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10 Best Pillows for Back Pain Relief (2019 Updated Research)

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Unfortunately, neck and back pain are common complaints nowadays. Many factors can contribute to back pain including a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight and various health conditions.

However, did you know that your pillow may be a culprit? In that case, you will need to identify a good pillow that relieve back pain.

Surprising as it may sound, the wrong pillow can either cause back bad back problems or make existing pain worse. Furthermore, changing to the correct pillow can improve your pain significantly. That’s great news for anyone who finds themselves waking up sore and uncomfortable in the morning.

Here at Matter Mattress, we take sleep quality and comfort extremely seriously. Therefore, we’ve been working tirelessly to track down the very best pillow for back pain.

So, how do pillows cause back pain? Which pillow could help to alleviate your discomfort? For answers to these questions, read on for our handy buyer’s guide and top ten pillows for back pain relief.

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Not enough time to read the whole guide right now? If you’re in a hurry, check out the Snuggle-pedic Ultra memory foam pillow. This pillow provides great support to your head and neck, is hypoallergenic and highly breathable, making it our absolute favourite pillow for back pain.

The 10 Best Pillows For Back Pain To Buy in 2019.

Our experts have been working tirelessly to research and review the very best pillows for back pain on the market today. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of our ten absolute favourites. Here are the latest reviews of the 10 best pillows for back pain sufferers.

1. Snuggle-pedic Ultra 

The foam that this pillow is made of is Certi-Pur Certified, so you can be confident that it has not been manufactured using any chemicals that may be harmful to your health. This provides excellent peace of mind that you won’t be inhaling any toxins from your pillow as your sleep. Also, it is hypoallergenic, perfect for people who are allergic to regular feather pillows.

Furthermore, the pillow is designed with special technology to prevent it from flattening during use. The foam includes bamboo that ensures excellent breathability and coolness during the night.

Also, the foam material conforms to the shape of your neck and head as you sleep, providing excellent support. Furthermore, there is a removable outer cover, allowing you to alter the firmness of the pillow to suit you.

Memory foam: This provides excellent support to your neck and spine.
Certi-Pur certified: This assures you that the pillow is free from harmful toxins.
Hypoallergenic: Therefore, the pillow won’t trigger any allergic reactions.
Breathable: This is a great feature because it will prevent you overheating in the night.
Some users have complained about the pillow hardening over time. However, bear in mind that negative reviews of this pillow are few and far between.

2. Sleep Whale 

We love this pillow because it’s made of bamboo-derived shredded memory foam. This allows the pillow to conform to your body shape and provide excellent support to your neck and spine.

Furthermore, this material is extremely breathable. This allows you to stay cool even on hot summer nights.

Also, the pillow is fully hypoallergenic and is designed to resist dust mites. Therefore, there will be no night time allergies or sneezes triggered. The cover can be removed and simply popped into the washing machine. This is a great feature, as it means you can easily keep your pillow completely hygienic.

Shredded memory foam: This hugs the shape of your neck and head, providing excellent support.
Hypoallergenic: Therefore, you won’t need to worry about triggering any allergies.
Washable cover: You can keep your pillow clean and sanitary.
Some users found this pillow too firm to be comfortable.

3. Fine Pillow 

We like this pillow because it is available in different levels of firmness and is made of microfibers. These can be fluffed up to make the pillow extra-comfy.

Also, it is specially designed to adapt to the shape of your neck and shoulders to provide excellent support. Unlike many other products, you do not need to air it out to remove any funny smell before use.

Furthermore, the pillows are easily washable. Therefore, you won’t need to shell out on expensive dry-cleaning bills. Also, the material is exceptionally breathable. This is great for anyone who overheats in the night, as it wicks away heat and keeps you nice and cool. Perfect for anyone who lives in a hot climate or struggles with overheating in the night!

Supportive: The pillow conforms to your shape for great support.
No off-gassing: You can use this pillow straight away without any unpleasant odour.
Washable:It’s easy to keep this pillow clean and sanitary.
Some buyers say that their pillow flattened too easily.

4. Pillow, Soft pillow with 50

If you suffer from an existing joint condition or asthma, this may be the ideal pillow for you. The 50 individual pocket springs allow for excellent support of your neck, leading to improved alignment of your spine. This can provide great relief if you suffer from back pain.

