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Guide to the Best Pillow Top Mattresses for 2024

If you have decided to buy yourself a pillow top mattress we have already compiled a list of our best pillow-top mattresses. Finding and choosing the best mattress is no small task. And since you are going to spend one-third of your life on this mattress it really is of monumental importance.

Not only that, it is a large financial investment as well. We believe in being wise with our money and want to help you make the best decision with yours when it comes to finding the best pillow top mattress. Below you will see a list of our top pillow top mattress choices after much research and testing.

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What is a Pillow Top Mattress?

In a nutshell, a pillow top mattress is just a mattress that has an additional top layer sewed onto it. You could take an old coil spring mattress, sew a pillow top onto it, and realistically call it a pillow top mattress. That wouldn’t be our first choice since the mattress base and support from an old mattress would not be an ideal solution.

You will often find that today’s pillow-top mattresses are much like an innerspring mattress with an added top layer. Many pillow-top mattresses have base layers that are composed of innersprings or individual coil springs. Individually wrapped coil springs give you great support and it helps your mattress to be able to isolate motion better than interconnected springs.

For the most part, you will see pillow tops that are at least 2 inches thick and sometimes more than that. The pillow top itself can be made from various different materials. This is especially important as the type of pillow top material will determine firmness, durability, price and comfort. Materials that a pillow top might be made of include cotton, latex, and memory foam.

You may also see a pillow top mattress be referred to as a box top. This is because the additional layer of padding looks like the top of a box when looking at the mattress. The best pillow top mattresses provide deep cushioning for a softer mattress feel.

What Are Characteristics of the Best Pillow Top Mattresses and Brands


Choosing the material of your pillow top mattress is of critical importance. It is going to determine how happy you are with your mattress in the long term. This is a decision that is going to rest on your personal preferences. Thankfully, you have options when it comes to the different types of materials used for pillow tops.

If you want a traditional soft, plush feeling mattress you could consider something with a cotton or wool pillow top. These materials are known to be more breathable which will help air circulation and keep you cooler while sleeping.

If you like the feeling and support of memory foam you can find a pillow top mattress that uses memory foam as its top layer. Make sure you understand what foam density is being used as that will play a major role in the firmness, support, and durability of the mattress. Something that is too soft will break down and it will not provide the proper support.

Thickness of Pillow Top

By nature, a pillow top mattress has more padding. This can be good and bad. If you like to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud and sink into your mattress a bit then it’s a great thing. There is a potential downside in that it does tend to leave indentations in your mattress.

You may be tempted to find the thickest pillow top layer that you can find because you love the way it feels. Just be aware that the thicker the padding, the more prone to indentation and body prints the mattress will be. This is also where it is important for you to fully understand the manufacturer’s warranty and to also make sure you are in compliance with it. Warranty claims for things like body prints can be tricky.

Base Layer

The most popular base for a pillow top mattress is a metal coil-based foundation. The best pillow-top mattresses will use individually wrapped, or pocketed, coils. This just means that there are hundreds of smaller coils in the base of the mattress. These individual coils are equally spaced out and are not connected to each other. This allows them to better contour to your body and also helps to isolate motion.

A coil spring mattress still allows for good support, movement isolation, and responsiveness. They are also cost-effective which still makes them a popular choice even today.

Sleep Trial

When looking for the best pillow top mattress a sleep trial is something you should take into consideration. Even if you don’t end up using the trial period and changing mattresses it is still nice to have peace of mind, especially when buying a mattress online.

Mattress companies have come to realize that it is difficult and risky to purchase a mattress online. Even when you do the best research that you can and try to make an educated choice it sometimes does not work out. Since mattresses are a large investment it is definitely preferable to trial a mattress before being fully committed to purchasing it.

Durability and Quality

All pillow-top mattresses are not created equal. There are a lot of variables that go into determining what is the best pillow top mattress to fit your specific needs. One area that you should not compromise on is durability and quality. While it is true that you will often have to pay more for a pillow top mattress that is more durable, it often pays for itself in the long run.

Pillow top mattresses due have a reputation of not being durable long term. Many people find that the extra cushioning of the pillow top tends to wear out quickly. This leads to indentation and body prints in the mattress.


The warranty of a pillow top mattress is a direct reflection of the confidence that a manufacturer has in their product and how well they will stand behind it. If a mattress manufacturer offers a short warranty with very strict terms then they don’t have much confidence in their mattress. Plain and simple.

Details of the mattress warranty is something you should also pay close attention to. Don’t just look at the overall years as this can be deceiving. Make sure you understand exactly what constitutes a warranty claim before making your mattress purchase.


The price of a pillow top mattress is obviously a huge part of the decision process. Nobody wants to spend more money than they must to get the best product they can get. Like many things in this world, you often get what you pay for when it comes to buying the best pillow top mattress.

You need to enter into your buying decision with realistic expectations. We completely understand if your budget does not allow you to purchase a high-end pillow top mattress. I mean some of those can be over $3000 dollars. That’s a huge investment for most of us! At the same time, if you choose a low-end option you need to be prepared for a lower quality product.

There are reasons why some products cost a fraction of the price. Yes, you could be paying a premium for a name brand in some cases. But those big names have built a reputation for a reason and in many cases, it’s because their products live up to the expectations of customers. If they didn’t people would not keep buying from them.

Who Should Consider Buying a Pillow Top Mattress?

If you like a soft feeling bed that might give you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud then a pillow top mattress could be a great choice for you. Also, if you like the idea of a traditional style innerspring bed with some added comfort on top then a pillow top should be on your list.

The best pillow-top mattresses are especially good for those of us who are back sleepers and side sleepers. Pillow tops are soft enough for side sleepers and but the best pillow tops still provide adequate support for the spine.

Some stomach sleepers may find a pillow top mattress to be comfortable but on the whole they are not normally recommended for stomach sleepers. The reason is that they are too soft and can lead to an uncomfortable sleeping position when on your stomach.

Whether a pillow top mattress will work for a stomach sleeper will also depend on the type of material of the pillow top itself. If you find a pillow top mattress that uses a higher density memory foam it will be a bit more firm and will provide additional support while sleeping on your stomach.

To Buy or Not to Buy a Pillow Top Mattress

Buying a new mattress is a big decision. It can actually be a life-changing decision. Finding the perfect mattress and getting great sleep can help improve every aspect of your life. When you get more sleep and are better rested you have more patience at home and can think more clearly at work.

A great pillow top mattress could be what you need to help you be your best. We know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to mattresses. That is why we compiled our recommendations for the best pillow top mattresses and gave you some pointers about what to look for. We hope you will find this guide beneficial as you search for the best pillow top mattress this year.