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Best Rated Hybrid Mattresses – Our Top Choices

Maybe you are starting to feel like you need a new mattress? When you really start your mattress search it can be somewhat overwhelming. There are so many options out there! But the good thing is that there are a lot of very good options out there which is why we have been searching for the very best hybrid mattress.

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For a while in the mattress world everyone seemed to be talking about memory foam mattresses. They were new and everyone wanted to try them. Well, it’s not that memory foam mattresses are bad, but what we found out is that memory foam mattresses are not for everyone(including myself).

Many people find a memory foam mattress to be very comfortable but there is just something about the more traditional feel of an innerspring mattress that you just can’t get with a memory foam. If you could only take the best of both worlds and combine them for something even better. Welcome to a hybrid mattress!

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

By definition, for something to be called hybrid means that it is being made from two or more different things. In this case the best hybrid mattresses usually contain a pocket coil base and a top layer of memory foam or latex foam.

Many of the best hybrid mattresses consist of a pocket coil base very similar to what you would find from a traditional innerspring mattress. For the top part where you are actually sleeping you might find a couple layers of memory foam or latex foam.

The result of this combination gives a hybrid mattress a unique feel that some people really end up enjoying. You get the comfort and support of foam while still having a somewhat traditional feel of the innerspring mattress we are so used to.

Hybrid Mattress vs Innerspring

As we have started to tell you about the best hybrid mattresses you may be asking yourself what are differences between a hybrid mattress and an innerspring mattress? If they both have an innerspring base with some materials on top is there really that much difference?

While these two mattress types do have some differences but in many cases they are probably not as dissimilar as some mattress companies would like you to believe. There are hybrid mattresses that do not have an innerspring base, however, this is less common. An example of this would be Purple Mattress.

Based on definition alone innerspring mattresses are almost always hybrid mattresses because they are made up of more than one type of material. Confused? We will try to explain further.

For most purposes it is easier to think of today’s hybrid mattresses as having a pocketed coil base and foam layering on the top. That is how many of the best hybrid mattresses are set up. There are exceptions for some such as a hybrid foam mattress. These are made of different types of foam with no springs (think Purple Mattress).

When looking at mattresses you can normally tell an innerspring mattress vs a hybrid mattress by looking at the top. Innerspring mattresses tend to have tufting on the top and many hybrids are flat on top because of the memory foam layer.

Hybrid Mattress vs Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress is exactly what it sounds like. It is made completely out of memory foam. Many people find these comfortable and millions of these mattresses have been sold and are still being sold.

There are some things about memory foam mattresses that many people don’t prefer.

With most memory foam you will find that as it warms up it provides less support. I really like the feel of memory foam when it’s cool but as my body warms it up I find that it seems to collapse and lose support.

The best hybrid mattress will still give you that support and comfort of memory foam but you get the extra support and feel of a pocket coil base. The coil base gives the hybrid bed a more traditional feel and also allows better airflow for cooling while you sleep. You can’t get that with a memory foam only bed.

Organic Hybrid Mattress

In your quest for the best hybrid mattress we highly recommend that you give thought to and research the types of materials that it is made of. Certain types of materials are known to emit Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC’s). These can be activated by your body heat while you sleep.

It is likely that the amount of VOC’s coming from your mattress is low but could be even more of an issue for children. If you are considering a natural organic mattress we would recommend that you read more about that topic here.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Hybrid Mattress


The materials in your bed determine how it is made, how firm it feels, how long it will last, if there are toxic VOC’s and how much the mattress will cost. The materials of your mattress are very important so it’s something you should pay attention to.

If you normally sleep hot we would recommend that you stay away from memory foam as much as possible. Memory foam tends to retain heat. Some people like the cradling feeling of memory foam. In my case it gives me a feeling of being restricted or even stuck.

In most cases your hybrid mattress will have a coil system. We recommend finding one that has pocketed coils as opposed to coils that are interconnected. The pocketed coils will provide better support and will also isolate movement on your mattress much better than a connected coil system will.

If you are looking for the best organic hybrid mattress then you need to pay close attention to certifications that the mattress has pertaining to its material and construction. We fully support going with an organic option for various reasons.


This one is pretty self-explanatory but also very important. Do you prefer to sleep on a cloud or do you prefer to sleep on the floor? Mattresses are made in a very wide range of firmness levels so finding one that fits your needs is a key to a good night of sleep.

Sometimes couples run into issues when each of them have different preferences on the firmness of their mattress. If you look around you can find mattresses that will offer an internal split option so that each side of a mattress can be customized for each individual. One company that offers this option is Nestbedding.

Warranty and Durability

As we well know, mattresses are not cheap! They are a substantial investment that many individuals and families take seriously because they can stretch your budget even further. Part of the reason that you want to find the best hybrid mattress is so that it will last for the long term.

When we are looking for the best hybrid mattress we try to steer clear of any bed that offers a warranty less than 10 years. For us, that is really a minimum standard. This is something you will have to decide for yourself as to how important it is.

What these mattress warranties cover is a different story. You would do yourself well to take a look at the fine print before you actually buy. Our recommendation is to narrow it down to a few that you think are the best hybrid mattresses for you. Once you have those then take a close look at the fine details such as what the warranty actually covers. It may help you make your final decision.

Sleep Trial

If you are looking at and buying the best hybrid mattress online then you need to understand what their sleep trial period is. You can do all of the research you want to try to find the best hybrid bed for you but it all means nothing until you sleep on that mattress for yourself.

Between your own research and our top hybrid mattress recommendations we believe we can get you pretty close. But we believe that you should still be able to try out that mattress just in case it isn’t what you thought it was going to be.

A 100 night sleep trial is not uncommon. Something around 30 days is on the short side but you should still be able to get a good feel for whether or not you have made the right choice within 30 days.


Price had to come up at some point. The best hybrid mattresses are not cheap. You most often get what you pay for so the least expensive is likely not your best option when looking for the best hybrid bed.

Having said that, you should not overpay for your mattress either. Our recommendation is again to do the best research you can without taking price into consideration up front.

Once you narrow it down to your best hybrid mattress options then start looking at the other details like price, warranty and sleep trial. We believe this is a good method to finding the best hybrid mattress online.

Should I Buy a Boxed Hybrid Mattress?

Honestly, in some cases there are very subtle differences between innerspring and the best hybrid mattresses. A hybrid mattress is a very good option for a lot of people. We would also encourage you to evaluate your needs and not get caught up in the hybrid hype.

It is more important to understand what a mattress is made of and exactly what you are looking for in your mattress. In the end it really doesn’t matter whether you are sleeping on the best innerspring or the best hybrid mattress as long as it is the right mattress for you.