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Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our readers in the same way that we respect our own privacy. For that reason we will never share your information with a third party without your specific consent. We produced this guide to detail exactly how we use any information we receive from our readers.

– Before we collect any information from our readers we will inform you. If you do not provide specific consent for your information to be used then we will not use it.

– Information that you have given us consent to collect will be used for the sole purpose it was intended for, and the specific circumstances in which you have given us your consent.

– Personal information will only be held for as long as it takes to fufill the purpose that we have requested it. We do not store data beyond its purpose date or cross-sell information.

– All information collected will be done so in accordance with international, and US laws. We do not retain, or collect, information in a way that is unlawful or without the owner’s knowledge.

– Any personal data provided to this site will be used for the sole purpose it was provided for. We request that all personal data be correct and fully up to date.

– We will always take due diligence in the protection of personal data. That means using up to date systems to keep data secure as well as copywrite, disclosure, unlawful access or theft.

– All of our business is transparent and accountable. That means we will always comply with a request to release data to the right individual or to delete any information the individual does not want us to store.

The above statements are not guidelines but business practice. We endeavor to provide a page that readers can trust with their personal information. If you have a specific privacy query that is not covered in the above criteria please do not hesitate to contact us.