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Where to Find the Best Cyber Monday Mattress Sales

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Cyber Monday! Here we go! This is the day I wait for. It really doesn’t matter who you are at this point, everybody knows about Cyber Monday and the great deals you can get!

Even if you somehow manage to miss Black Friday, Cyber Monday is there to save the day.

In this post, I’m going to try and outline the best Cyber Monday mattress deals for you, to help you save as much money as possible!

To start, we’re going to look at the brands that have amazing deals. Check these guys out first to find the best Cyber Monday sales!

Best Cyber Monday Mattress Sales

  • Dreamcloud – This brand has the best sales for Cyber Monday that you will find
  • Amazon – Mass retailer with numerous mattress brands and many sales
  • Avacado – Organic and completely natural mattresses at great prices

There you have it, those are the brands you want to look for on Cyber Monday. Not convinced yet? Let me break it down for you a little more as to why these are the best of the best.

Dreamcloud Mattresses

Dreamcloud is an obvious choice for a mattress. I’m not at all biased, even though I do use one myself. I actually wrote a review about my Dreamcloud mattress.

Usually, Dreamcloud offers $200 off their main ticket price. Thanks to Cyber Monday, you can get the Dreamcloud for an even lower price. Expect to save $300 or more on each mattress you purchase. Be sure to check out Dreamcloud mattresses today.


That’s right. How could I write a list of where to find the best deals and not include Amazon? I know this isn’t necessarily a mattress brand like the others, but come on now, it’s Amazon. Mattress prices will be at an all time low on Cyber Monday.

You can find any number of mattresses at Amazon, and you have the pleasure of reading all of the user reviews. I highly recommend reading the reviews on Amazon before making a purchase.

Or, if you are looking for other mattresses you can look at all the mattress reviews we have here at SleepReports.

Follow this link to head to Amazon and start browsing now.

Avacado Mattresses

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Looking to go green for your next mattress? Avacado is the mattress for you. Built with completely organic certified latex and wool, this mattress is as natural as you can get.

Not only does this company have a great product, but they also have a mission statement I can definitely get behind. They are handmade right here in the USA in the city of Los Angeles.

Be sure to check these guys out on Cyber Monday, as you will find great deals you won’t want to miss out on. Nearly all of their mattresses will be significantly marked down.

What is Cyber Monday?

I know I said earlier that everyone knows what Cyber Monday is, but the truth is there might be some people out there that don’t actually know about it. I mean, it’s kind of a funny story on how it came to be. You can read all about that here.

To give a quick recap of the story, the NRF (National Retail Federation) senior vice president had noticed a surge of traffic in online sales the Monday after Thanksgiving. A hunch led them to believe people had been trying to order things they couldn’t get from Black Friday online.

Turns out that hunch was right, and in 2005 the term “Cyber Monday” was coined; news outlets got ahold of the stories and it has just spread from there ever since.

Why You Need to Buy Your New Mattress Online This Cyber Monday

Look, it’s called Cyber Monday, do I need to say anymore? Much like Black Friday, this day is centered around great deals, but there’s a huge pro for Cyber Monday: online sales! That’s right. This day is all about online sales!

Free Trials (Some up to 365 nights!)

I know it seems weird to buy a mattress online that you don’t test yourself, but it’s becoming more and more common. These days, people are getting their mattresses shipped to them in a box.

And another nice thing is that most of these mattress companies like Dreamcloud, or Nectar, is that they offer very generous trial offers. So, even if you buy a mattress online for Cyber Monday, you could try it out until the next Cyber Monday before you decide you really want to keep it! These companies offer up to a 365 day trial.

Avoiding Salesmen

One huge advantage that buying things online has over purchasing in store is that you get to avoid workers on the dreaded sales floor.

You know the feeling.

You walk into a store, you do everything you can to avoid the eager eye contact of the person on the sales floor. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, you’re ambushed from the side of you and before you know it you’re getting suckered into buying something you can’t afford.

Yeah, forget that.

Skip the hassle of dealing with people, just get on your phone or computer and look for the best mattresses for sale this Cyber Monday.

Wrapping up Cyber Monday Mattress Deals

Alright boys and girls, that’s going to do it for me here. I hope this little post has helped you find the best Cyber Monday deals for your mattress buying needs this year.

Buy a new mattress online today, you won’t regret it! If you have any questions for concerns about buying a mattress online, you can contact me anytime.

Make sure to check out all of my other posts here at, as well as posts from my fellow team members.