of a shame but, if you have any issues with the manufacture you can return it up to 30 days after your purchase.


Modern crib mattresses will usually arrive vacuum packed. Inside the fabric is treated with chemicals to keep the materials fresh and deter mites. The downside of this process is that many mattresses arrive with a distinct smell which lingers for the first few months. Some of these toxins can also be harmful to young lungs and sensitive skin.

It’s difficult for manufacturers to provide crib mattresses that are both hygienic and safe due to the risk of chemical treatments on newborns. This Newton wovenaire baby mattress is FDA approved. That means that it matches a strict set of criteria normally used to ensure food, or drug safety. This is by no means standard on a crib mattress and shows an impressive commitment towards safety that is rare in the industry.

The fabrics used in a newton wovenaire crib mattress neither harmful nor susceptible to germs. Their commitment to this goal is likely the reason why these mattresses tend to register in the upper half of most budgets. As I mentioned at the beginning, where baby safety is concerned, you don’t want to save money by increasing risk.


Price is a matter of concern for everybody. We like to balance the outlay of any item we review against the quality of manufacture, materials and performance. The newton wovenaire mattress is not the cheapest on the market but it does offer the highest quality. The specially woven breathable mattress construction, alongside its FDA seal of approval, makes this product a quality investment in our view.

Confirmed User Reviews

We usually only get to test products for a period of a few days. That means we can only provide a trusted opinion on quality, firmness and safety out of the box. What we can’t do, is tell you how this product fare over time. To do that, we need to take a look at confirmed user reviews.

The general consensus among confirmed buyers is that this is a breathable crib mattress. Even customers who had to return their mattress gave warm praise to the customer service team who delivered a “professional service”

Looking away from the positive reviews we found most users’ problems were more to do with specific circumstances than problems with the products themselves.

Taking the negatives and positives together we believe that there is a general consensus among buyers that this is an excellent crib mattress. The highlighted terms were breathability and comfort as well as a positive response for those who had to deal with the customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

What kind of sheets should I use with a newton mattress?

This newton wovenaire baby crib mattress is US industry standard. That means you can fit it with any crib sheet.But, given you’re investing in a breathable crib, you’ll want to make the most of that. Breathable crib sheets tend to be made from cotton.

Avoid using plastic sheets which, although easier to clean, will retain heat and block the airways built into the mattress. Newton wovenaire offers Adem and Anais muslin sheets through their website but, you can find cheaper sheets elsewhere, so long as they are thin and cotton based.

Is the cover waterproof?

The upper layer of this crib mattress is made from polyester. That means, unfortunately, it’s not water-proof. Water-proof fabrics are densely woven and retain heat which would limit the breathability of the mattress overall.

The good news is that polyester fabrics are water resistant. They’re less absorbent that quilt or cotton and, crucially, they dry much faster.

Where can I find a cheaper mattress like the wovenaire crib mattress?

Newton wovenaire is a large brand that conducts significant research into their products. That means that some of the fabrics and textiles are patented. The Wovernair mattress construction technique is an example of this patented technology and you won’t find it anywhere else.

If you were looking for something similar on a budget. It would be worth conducting research into breathable mattresses whilst avoiding thick materials like latex or memory foam.

What does FDA approved mean?

The FDA is a branch of the US government. It stands for the Food and Drug Administration and regulates commercial products in this sector. It covers tobacco products, medicines, manufacture science and consumer products.

An FDA approval award means that the particular product meets all of the regulations stipulated by the US government. The Newton baby crib mattress, for example, meets the criteria of food-related products. That means it’s extra hygienic, clean and bacteria resistant.

You can find out more about the FDA by using their website here.

What exactly is the material this crib mattress is made from?

This newton wovenaire crib mattress is made from a polymer. It uses a honeycomb shape to provide the best of both spring and foam mattresses. It won’t retain heat or lose shape in the way a foam mattress will, nor will it be uncomfortably firm like some spring mattresses.

The advantage of this honeycomb weave is that it’s breathable whilst being easy to clean. Newton is one of the first manufacturers to incorporate poly-fibers into their construction and, you won’t find this specific weave anywhere else.

Can I wash this crib mattress with hot water?

Cleaning the cover of a crib mattress is straight-forward enough, but cleaning the mattress itself is a little trickier. Newton wovenaire recommends filling a bathtub with cool, soapy water. Strip the mattress cover and place the mattress in the bathtub leaving to soak.

It’s important to make sure that the mattress itself is only subjected to cool water. High temperatures can easily cause the polymer to shrink. That means when you replace the mattress in the crib it will no longer fit flush with the edges and can become a hazard.

Once the mattress has soaked for a reasonable period of time, place the mattress in a cool space to dry. Again, avoid using high-temperature drying techniques like radiators which will affect the integrity of the mattress.

Once the mattress is fully dry you can replace the cover sheet and put it back in the crib. The texture permits a natural airflow which means it will dry quickly. However, once the cover is replaced damp spots will linger so be sure it is completely dry before adding the cover.

Are the materials used recyclable?

These mattresses are made using green materials. That means they are fully recyclable. After the lifespan of the mattress is complete, you can ring Newton baby directly on 800 686 3986 in the US. Alternatively, drop them an email at [email protected]

As a company committed to green production, Newton baby will collect the mattress on your behalf and take it to be recycled.

Should I go for a newton wovenaire crib mattress?

As an individual product, we’d highly recommend this mattress. But when you’re investing in something like this it’s also important to consider the brand.

Newton are US based with free shipping throughout the US. They’re an established brand with a range of awards and certificates to back up all their products. One of the things we like about Newton is their use of patented technology which comes courtesy of their in-house research team.

Newton also has a fine reputation when it comes to customer service. Their team is both helpful and professional plus they’re US-based which makes communicating that little bit easier.

Overall Newton has an excellent brand reputation which means you can invest that little bit more without worrying about quality. Furthermore, we’re particularly impressed with their commitment to green energy which is exemplified by the fully biodegradable products they make.

How do I start my free trial?

Newton’s 100-day trial is available directly through their website. You have to register for the trial before making a payment. Once you’ve done that, Newton will deliver the crib mattress to your door. You can return it at anytime during the trial period free of charge. If you’re unclear about this mattress you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by trying it out first.

I still have more questions, where can I find the answers?

We’ve covered as much as we can in this article. If you haven’t found the answers to your questions you can check Newton’s faq page here. If you still have questions feel free to contact the manufacturer directly via phone or email.