Furthermore, this pillow is particularly breathable. Air can circulate freely around this product, keeping you exceptionally cool and comfortable in the night. Also, this product has been rigorously tested to ensure it is durable and will keep its shape.
Finally, the pillow is multi-use, allowing you to use it under your head or knees to provide support where you most need it.

Pocket-sprung: This gives excellent support and promotes healthy alignment.
Breathable: For those who overheat in the night, this may be the ideal option.
Multi-use:Wherever you need support, this pillow will do the job well.
Some reviewers found this pillow too soft, and said that it flattened easily.

5. Spring Bed Pillows 

Did you think pocket springs were just for mattresses? Think again! This pillow has 40 individual pocket springs to provide the benefits of a pocket-sprung mattress in pillow form. This helps it to conform to the shape of your head, cradling your neck.

Therefore, it encourages your spine into a healthy alignment.

Furthermore, this pillow is designed to be extra-breathable, wicking away heat as your sleep. This is ideal if you ever wake up hot and sweaty in the night, or if you live in a hot climate. Finally, this pillow has a non-flatten design. It has been rigorously tested to ensure it maintains its shape and support after long-term use.

Pocket-sprung: This gives superior comfort.
Supportive: Also, the pocket springs provide excellent support and help the pillow conform to the shape of your neck and head.
Breathable: The pillow helps air to circulate, stopping you from overheating in the night.
Some users report that this pillow is too flat for their needs.

6. Contour Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow’s USP is it’s unusual butterfly-wing shape. These cradle your head and neck, providing a great level of support and promoting improved spinal alignment. Furthermore, this pillow shape can even improve snoring in some people.The pillow is made of foam which is firm and designed to keep its shape. Also, it is completely hypoallergenic and breathable, to keep you sniffle-free and cool all night long.

Also, as an added bonus, this pillow comes with 2 free pillow casesincluded. Both are embossed. However, one is thicker and warmer for the winter. The other is thinner and lighter for warmer months.

Butterfly-wing shape: The shape of this pillow provides great support.
Firm: A firm pillow provides great support to your neck and spine.
Hypoallergenic: For those who suffer from allergies, this may be an ideal option.
Complimentary pillow cases: This is a nice added perk if you purchase this pillow.
A few customers have reported off-gassing. This produces an unpleasant smell, so you will need to air your pillow out before use.

7. LANGRIA Knee Memory Foam Leg Pillows 

This pillow is not designed to be used under your head. However, it can be used between your knees or unfolded to support your calves.

This makes the pillow multi-purpose. Placing a pillow between or underneath your knees can help to encourage your spine into a more healthy alignment, alleviating pain.

Also, the cosy velour cover is fully removable and washable. This allows you to keep your pillow clean and sanitary. The foam is also anti-microbial for added hygiene.

Finally, the pillow has achieved the prestigious Certi-Pur certification. This means that it has been through a rigorous testing process to ensure it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. Therefore, you can be assured that you won’t be inhaling any toxins as you sleep.

Multi-purpose: The pillow can be placed between or under the knees, or under your calves.
Washable: This allows you to keep your pillow squeaky-clean.
Certi-Pur certified: A major plus point, this provides reassurance that your pillow will not emit any toxins.
Off-gassing: You will need to air your pillow out before you use it, as it will initially give off an odour after unpacking.

8. Hypoallergenic Microfiber Pillow

This pillow is ideal for anyone who sleeps on their stomach or back (See why sleeping on your stomach is bad). Sleephi has an exceptionally long history in the industry, and their experience shows in this pillow. The pillow is stuffed with high-quality microfibers.Also, this pillow is shaped so that it is lower in the middle. This gives support to your neck, allowing for an improved alignment of your spine.

Furthermore, the material is exceptionally comfortable, so you can feel supported and cosy at the same time. Furthermore, the pillow is hypoallergenic. Therefore, it is perfect for those whose allergies are triggered by feather pillows.

Supportive shape: This encourages your neck and spine into an optimum position.
Ideal for stomach and back sleepers: However, this is also suitable for those who sleep on their sides.
Hypoallergenic: This pillow shouldn’t trigger any night time allergies.
Some users find this pillow too thick for their preferred sleeping position.

9. Post Surgery Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

This memory foam pillow is specially designed to support your legs, and is particularly suitable if you suffer from poor circulation. Also, it may be useful if you are recovering from a recent surgery.The memory foam conforms to the shape of your body, providing exceptional comfort. Furthermore, the cover is removable and washable, allowing you to keep it clean. Also, it is extra-breathable, keeping you cool during the night. Finally, if you aren’t satisfied with your pillow, you are entitled to a 100 percent refund on the product.

Ergonomic shape: The pillow elevates your legs, which helps to improve circulation and reduce back pain.
Memory foam: This adapts to suit your individual shape.
Washable and breathable: You can easily clean your pillow and be assured of a cool night’s sleep.
Some users found this pillow too firm. However, there are very few negative reviews of this product.

10. Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow

This memory foam pillow is expertly designed to lift your knees, which can help to prevent or alleviate back pain during or following sleeping. Also, if you sleep on your side you can place it between your knees. The memory foam adapts to your body shape, providing superior support.

Interestingly, this pillow adapts to the temperature in your surroundings. This make it firmer in warm environments and softer in the cold, to provide adaptable relief. Furthermore, it is truly hypoallergenic, perfect for those who suffer with allergies triggered by feathers in pillows.

Finally, Cushy Form believe in their products so much that they offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t like your pillow for any reason.

Memory foam: This pillow will conform to your body and support you uniquely.
Temperature adaptable: The pillow will adapt to the temperature in the environment to give you the support you need all year long.
guarantee: If you don’t like your pillow, return it and get your money back with no quibbles.
Some users say this pillow is too firm.

How to Tell if Your Pillow is Causing Your Back Pain

While your pillow may not be the root cause of your back pain, the wrong pillow may well be exacerbating an

existing problem. If you’re wondering whether your pillow is an issue, there are two key questions you should ask yourself:

How old is The Pillow?

If your pillow is more than a few years old, or is feeling flat or lumpy, then it won’t be giving you adequate support. Therefore, your neck and spine will be in poor alignment. Over time, this can cause pain and discomfort on waking. Also, it can cause more long-term problems if left unaddressed.

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Does My Back Pain Improve Soon After Getting Up?

Ask yourself what time of day you suffer from back pain the most. If it feels most severe upon waking and then gradually improves after you get up, this is a big red flag that your bedding could be to blame. It may be your mattress, your pillow, or a combination of the two. So, it’s worth considering switching to a more back-friendly pillow.

How a Good Pillow Help to Ease Back Problems

Ideally, a pillow will hold your head at the same height as the rest of your spine. If it is too flat or too thick, your head will be either too far above or too far below your chest. Therefore, your spine will be in an unnatural alignment. When this happens, it can lead to aches and pains all over the body, but especially in your back and neck. Using a big squishy pile of pillows isn’t a great idea either, because your head will be far too high. The best solution is to use just one, really good-quality pillow suited to back pain sufferers.

The exception to this is if you find using a pillow somewhere other than your head helps your back pain. For example, some people find that sleeping with an extra pillow under the lower back or knees gives extra support to their spine. In that case, purchasing two pillows is a great idea.

Also, if you already have an existing problem such as a bulging disc or arthritis, a suitable pillow can really help. Although your pillow is not the cause of your discomfort in this case, good spinal alignment may well help to alleviate some of the discomfort you feel during the night. Therefore, your bedding choice is an important factor in managing your back pain long-term.

How to Buy the Best Pillow for Back Pain Relief

So, now you understand the link between back pain and your pillow, how do you go about selecting the best pillow to alleviate back trouble? As modern consumers, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to pillows. There are a huge number of models and makes on the market and all have different features and specifications.

Also, many claim to help with back or neck pain. You may believe that to buy a pillow to ease discomfort, you will need to spend more. Whilst there are many expensive brands on the market, this is not necessarily the case.

The truth is, there are many pillows out there that could help with your back pain, and you don’t necessarily need one designed specifically for the purpose. Furthermore, there are many excellent home-brand and budget options that will still provide good support. So, how do you go about choosing the right product? Here are some key features to look out for.


While firm support can often be best, the truth is that if you are uncomfortable you won’t sleep well. You may even adopt an unnatural position to try to compensate for your uncomfortable pillow. This will only make your back pain worse. Therefore, you need to strike a balance between support and comfort.


That being said, you need adequate support from your pillow. This is just as important as having a supportive mattress. Therefore, check that the pillow you are thinking of buying is firm enough to prevent your head from sinking in. This will keep your spine in a neutral position and help to relieve your back pain.

Consider A Curve

You don’t need to buy a curved pillow in order to support your spine, but it might be something you should take into account. Some pillows are made with a special shape that encourages your neck into the ideal position. This in turn improves your spinal alignment.


While it may be worth splashing out on a pillow if it will help to relieve your back pain, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Consider what you can afford to spend, and then shop around to find the best pillow for your budget.


Some pillows come with all sorts of special features. These may include variable firmness, special complimentary cases, and many more. These are worth checking out before you commit to a purchase. Some even come in multipacks.

Different Types of Pillow for Good Spine Health

So, now you understand the link between back pain and your pillow, how do you go about selecting the best pillow to alleviate back trouble? As modern consumers, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to pillows. There are a huge number of models and makes on the market and all have different features and specifications.

Also, many claim to help with back or neck pain. You may believe that to buy a pillow to ease discomfort, you will need to spend more. Whilst there are many expensive brands on the market, this is not necessarily the case.

The truth is, there are many pillows out there that could help with your back pain, and you don’t necessarily need one designed specifically for the purpose. Furthermore, there are many excellent home-brand and budget options that will still provide good support. So, how do you go about choosing the right product? Here are some key features to look out for.

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. Surely there’s only one type of pillow? Not so! There are many different types and shapes of pillow and it partly comes down to which part of your body you want it to support. Here are the main types to look out for.


Most of us are familiar with this type of pillow. These are fine to use if you have back pain as long as they are the correct thickness. As we mentioned above, a pillow that is too thick or thin will do your back no favours. Also, bear in mind that feather pillows can trigger allergies in some people. If you get stuffy or sneezy at night, opt for a hypoallergenic model instead.

Memory Foam

Memory foam isn’t just for mattresses! These pillows are usually firm but conform to the shape of your head. They can provide excellent support and encourage your neck into a healthy alignment. Most pillows that are labelled as orthopaedic are made of memory foam.


These come in two types: pillow and cushion. A lumbar pillow is usually made of memory foam and is designed to support the lower back. With either a curved or wedge-like shape, they help you to rest in a more comfortable and supportive position.

However, you can also buy lumbar cushions. These are designed to tuck behind your back when you sit down in a chair or couch. If you suffer from pain while sitting, they may be worth considering.


As the name suggests, these pillows are cylindrically shaped. They go under your knees or the back of your neck to provide extra support. Some people swear by these pillows, while others find them uncomfortable. It all comes down to what feels comfy to you.

Body Pillows

These large pillows support the length of your body. They are especially useful for women who experience back pain during pregnancy. Also, they can be very helpful at taking the weight of your baby bump.

Should You Sleep With Or Without a Pillow?

This is a complicated question to answer. However, there is some good science behind this claim. Sleeping without a pillow can help your back to extend and encourage better spinal alignment.

Therefore, it may help to relieve your back pain.

However, many people find that they simply cannot sleep properly without a pillow. Furthermore, often it can feel downright uncomfortable. We can’t stress enough how important comfort is for a good night’s sleep. So, if you’re most comfortable sleeping with a pillow, go ahead and use one.

That being said, you may still be interested in trying out pillow-free sleeping. If that’s the case, we have written a specialist article on this subject on Matter Mattress.


Hopefully, now you’ve read our handy guide, you know what to look for when you’re looking for the best pillow for back pain. Also, our reviews should give you some inspiration when shopping for a product that can ease those aches and pains in the morning.

After all, a pillow is an important investment when it comes to alleviating discomfort. With many makes and models on the market, please remember to carefully review the pros and cons before making a purchase. After all, everyone’s needs are different, and what suits one person may well not suit another. Don’t forget to consider buying a specially-designed pillow for your knees as well. Sweet dreams!

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